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Links to different posts in this thread about official information regarding Dofus Dungeons






Introduction to Dofus Dungeons

Hello everyone,

First of all, I welcome you to this new blog. The most diligent of you have heard me explain that we were going to take a new turn internally. A lot of messages were exchanged and as soon as I spoke about our thoughts on new directions hundreds of tweets followed one another...
It's quite crazy to see that some topics, which we announced as "thoughts", are transformed into what players want to see. Subjects go from "being thoughts" to "being in development" in the minds of some, and the blast extends to sometimes becoming uncontrollable. Strangely, the only way to calm this "buzz" is to ignore it. Yes friends, we are sometimes reduced to that and it's scary. To get things back up quickly and avoid overflows, we decided to launch this blog and communicate with you earlier than expected on what we want to do in the coming months.
I spoke of "taking a new turn", of wanting to "reinvent ourselves" and of wanting to push the conversations with you further.
I do not drag the suspense any longer: this new turn is called Dofus Dungeons and I will explain our ambition concerning this "new project" (I place "new project" in quotation marks because we will use the Dofus engine to propose you this new experience).

First, before getting to the bottom of the subject, I want to explain to you why we want to share this blog here rather than on dofus.com or somewhere more official. Those who follow the evolution of Dofus Cube will seek, for now, information on my personal blog.
This blog, created in October of last year, was a need for me to return to the simple conversations of our beginnings. As you know, Ankama has grown considerably over the years and gradually we have lost some values. The fundamentals are still there, basically, but drowned in the mass of things to do... Everything has become more complex, slower, heavier.
If I started my own blog, it's not because I wanted to short-circuit what we've put in place in recent years, but rather to find myself more creative. So for a few months now, I've been taking a lot of pleasure sharing the projects we're working on.
Wishing to initiate a new movement around the Dofus MMO, I naturally said that the simplest thing was to resume this format. Obviously, I hope that it will achieve success as well as it did on my personal blog and that the constructive conversations will be at the rendezvous.
Finally, and before going further in the explanation of our project, I want to tell you that I will not tolerate insults, aggressive messages or other malicious acts.
Don't be a Persona.



What is Dofus Dungeons?

Dodo (from its inspired code name) is a Dofus-based game mode. You will therefore simply access the project by launching your favourite MMO. Dofus Dungeons will be accessible as a normal server. No new game to install, which should guarantee you the same level of technical accessibility/performance. Concerning the gameplay, you will play the same classes (even if there will probably be no more than 10 at the start) with the same spells and the same mechanics (guilds, groups.
..). However, we are wondering whether we should offer the spells of the current Dofus or 1.29, or work a mix between the two. We will make this decision by talking to you and collecting your feedback. As its name suggests, the game mode will be based on (new) dungeons with (often) new families of monsters. This game mode is therefore, above all things, focused on PvM. It's so much PvM that there will be no trades. There will also be no open world, but rather many small instances. I imagine that all this information should leave you with more questions than anything else. Rest assured, you will have, on this blog, several times a week, the progress of the project.



In terms of the story, I won't lie that it's going to stay very simple, although the goal is to introduce you to a new very important character. In terms of the universe, we should rather see this game mode as a big dimension disconnected from the rest. I would like to avoid, at first, the big quests full of texts. The idea is to develop something quite new with a system of narrative information directly integrated into the fighting. That is, your opponents will give you information while you face them.
In Dofus Dungeons, you must also know that you will find all the heroes of our universe. We are preparing a scenario based on parallel worlds that will tell you more about the subject.



A new artistic direction

We will also take the opportunity to introduce a new graphic style. One of our developers is currently working on the 3D acceleration for the game that should allow us to add new effects, more lively animations and bring life to the decorations... I have often spoken and I think that this time, it's good: we will try to gradually merge the different artistic directions of our games. Obviously, this will be done smoothly and with your agreement. We even think that it would be possible to coexist the old graphic style with the new, in the worst case. We must ask ourselves concretely on the subject because it is a big issue for us. In terms of industry, I let you imagine the possibilities of creation if we managed to bring together the artistic teams. Rather than 3-4 animators per team, we could have 12-15 animators who would produce the same content for all our games. My point of view never changed on the subject, be it Dofus, Wakfu, Krosmaga... It is about a single universe whose adventures develop in different times. I dream of a unification of the whole, even if I know that it is a subject that will divide. Dofus Dungeons will allow us to present you something new and I cross my fingers that you will like it. For information, the idea is to be as close as possible to our cartoons.



One of the other great intentions of this project is to return to the source, the origins of Dofus. So, you'll probably say: "That's nice Tot, but in 13 years, it's not just a source, it's a whole river!". And you're right. To me, the "sources" are above all a simple and fun gameplay through a loot in the heart of the game, quick access to areas and fast, lucrative fights.



Why do Dofus Dungeons as a separate game mode?

