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Welcome to the Mods & Memes Scavenger Hunt!


The Mods & Memes Scavenger Hunt is a server-wide event that is open to everyone - looking forward to seeing some new and some returning faces! You may enter the meme contest any time between now and the beginning of the scavenger hunt which will take place this Thursday the 12th beginning at 20:00 Dofus time. You can find the rules below and check out what prizes we have up for grabs!

Tldr;; Be online at 20:00 DST this Thursday the 12th and turn on /c for the mod/CM scavenger hunt, and post an original dofus meme here for the mini contest



We have five prizes of 2mk (total of 10mk) up for grabs in our meme contest! To enter, post a Dofus related meme here on this thread along with your in game name. You may enter the meme contest any time between now and the beginning of the scavenger hunt (Thursday the 12th at 20:00 DST). Winners will be decided by a panel of judges including the mod team, CM, and event organizer. Original memes have a better likelihood of winning, and the event organizer's vote will veer towards the community's vote (posts with many likes). There are no limits on number of entries and everything is fair game - that being said, please be respectful.


Memes containing any of the following elements will be automatically disqualified:


-Negatively targeting an individual (or specific individuals)

-A meme that was previously entered in this contest

-Anything against the Dofus or ImpsVillage Terms of Service


Here are a few examples of acceptable memes:




We have kamas plus a ton of cool items up for grabs in the scavenger hunt! How do you participate? Just log on at 20:00 on Thursday the 12th and turn on your /c chat where we'll be posting hints/clues about the location of the mods. The first X number of people to find the mods in each round will either receive a special follower or I'll get a PM with your name. You can then find me at the Astrub zaap to collect your prize for each round. Not all of the tasks will take place in P2P zones so F2P players are welcome to join. The awards for each round will range between 200kk-1mk (or an item) per person depending on the difficulty of the task. The tasks are secret, but you can go collect zaap locations now to prepare yourself for the hunt! We will also be doing "prep hunts" between now and the start of the event where I'll randomly post screenshots of secret locations on Dofus along with a prize that's up for grabs. The prep hunts will only be advertised here on imps, but I will post a 15 minute warning on community chat redirecting to this thread. The first person to meet me on that map wins the prize. 



Answering riddles

Finding other players who are hiding

Retrieving secret items


Current prize pool***

***The screenshot below is only a sample of the items available. Any remaining items and kamas will be reserved for the next event which will be posted here on imps



DONATIONS (any remaining items/kamas will be up for grabs in the next event)

Shoutout to Lafiya for the event donation! <3 (10mk towards last event, 20mk towards this event)


Shoutout to Jox for the event donations! <3



Shoutout to Snips for the event donation! <3 (Not all are included in prize pool screenshot)


Shoutout to Lafiya for another event donation! <3 


Shoutout to Bootiful for the event donation! <3 


Shoutout to Tatsumiix-II for the event donation! <3 


Shoutout to Alaae for the event donation! <3 


Shoutout to Jodx for the event donation! <3 (Boots towards next event)


Shoutout to Laidtorest for the event donation! <3 (Cape towards next event)


Shoutout to God/Zac for the event donation! <3 (Harnesses/Coulives towards next event)


Shoutout to Sleeping-whip for the event donation! <3 


Shoutout to Pagonis for the event donation! <3 


Shoutout to Alka-pone for the event donation! <3 



Shoutout to Tanukoui for the event donation! <3 


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proud founder of quad squad since 420 BC

Hang out with me on twitch - I stream a lot of team killing (-:

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ya'll are fickle af

Okay, but just because you're special and it's so damn relatable! No more for today after that, I don't wanna blow my whole stash in 2 hours ._.

When noone nominated you for the good egg hunt.

Posted Images




The scavenger hunt will begin tomorrow (Thursday) at 20:00 DST. Remember to turn on your community chat where we'll be posting clues about the CM's location! Your objective is to find our CM Manaia as fast as you can. The first 5 individuals to locate the mods in each scavenger hunt round will be given a follower animal by Manaia - the follower animals will be different for each round. Once you receive this follower animal, you may then trade me at the Astrub Zaap to claim your prize for that round. The event will go on for approximately two hours with the mods and, if funds allow, we'll continue ourselves with some more scavenger hunts afterwards. Morchaa will be streaming the event live on twitch, where he will also have all the clues visible in case you miss a message! The prizes will vary according to the difficulty of the round.


Reminder that submissions for the meme contest will close at exactly 20:00 DST tomorrow (Thursday). Be sure to submit all of your entries by then! A list will be compiled of all the eligible entries which will be numbered off with no names attached - it is possible to win more than once. The memes will be sent to all Dofus CMs to be voted upon and the top 5 ranked memes will win 2mk each. I will also be adding 5 honorable mention prizes for memes that are not nominated that I will choose personally - these memes will win 1mk each. The winners for the meme contest will be announced here after the scavenger hunt event.

Go drop our new CM Manaia a follow on twitter!

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proud founder of quad squad since 420 BC

Hang out with me on twitch - I stream a lot of team killing (-:

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Ayyyyy, this thread was made for me!

Here, have two finely-made memes from my personal collection. I got others for later.
IGNs and pictured: Hesy-Ra, Morgan-Floyd.

Playing a Xel.png

Great Nyoro.png

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It has come to my ears that more memes are requested at this very moment.

Two more shipped. Next delivery tomorrow.

Behelit BeheLIT.png

When spring arrives 2.jpg

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My life in 3v3 solo kolo :'(


My team :

Me: 5.5k vit sac 1k agi 40%+ all

10/5 Iop 10% all 3600 vit with no damage

11/4 agi Osa that says "i don't need 6 mp since i get 2 mp from my tofu form"


Enemy Team: 

5k vit osa 40% all ivory

4800 str iop 11/6 35% all with cloudy/ivory and one shots my teammates

and a third like that.... 



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[17:59] El-Whisky : go back to fuckin astrub where u belongs

[18:01] El-Whisky: sitting here arguing with god of this game

Ladies and Gentleman Mr 27 ap res kek.


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One of my very first memes


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Leader of Outer Hell.



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I hear killer is a very good sac 

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[16:22] Skrhi-Kahna: pride is new iron  
[16:22] Nekko: i call dibs on mew then
[19:48] Alastorr: im gonna pull my goult cock and shove it up ur moms anus
[19:25] Skrhi-Kahna: Im a chinese government-sponsored bot
El-Whisky: i was so kind to give a nameless shit like you answer and u still complaining
[18:29] (/a) Tezar: Can we add auld-pete so the black list, ty
Member of Nirvana <3
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