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Please help! I’m suck on Bont alignment level 88. I am supposed to talk to adviser arky to request an audience with Fallanster. When I try to request an audience, Adviser Arky says “he is a busy man and doesn’t have time to waste on your little problems, and if I’d done the astrubians some big favors things would be different.” What to I need to do to get an audience? Please help 

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This is hinting that you need to do the Astrubian questline, or at least the main questline. 


I would suggest completing the achievement "A Model Citizen", and then if that's not enough, "From Incarnum to Astrub" will surely unlock the ability to proceed.

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To talk to Fallanster, you need to start the "Arky's Principles Help Me" quest from the Temple of Twelve. You will then need to complete the following quests in order to meet/talk to Fallanster:


Treading on Eggshells

Class Council

Class Quest

Uprising Damp (this is the quest you will meet Fallanster.)


Note that the class quest is different depending on what class you are & it's recommended you actually read what the quest is about since there are hardly any guides/websites which tell you what to do for each class.



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