This is certainly the big question you ask yourself. It's really about making big experiments that could not take place in the current Dofus because it is too risky. Here is the list of what we want to test (and I insist on the word "test"):

Free to Play: No need to subscribe to play Dofus Dungeons. We will see if the mechanics that we propose to you are viable (economically speaking). Depending on the feedback, we can think about adapting some ideas to our historical game.
Art direction: Completely change the artistic design on decorations and characters. As I explained above, this is one of the big projects that will allow us to save time later.
Character classes: Adjustment of class spells according to your proposals. Hard to achieve on the classic MMO, much less risky on this separate game mode. We must decide whether to keep the current spells, return to the old 1.29 spells, or to propose something new.
3D acceleration: Run tests on this development and check if everything works well. The goal is obviously not to redo Dofus in 3D. 2D will remain in the spotlight, but with better performance.
A new way of communicating: I talk about it below as it is perhaps one of the most important topics.

As you can see, most of these points are virtually impossible to apply in our historic MMO and we will take advantage of this game mode to test them. The idea is obviously to integrate everything that works into Dofus.


Ankama and its community

We hope, through this project, to develop a new way to exchange our ideas with you. Each week, we will present our progress here. But above all, I would like us to be able to propose working groups and use the ideas that we would all have together. For example, for 2 weeks we will open the topic around the "Loot". The goal will be to think of new ideas around this feature and develop them. How to renew a mechanic that is present for so long? I'm sure we can have hundreds of ideas. We will take the best ideas and list them and then implement them in the game.

Of course, this can not happen without some order and maximum respect and we will remove any messages that are anti-constructive or have nothing to do with the subject requested.



Regarding Dofus

I will finish this first message by talking a bit about Dofus and Wakfu MMOs. For having already experienced such situations, I know we will have thousands of responses of the type "during that time, you will not work on your key games". So I want to announce that the games will experience a drop in pace in terms of updates. But that does not mean we will not do anything, far from it. We will work on new features (which we will talk about soon) and especially, spend a few months purifying the games of their bugs. In addition, you must understand that all the tests we are going to do on this game mode are intended to prepare the ground for our historical games.

In terms of deadlines, we will do everything to present you the first tests in July. We do not know exactly where this new game mode will be, but the idea is to go fast and experiment with it.


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Free to play game mode in the same client as their subscription-based modes???


Lots of missing info... The way its framed today it sounds like a strategy to give new players literally no reason to try the classic servers unless they want an ultra complex and somewhat inaccessible MMO. Why join the real game and pay when you can enjoy the cute art and unique battle mechanics for free in a super simple-sounding format instead?

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It's mostly to do big experiments, don't think much progress will be saved.

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For bigger experiments I think it might not be bad. Like graphical updates and dungeons that might be added to the main game? I'll judge it when the time comes. For now it sounds to me like a beta server that's for big concepts instead of gradual updates while also being a game for people that are more interested in pvm overall?

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don't like this... i would prefer if they focus on the main game and bring the "free to play" there...


this "new game" with only dj, no pvp, no trades.. and maybe quest? sound just a "test server" 


i love pvm, i love quest, but i also like kolo 3vs3 and fight perce 5vs5 with friends... but this? 


nope... the should focus on making dofus better and free... not always try to create new game with the money they gain from dofus and then waste all of them.. 

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Post from Dofus Dungeons blog from March 16th, 2018.





Level Design


Breathtaking brains, dozens of sketches, overheated Cintiqs, wall-to-wall post-itings and plenty of ideas: that sums up pretty much this first week of pre-production! As much to tell you that it has been very productive and that the project is already moving in the right direction.

For this first post, we will discuss the first tracks of Level Design of the project in macro vision.




What is macro? Simply a broad and global vision of the project, with big ideas and the direction in which we are heading.

To put yourself in good condition, let's forget the level design of Dofus and start from a blank sheet: on arrival at the game, no open world, no dispersion, but a progression corridor that defines your circuit. We will call it the Hub.



Composed of several rooms, the HUB has multiple functions:
It first serves as a meeting place for other players, although this is not the only place where you can gather.
It also determines your geographic location and by extension, your game progress.
Last but not least, it is your gateway to the dungeons that make up the areas of each room.

To better visualize the whole, imagine a horizontal directional line (= the Hub) sequenced in several parts (= the rooms) which lead each vertically (= the doors) to different zones (= the dungeons).

Or, you can thank Poolay for this little summary sketch:



At this point, you have to understand that a room is necessarily more than one dungeon and that the progression of the game works in stages: to pass in room 2, you will first have to perform missions in the dungeons of room 1.


Zones & Dungeons

If the Hub is relatively neutral like a long endless tunnel, the zones and their dungeons are part of a universe specific to the current room, the idea being to propose very different atmospheres from one room to another. We are talking about unique mini-worlds:



The number of zones remains to be defined and may vary from one mini-world to another. The focus is placed on the coherence of the progression, from a graphical point of view as well as game mechanics and the storyline.

Mapping side, we focus on simplicity with a watercolor rendering on a real 16:9 (exit on the side edges will be lost!) And a slightly modified grid to have larger boxes.

Here is a first idea with Snowy's research:



That's it, you should now have a vision that is a little (a little bit?) clearer of the world in which you will be able to moor Dofus Dungeons!


