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[BUYING] - MP/ % res exo Deep Sea Bracelet, Range exo Cape of the Sharp Eye, 4% Neutral res Sinistrofu boots

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As the title says, I'm buying MP/Fire % res exo Deep Sea Bracelet, Range exo Cape of the Sharp Eye and 4% Neutral resistance Sinistrofu boots.

Looking for following stats:


1/0 MP
240+/250 Vitality
56+/60 Chance
45+/50 Wisdom
3/3 Critical hits
1/1 Range
11+/12 Water damage
9+/10 Lock
5/5 MP resistance
11/10 % Fire resistance
or 1% Earth resistance

Willing to pay between 30-50mk based on how close to perfect it is.


4/0 % Neutral resistance
290+/300 Vitality
76+/80 Chance
20/20 Wisdom
1/1 MP
-16/-16 Earth damage
18/18 Water damage
0+/20 Prospecting
291+/300 Initiative
10/10 % Earth resistance
10/10 % Air resistance
15/15 Neutral resistance
15/15 Water resistance

Willing to pay 20-25mk based on the stats.
Note about Wisdom: Single wisdom runes work perfectly, so don't tell me you can't get 20 Wisdom.


1/0 Range
390+/400 Vitality
85+/90 Chance
44+/50 Wisdom
4/4 Critical hits
19+/20 Water damage
0+/15 Prospecting
481+/500 Initiative
6+/7 Dodge
7/7 AP resistance
10/10 % Fire resistance
10/10 % Air resistance

Willing to pay between 45-65mk, based on how good Wisdom is and if Water damage and Dodge are maxed or not.

NOTE: Stats I'm looking for are MINIMAL. I won't be accepting items with stats below these. Thank you.

Edited by EUPHORIA

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Bump! Increasing price for Sinistrofu boots:
Based on the stats I'm willing to pay 25-30mk for Neutral % and 20-25mk for Water %.

Edited by EUPHORIA

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