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Client crashing and lost connections

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On some days dofus runs fine but increasingly I keep getting dc'ed on my characters. At first I thought it must be a problem on my end but a friend says he's experiencing the same. A bigger issue for me is the game freezing. It only happens on one client and generally it's my sac's client it happens to. I found that playing slower helps (as in taking 3 second intervals between casting spells). Is anyone else having the same problems? I changed the sever port and fully cleared the cache but to no effect. 

Thanks in advance for any help

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I had a very similar issue earlier on after the Echo server merge. You're not on Ilyzaelle are you? 


Otherwise make sure multi-client optimisation is on under settings and hold tight for a patch. You could also try lowering graphic settings as a test to reduce freezing; but I highly imagine it's on Ankama's end. 


P.s. Try turning off spell animations too. 

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