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Post from Dofus Dungeons blog from March 21st, 2018.





Game Design

We've been pretty fuzzy about the concepts that will emerge in Dofus Dungeons and that can be included in the Dofus MMO, so I'll explain the kinds of things we're looking at so you can project yourself and understand why we need to test them beforehand.
Of course, I'm counting on you to understand that all this is in the state of pre-production. It is imperative that you do not take everything to the first degree. By having this type of communication with you, completely upstream of the production, we make the choice of the exchange and to share with you that which crosses our mind. This allows us to receive your opinions and take them into account, but really, I insist on the fact that at this stage, absolutely nothing is set in stone.
Another point that comes up quite often in your comments: Yes, Dofus Dungeons is indeed intended to serve as an experiment for both the Dofus MMO and Dofus Cube. Of course, our goal is to make Dofus Dungeons a good, entertaining game. But again, as announced earlier, the idea is to experiment.

It should be understood, as a first step, that each of these points are part of the main game loop. I often give as an example the image of a puzzle. When you start a new project, the problem is not the lack of ideas but having too many ideas. Therefore, the objective is to represent the game loop (the course in some ways) of the player and to break it down. This is perhaps the most exciting and complex moment. Once you have this loop, you have to sort through the hundreds of ideas and see if they fit into the puzzle. If so, perfect, otherwise, we put it aside. Sometimes great ideas are left out, but it's completely necessary to preserve the overall coherence of the game.



Evolutionary Items

We are thinking about a new concept for items. We have thousands of items in our MMOs, but they quickly become obsolete when you exceed the required level. So we have the idea of putting a lot less items to drop in dungeons, but to ensure that they follow you in your adventures, as if it were another character that you level up in parallel to your hero. These items will have as many levels as your hero and you can evolve them by feeding them specific resources. We are thinking of concepts that would even allow you to customize your rarest items by giving them extra stats. Of course the goal for us is to strengthen the link between the players and their equipment while producing less. We're also thinking about removing Capes and Hats, and making the Weapon equipped change your entire look. Another idea: Every 10 levels of your weapon, your character gains some sort of customisation. Whether it's an aura that forms or intensifies, spikes that appear on your epaulettes... You can identify at a glance characters with big arms. As with all topics, I'm just hovering over the concept (which will have its own article later).


Evolutionary Multi-Sidekicks

The other big piece of the project concerns the Sidekicks. We would like to add a lot, allow you to equip more than one at a time and review their game design. The idea is that they gain levels gradually, feeding them the same way as items. We will offer you simplified character classes, focused more on their style (basically, what's their essence and role) with next to it, the possibility of forming a group of Sidekicks to help them. Sidekicks, like items, will come to the heart of the game. Of course, this will not prevent you from playing in a group, but our desire is to allow players who prefer to play alone to do so. We would also like the Sidekicks to be equipped with Weapons, just to strengthen the life of the whole.
At the same time, we are thinking about two other very important functions for Sidekicks, in addition to supporting you in combat:
    The first would be to allow you to place them in your Haven Bag as an NPC: Each Sidekick would then have its own story and could offer you specific Quests, the goal being to avoid making you run in all directions after NPCs while strengthening your relationship with your Sidekicks. In this context, completing these Quests would gain experience faster for your Sidekicks and allow you to obtain specific items. Of course, you could always take them back in combat whenever you want.
    The second (like the previous one for that matter) is related to your Haven Bag and is detailed in the following point.



Haven Bag for Achievements and Arena

We've thought of the Haven Bag as a place to showcase your Achievements and would like to make it a much more important attraction - allowing you to place
Sidekicks you do not play in predefined Arenas. The Arena of your Haven Bag may be attacked when you are disconnected. If your Sidekicks repel the enemy, you receive rewards. If not, it is your opponents who receives them. The idea is, once again, to offer you more interactions with less content. The Sidekicks thus take a central place in the game by positioning themselves as brothers in arms, defenders of your Haven Bag and as NPCs for Quests.


A resource for evolutions

Your items and Sidekicks will evolve with identical resources. For now we call them XP Resources and behind this well-rotated name lies the desire to develop a concept linking your Weapons, Sidekicks and the pleasure of drops. Because even if you will drop items in combat, as I explained above, there will not be tons of them. On the other hand, you will have the pleasure to drop bags of XP Resources that will have different rarities, which will allow you to evolve more or less rapidly your Weapons and Sidekicks. The will here is to work with the mechanics of drops so that they are interesting. I do not know if this has already been discussed, but we're thinking about removing trading at first, the main reason being to make sure that bots do not exist in Dofus Dungeons. It is therefore essential that your drops are nice and especially useful. Do not get too excited about the removal of trading in the game, it will be a test that we could change as we see fit.


Highly replayable Dungeons

We explained earlier, there will be no open world in Dofus Dungeons, so no groups of monsters, only dungeons. From then on, we will work in the optics that each dungeon can have several levels of difficulty. We will also try (technically) to place many surprises during your fights: Protective monsters that suddenly appear if you kill too many of them, hidden rooms...

