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The evolution of supporters

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You will have seen a bunch of green named, testicle loving members around the forum known as supporters. Originally, this role was reserved for those who supported the upkeep of the server through financial donations. This hasn't been necessary for some time and looking into the foreseeable future Imps will continue to be financially secure; so I will not be asking for donations either. 


Because of this, the role hasn't seen any new members for several years. Moving forward I'd like to use this title to also recognise and thank those members who have supported our community here in other ways. 


As such, I'd like to thank Gravestorm for his dedication to helping bridge the communication gap between Ankama and the EN community here on Imps Village. 


Secondly, Animuffin for the time and effort she has put into running multiple community events on Echo using Imps Village over the past year; helping us promote the forum. 



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