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Register for the 4v4 'Echominator' PvP tournament! Registration closes on Friday, June 1st. [Click Here] for more information!

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Alz94 Tofusawa

Guild Knave Recruits

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Who we are?


We are a new international guild whose goal is to gather fresh players of Dofus and those more experienced to help each other and have fun and create their own small community. Our command team consists of experienced and tried-and-tested people.


Few Words about us 


We have an active well-developed Discord on which we talk together every night and we laugh not only with things related to Dofus. Our goddess and creator of the guild is Launi - a very positive and friendly person. We have a character base that can do almost any maze in the game.


Who are we looking for? 


We are looking for an active and positive players who would like to help in creating a guild. Your level of character is of little importance. It's nice if you have a Discord program and a microphone.


How to join our Crew? 


If you are interested in joining our guild, please contact our players:












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We still looking for new members :3


Our discord is very active, guild atmosphere is great!  Any lvls are welcome! 


We can help you do duegon you can't do. You find here people's to join 3 vs 3 kollosium or just voice/txt chats with someone when you bored! 


Soon we will start do guild events where u can win awesome things.



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We Also Start own alliance !! If you like join our team let me know ! For now its just for fun but if we get more ppls we will see :3



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