So we will test these concepts in Dofus Dungeons and see what it produces as sensations. Some points may address current Dofus issues and we may decide (or not) to integrate the most relevant content into our MMO.


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Post from Dofus Dungeons blog from March 23rd, 2018.





Characters & Designs

As we mentioned before, in Dofus Dungeons, only a few classes will be available at the start of the server. This means that we will have to make a choice among the 18 heroes available to date.


The Classes of Dofus Dungeons

Before going into the heart of the matter, let's do a brief explanation: Dofus Dungeons will offer fights available alone or in groups of up to 4 characters, Sidekicks included. This does not mean that groups of enemy monsters will necessarily be limited to 4 Monsters, it will be totally possible to meet more or less in groups.

The maximum level of a character is set to 100 and each class will have a panel of 10 spells, with no possible variants. Note also that the features will be revised to remove some, including Wisdom and Prospecting. We will come back in more detail in an upcoming gameplay article.

For the release of Dofus Dungeons, we envisage 8 classes of characters, distributed as follows:
4 damage classes "Damage Dealer"
    2 protection classes "Tank"
    2 support classes "Healer/Positioner"

We have already selected 4 classes that we think are essential for the game:

    Iop, for its melee damage.

    Cra, for its long-range damage.

    Sacrier, for its melee protection.

    Eniripsa, for its medium-range support.




And now you intervene: we propose to determine what are the other 4 classes of the game, according to the expected specialties. Thus, for the Damage Dealer, two choices are expected among: Ecaflip, Ouginak, Sram, Rogue, Huppermage and Osamodas. For the Tank, a choice among: Pandawa, Feca and Masqueraider. Finally, for the Support, a choice among: Enutrof, Sadida and Xelor.

To promote your choices, we invite you to participate in this survey but do not hesitate to develop your point of view in the comments.

You will also have noticed that two classes do not appear in the available choices, for purely practical reasons, Foggernaut and Eliotrope were discarded from potential classes.

Finally, we want each class to have its own identity and the oldest to find their fundamentals. In terms of spells, we will use the existing base but we will carefully select them and adjust them as needed so that the specialties of each are clearly defined.



Class Designs

Second point of this article: the design of the classes you will play!
As we explained before, we are committed to unifying the artistic direction of our games for graphic consistency. Keep in mind that, whether you are talking about Dofus, Wakfu, Dofus Touch or Dofus Dungeons, this is the same universe: Krosmoz, and the desire is to be able to transpose assets from one game to another without problem.

In this case, it does not necessarily mean that all games should have the same class sprites, but that the artistic direction allows the integration of all types of assets, both technically and visually.

Here are the first researches done in this context:





From a personalization perspective, to follow up on the Shushu Weapons, it is also a question of proposing different templates. Here is a research by Rumo on the different possible physiques and the change of looks after equipping a Shushu Weapon:



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Thanks for all the updates, Graves. This is an interesting development if anything.
(also, I voted~ Feca, Osa, Sadi, Sram for me ^^)

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vote eca pls 

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Post from Dofus Dungeons blog from March 29th, 2018.





Loot & Items

This week, let us venture into a crucial topic in gameplay, and to avoid the risk: Know that everything is in development, nothing is validated, maybe everything will be changed tomorrow... But let's take a confident tone and let's go anyway! *Cough*


The main principles of loot

First, note that the loot/drop is one of the most important mechanics, if not the main one, for the Dofus Dungeons game loop. Unlike its big brother Dofus MMO, there will be no Professions in Dofus Dungeons, so no crafting of Equipment and Usable Items. All you will need to progress in the game will need to be obtained from the dungeons.

There will be no commerce either, or any exchanging possible, or at least not as we know them today. We will come back to this later in the article.

The challenge is to propose efficient and pleasant loot mechanics, that allow the player to evolve naturally and without frustration while giving him the desire to go further and optimise. From there, we have determined different types of items to loot:



We are planning 3 to 4 slots for the character's equipment: Weapon, Amulet, Boots and possibly Ring. In each mini-world, it will be possible to obtain up to 13 Shushu items in total, the goal being to significantly reduce the number of items at stake in favour of a better life through a system of evolution.

In addition to its own characteristics, each item will have a graphical parameter to influence the appearance of the character to offer more opportunities for customization. Thus, the Weapon will completely modify the base skin, the Ring will bring a choice of colours, the Amulet will materialize the soul of the Shushu and the Boots will display a particular aura:



While evolving, the items will propose more advanced characteristics as well as a graphic variant developed.


Progression Resources

These are the resources that will allow you to evolve your items.
By default, an item is level 1. Let's say that a 100 level curve is defined, it will be necessary to provide as many Progression Resources as necessary for the item to increase its level. In the idea, the mechanics are close to that of Livitinems in the Dofus MMO.

These resources will be used in the same way for Sidekicks to make progress, as well as the making of Gems that we will discuss in the following point.

Six types of resources will be available: one Elemental (Water, Air, Fire, Earth), one from Wakfu and one from Stasis, the latter having a different role.

