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Account got banned?

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Good evening,


I've ran into the problem of my main account (linked to Steam) being banned a couple of hours ago. Didn't even notice until I decided to log-in to check if I did today's Almanax offering.
Already submitted a ticket to Ankama Support.

Can this be due to me using TunnelBear as a VPN? The current hotel I'm staying in has blocked ports for most gaming platforms (Steam, uPlay, World of Tanks, Origin) and I must use a VPN to be able to play. Staying here for ~5-6 more weeks.


It really sucks that I will lose the progression (quests) of Almanax. The following 20 or so days are offerings I've never done before.
Think Ankama would compensate for this?

Kind regards,

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some public ips are auto banned by ankama due to botters using those ips


i've seen reports of ppl staying in hotels etc just like u and receiving "banned" message, but when back to home they could log normally


tldr it's an ip ban, not ur acc ban (which is another possible case and is a lot more sad)

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I've used vpn for dofus few times. It did happen that I would get 'banned' on some ip's. When changed, ban ceases, so I guess it's normal.:default_wink:

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They will probably IP ban generic free VPN servers as they arise. It's also likely that people will run bots off the same IP so will get them banned that way too. Glad you got it resolved. 

    Kikn | Blank ⚪

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Well, I'm using the premium version of TunnelBear, but the free version has access to the same servers, only with a data limit. Oh well, time to look into Corporate VPN's :D

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If you want a really good VPN I can personally recommend Private Internet Access. I used it for some time and never had any issues with it.

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I'm in a dead-end relationship with the dead guild Rosalt.

Things I have left to kill for quests/achievements (25 quests left):

Solar | Bethel | 4 Bounties




Artwork by Pokii, Kaitah and Tawa

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