Also called Dust internally, we invite you to suggest names that would be more suitable for this Progression Resource, if you have the inspiration!



Beyond the fixed progression of the equipment offering more and more powerful characteristics, it will be possible to add a specific and limited additional characteristic line to an item. For the moment, we will call this principle Gemming.

To gem an item you will need to own a Gem (here again, the name is not definitive...) relative to the desired characteristic: Air, Earth, Vitality, Heals... To then place it on the target item, within the limit of one Gem per equipment.

Even if there is no notion of Professions in Dofus Dungeons, there could be a minimum of crafting needed, mainly for obtaining Gems. Currently, one can imagine simple combinations of the type: a resource of Wakfu + a resource of Air = a Gem of Air. The resources of Wakfu and Stasis would then be essential in the making of Gems.



The means of obtaining Sidekicks will be varied, it will be possible to unlock them via achievements, buy them in the store or to obtain them in specific dungeons.



Recycling Items

Assuming that an item is obtained at level 1 with fixed characteristics, that it is optimized over its levels and that there is no notion of commerce at stake, there is no interest in keeping several identical items in a character's inventory. The will is to propose a way to recycle duplicate items and to obtain Progression Resources, a bit like the Crusher in the Dofus MMO. This should provide a consistent loot loop to the player and allow him to convert all his loot for his own progress.

Regarding the exchanges, we plan to propose a conditioned format of exchanging between players, for example at the end of the fight, on the map where the fight took place, in a fixed time of a few minutes and only once per item (the latter becoming Linked to the character after exchange). This option would allow interaction with other players without compromising the game and progress of each player.


Different types of Shushu

In order to offer additional variety, we are considering different tiers of items:

Common, affiliated with basic features and other bonuses.
Legendary, offering gameplay options, including additional spells.
Divine, whose concept is not yet really defined but which should correspond to rare items, more powerful and limited in duration.

Here we are at the end of this article, do not forget that it is ultra WIP and that the visuals are only intended to imagine a little more concretely the concept of evolutionary items.


<- Previous blog post | Back to Table of Contents | Next blog post ->

Edited by Gravestorm

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Hello impvillage!


This looks very promising, I'm following both Cube and Dofus dungeon and I love lots of the ideas you're having :)
Here is what I think on what I've read so far, hopefully my opinion is as constructive as I meant it to be.


About some similarities


The first thing  I want to say is how similar Dodo and Cube are. 
In fact at some point while reading Dofus dungeon's page I stoped to check if I didn't jump back on the Dofus Cube page instead.
The reason is that lots of features seems to be the same, here are some examples:

  1. Weapons that influence the character's outer appearance.
  2. Haven Bag's Arena than can be attacked when offline, with again a central role for Sidekicks (as defenders).
  3. The game is simplified and both seem to focus on dungeons.

I feel like all the most important features of Dofus Cube are already implemented in this other game.
I guess this is why Tot said :


this (Dofus Dungeon) will be more of an experiment for both Cube and Dofus 2

at which point I realized this should be considered more like a beta server for Cube.

The fact it had a name of its own had me confused all along.

Keeping this in mind, I could totally see how Dofus Dungeons could influence the later Dofus Cube. But I definitely cannot see how it would be implemented in Dofus 2.0  since those games work on very different mechanics in my opinion. Mixing those two is risky.

About Gems


The 'Gem' system makes me think of the already existing 'Runes' from dofus 2 and wakfu, maybe keeping that name
would be less confusing? Or at least it seems more coherent to me.


About Shushu


I don't know what does actually imply the "common, rare and divine" status, but it sounds like Common shushu are weak, and would rapidly be exchanged for the rare and divine one, thus rapidly going toward common Shushu's destruction into "Dust".
And that would be sad. Because I imagine they are going to be lots of common shushu but none of them will actually be kept by any Player upon optimisation, and this would mean that a lot of the individuality potential, both aesthetical and battle tactics, will be lost.

Again I don't  know what's intended by those 3 labels, but I honestly hope this doesn't turn out like one of those games where you abandon your old beginner equipment as soon as you get a 'epic level' one.

Moreover, if the intent is to make the player evolve with his weapons sorta like it was a companion , then it would make sense that it could be considerate as such from the very begining and not just be discarded because it wasn't 'rare' (hopefully this makes sense).
I'd be more favorable to a system that makes all shushu equal in terms of strategical utility, just like classes or elements are in the other games. Or else that can be upgraded to become equals.

Which leads me to this conclusion:


If their is one thing I must say I love about this game(s) that is it's personalisation potential !
The diversity that could be offered by all those weapons and auras sounds exciting and I reckon people generally love to feel unique in a video game, plus this one (might) let you build your own set of spells.


Keep up the good work, hope I could help generate some new ideas !  :) 

Edited by Sham
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Post from Dofus Dungeons blog from March 31st, 2018.




Will Dofus Dungeons design only include gameplay or will a storyline be developed?

Dungeons revolves around 3 great fundamentals: successive dungeons, loot and storytelling.

The background will not be as dense as in
Dofus MMO since the world will be smaller, nevertheless a general framework is thought to explain to the player where he is, why/how he is there, who are the different characters he meets, what is his objective... This puts in scene a new emblematic figure of the Krosmoz that we will present more concretely in a future article of background.

Beyond this general framework, the will is to create a beautiful immersion in each mini-world, especially through different scenes of everyday life. It is therefore a question that each dungeon has its own narration throughout its ascent, until arriving at the boss who himself will deliver some elements of the general background. Dialogues in combat can be added as well, so that the narration is present at all levels of the game.


Will it be possible to transfer any loot from Dofus Dungeons to Dofus? Or will the Resources/Items be incompatible?

It will not be possible to transfer loot. We are considering the possibility of transferring a nude character from Dofus Dungeons
to Dofus MMO as a paid service. But nothing is yet defined on this subject.


Will it be possible to get around the limits of Adobe Air through Dofus Dungeons, including the many restrictions that this causes for Dofus MMO on MacOS?

Dofus Dungeons can not provide solutions to this type of problem since it is developed and will be housed directly in the Dofus MMO engine, with the advantages and disadvantages it implies.


Will there be a Stasis dungeon system like in Wakfu?

Not directly, but there should be a similar system, it is planned to offer 3 levels of difficulty for each mini-world so that the player can define his own game mode.


Defining a unique identity for each class goes against the current game design of Dofus that has precisely removed the different roles of classes. Will it not be contradictory if you bring mechanics from Dofus Dungeons into Dofus MMO?

This is not a problem in the sense that
Dofus Dungeons aims to provide a more accessible, simpler and faster game. If mechanics were to be applied to the Dofus MMO or elsewhere, they would necessarily be adapted to the game in question.

In any case, we work together with the
Dofus game design team to think about our mechanics so that they can adapt to different games.


Is a similar mode for PvP, like Dofus Arena, envisaged?

At the moment, we are focusing on
Dofus Dungeons and its PvE aspect. But if the server is a success and the community is in demand for a PvP version, and we have the possibility, why not, everything is possible.


What will be the maximum level and how will the spells be unlocked?

For the moment, we will start with 100 levels for a character and his Items. Spells will not unlock at once, that is, you will not start the game with all of your spells, but we want them to unlock quite quickly, for example on the first 50 levels. There is therefore a notion of XP for the character in addition to that dedicated to Items and Sidekicks.


Ten spells per class, is it not too little for characters like Osamodas, Masqueraider, Rogue and others, in terms of Summons, Masks, Bombs...?

No, because the gameplay will be completely redesigned for each proposed class. Summoners, for example, will probably not be able to play more than one summon simultaneously to limit the duration of the battles.

In addition, the 8 classes that will be available are not yet determined, do not hesitate to participate in the survey if you have not already done so.


The strong point of an MMO is its lifespan. That's not really possible by forever proposing dungeons, how will you bring replayability to Dofus Dungeons?

There will be difficulty levels that will be proposed for each dungeon and that will allow the player to modulate his gaming experience.

There will also be the system of evolving Items and Sidekicks that will require some investment, especially for collectors who would like to own everything at the maximum level.

Other mechanics are also considered for replayability, but they are not a priority at the moment and therefore they are not yet being developed.



Will the characteristics offered by a gem change according to the level of the equipment?

The concept of gems is still in the state of thinking and many things are to be defined, including their mode of progression, but a priori yes, they would have their own levels and system of evolution established according to their rarity.


Will it be mandatory to play with Sidekicks?

Not at all, it's the choice of the player and his mode of play. The will with Dofus
Dungeons is to make sure that a player who wishes to play alone and wants to access the entire game can do it with the help of Sidekicks. At the same time, players who prefer to play with friends without ever using Sidekicks will have no other restrictions or benefits.


What will the 3D acceleration allow, beyond the breathing animations of a character?

Unfortunately, 3D acceleration will ultimately not be available for
Dofus Dungeons. After studying the question, it turns out that this is a rather heavy and complex site that will require more time than initially imagined.


In addition to the customization offered by the Shushu, will it be possible to choose colours and faces when creating a character?

No, when you choose your character, it will be "classic". You can of course choose its sex and, if we offer the functionality, its size. Then all other personalization will have to go through the equipment of the character and its evolution.


For more customization, will you offer different animations according to the Shushu equipped, is it possible?

Maybe, but it would be something quite expensive both in terms of production and volume for the game. If we came up with this kind of extra customization, it would probably be via the shop.


Will there be guilds or alliances, or a hall where players can meet?

We plan to only have the guild system. In any case, players will be able to meet in the community Hub and the mini-worlds. We are also thinking about a more developed Haven Bag system but it is not currently our priority.


Will the characters be mono or multi-element?

Depending on the orientation of the player, it will be possible to play in mono-element or bi-element.


Will there be Resistances mechanics as in Dofus ?

Yes, we will keep the Elementary Resistances, but we plan to modify them in order to facilitate understanding.


Will Sidekicks also focus on Damage/Protection/Support roles?

Yes, that's why a player can easily complete his team according to his needs with Sidekicks if he can not/does not want to play with other players.


Will the Sidekick system be reviewed in Dofus MMO?

This is a possibility, if the format proposed in
Dofus Dungeons pleases the community and if it can be adapted to Dofus MMO.


Will the dungeons be linked to each other with a progression curve in terms of leveling?

All the dungeons of the same mini-world will be linked by the narrative thread of the said mini-world. Regarding gameplay, we want to ensure that the content is accessible quickly by the player. The leveling system will therefore materialize more by the 3 levels of difficulty so that, depending on the level of the player, he can do the same dungeon several times while maintaining an interest in game mechanics.


On average, how much time will a dungeon require?

This is an issue that we have not yet defined and for which we will most likely call you through a survey so that you can express yourself on the subject based on your experience and preferences.


Will the progression be correlated to unlockable zones based on the content already achieved?

Absolutely, to cross the entire world, you will first need to unlock some access. In the same way, to go from mini-world A to mini-world B, it will be necessary to validate certain prerequisites, without necessarily having to complete the whole mini-world, but at least to fulfill certain criteria.

We also plan to add unlockable content under certain criteria, such as reaching level 100.


Will the dungeons from Dofus Dungeons be implanted to Dofus MMO little by little and vice versa?

No, the dungeons in
Dofus Dungeons will be new dungeons. It is possible, however, that some mini-worlds use the same theme as an existing zone, or some emblematic bosses, but it will necessarily be to propose an alternative dungeon. The opposite is also valid, it is not planned to transpose the dungeons from Dofus Dungeons to Dofus MMO, but if that were to be done, it would not be without a game design phase in order to adapt them to the game.



Will there be quests and achievements in Dofus Dungeons?

We consider very few quests, on one hand because we do not have an open world and on the other hand because the possibilities to have varied types of quests are limited. Achievements will be available and will notably unlock Sidekicks.


Will Dofus (dragon eggs) be present in Dofus Dungeons?

No, there will be no Dofus in
Dofus Dungeons.


Will a leaderboard be put in place?

This question is under study, if we can do it from a technical and temporal point of view, we will do it.


Will the friend list in Dofus Dungeon be that of Dofus MMO?

We would like this to be the case but we still do not know if it will be technically feasible.


Why do you want to simplify the gameplay and reduce the difficulty of dungeons when those of Dofus MMO are already considered too easy?

The goal is mainly to improve the user's game loop, overall, we believe that content accessibility can be improved in our games. However, this does not mean that
Dofus Dungeons will not offer any difficulty or challenge, what we want to simplify is the understanding of mechanics more than the mechanics themselves.


Do you need to buy a subscription to play Dofus Dungeons?

No, the server will be accessible for free. However, players who subscribe to
Dofus MMO will receive a bonus in Dofus Dungeons.


Will Dofus Dungeons be a turn-based game or a Hack and Slash?

It will be a turn-based game as we use the
Dofus MMO technology.


Will the music be different?

Yes, it is expected that new musical sounds are brought to
Dofus Dungeons to match the new graphic atmosphere.


Will the game be available on mobile?

No, since we use the
Dofus MMO engine and not the Dofus Touch engine, we have the same constraints as the PC version.


Is Dofus Dungeons the same as Dofus Cube?

No, both are independent, but there will inevitably be similarities as we will test the artistic direction of Dofus Cube, as well as some concepts that could eventually apply to Dofus MMO, in Dofus Dungeons


When will the Alpha/Beta start?

We are aiming for a first testable demo version in July, on the occasion of the Japan Expo event, and the game will be released by the end of the year. In the meantime, the Beta version will be interposed according to our speed of production. We should be able to estimate this more concretely when we move forward with the July demo.

In any case, the outings will be based on the
Dofus MMO schedule since Dofus Dungeons will be dependent on the scheduled updates on the game servers.


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Post from Dofus Dungeons blog from April 6th, 2018.





Divine Items

Recently we mentioned the concept of Divine Items, a somewhat obscure mechanic of loot that is overpowered but time-limited, and it scared some of you. This week, we have brainstormed on the issue to give you a little bit more information and be able to discuss more concretely on the subject.


Basic Mechanics

Originally, Divine Items were thought of as overpowered, randomly dropable Items in dungeons that could be lost at any time.
The idea was to propose a maximum of 10 on the server and define a rotation of owners according to the loot of the Item: when the 10 copies were dropped, the 11th player dropping a Divine Item would join the Top 10 while the first to have acquired it would lose the Item, and so on:



Presented as such, many of you have expressed doubts and even pointed at the concept: losing an Item at any time depending on other players and not following his own actions, the frustration would be too big. So we thought of a way to adapt the original idea so that the pleasure of the loot is greater than the frustration of the loss of the Item.


The Mechanics Envisaged

Divine Items become Divine Blessings, that is, effects/bonuses applied to the character as a result of his loot. Always based on random drop rate, the player has the opportunity to refuse the blessing if he does not want to change his mode of play. In which case, the blessing is simply put back into play for others to get.

Each mini-world contains a blessing and a dedicated interface indicates which blessing is available, or which one is already owned and by whom.

When a player gets a blessing, he keeps it for a minimum of 24 hours, his loot is under protection during this time, it can not be obtained by anyone else, and a timer displays the remaining time in real time. Once the time has elapsed, the player is likely to lose his blessing at any time, depending on whether another player has unlocked it and restarted the protection system for himself.

In this version of the concept, there is no question of an Item, rather an effect for which the player enjoys protection and on which he has partial visibility of its upcoming disappearance.
Moreover, the challenge is to define the right drop rate to allow a balanced rotation of Divine Blessings without them being too common.


Divine Bonuses

If the Item becomes a temporary effect, it does not change the original desire to offer a powerful bonus to the player. Thus, a Divine Blessing influences the character in 3 distinct ways by bringing him:
An integral skin modification.
A multiplier to characteristics.
One to two additional spells.




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Post from Dofus Dungeons blog from April 12th, 2018.





Evolutionary Multi-Sidekicks

In the previous article, Tot evoked our will to propose a system of evolutionary Sidekicks with the objective of offering the possibility to the player who wishes to play alone (remember that the server will be single account) to be able to progress in the game in the same way as a person who plays with friends.

An announcement that raised several questions, including a system equivalent to that of Wakfu Heroes in Dofus Dungeons. For this point, the reasons are purely technical, to propose the possibility of playing multiple characters simultaneously from the same account would represent a much too big development site on one hand, and the difficulty to apply it to the Dofus engine on the other, given the repercussions that this would generate for a large majority of present features in game. In other words, it is a system that we can not consider today.

However, we want to propose a system of Sidekicks more developed than the one we know in Dofus and approaching that of Wakfu, with notions of progression and optimization like a class of characters.


Sidekick Progression

As shown in the article Loot & Items, Sidekicks will increase their level thanks to the Resources/Dusts of Progression (whose name is, to our great despair, still not defined) that the player will be able to drop from each dungeon.
Like characters, the maximum level of a Sidekick is set to 100.


Sidekick Optimization

By default, a Sidekick has a range of fixed spells and specific statistics that can increase in parallel with its level, as well as with its equipment: just like the character, a Sidekick will have 4 slots to equip the Amulet, Ring, Boots and Weapon. However, unlike a character, it will not impact the skin of the Sidekick, which will remain fixed regardless of its level and equipment.



Obtaining Sidekicks

Currently, we are considering 3 types of individual Sidekicks, categorized according to their means of obtaining:
Rewarded from quests or achievements.
in some mini-worlds.
urchased from the shop.

Each Sidekick is unique and can only be unlocked or bought once per account. Therefore, they will be considered common to all the characters of the same account and can be used at the player's choice.


Sidekick Equipment

The equipment system of a Sidekick will also be similar to the method applied in Wakfu: via a dedicated interface (thus decorrelated from the inventory), the player can select one or multiple Sidekicks he wants to add to his team, with the limit of 3 Sidekicks maximum.

In addition, we are studying the technical possibilities to make a Sidekick of a level higher than that of the character automatically adapt to the latter: if a Sidekick is obtained at level 80 and is equipped by a level 60 character, then the Sidekick will also be level 60, in order to avoid a power imbalance in the team.
The progression of the Sidekick would not be lost in this case but simply put on hold until the character reaches the same level.

If we will not be able to offer this mechanic, then the equipment conditions will be a specific level and a character will not be able to equip a higher level Sidekick. Or as we know the equipment system currently available in Dofus MMO.


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It's a little annoying that the devs keep mentioning the limitations of the Dofus engine as a reason why they can't add/improve certain features, but they decided to create a new game with the same engine, and are planning to add features that are supposed to be improved from Dofus in that game.

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Post from Dofus Dungeons blog from April 16th, 2018.





Focus on the Bow Meow Mini-World - Part 1

Today we are particularly excited to present what will follow, as you know, Dofus Dungeons is a succession of... dungeons... spread across different mini-worlds. These mini-worlds, although interconnected by the overall narrative story of the game, are all independent of each other and offer distinct atmospheres, decorations and bestiaries. Over the last few weeks, we have had a lot of iterations on the first mini-world to propose to you when you arrive in the game and we have advanced enough to reveal a little bit about it. So keep in mind that everything is still WIP and let's discover without further delay the Bow Meow Mini-World, area of the great and fearsome Varvara!


Background point: Varvara

If you have never heard of it, nothing could be more normal: Dofus Dungeons is the first opportunity for her to reveal herself to you. Why can she here especially? You will understand it soon enough. In the meantime, let me introduce Varvara, Ecaflip's scorned wife:

Queen among the queens, Varvara was unparalleled in beauty, incomparable grace, and personable to bend to anyone who dared to challenge her. Mastering the art of the divinatory tarot to perfection, she read the cards and played accordingly, ensuring the victory as necessary.
Her sensuality as an asset, she had quickly stir up the greed of Ecaflip, his skin devoid of the slightest hair being a real source of attraction for the God of Chance oh so hairy. Of this mutual love was born 22 sons heirs, Atcham being undeniably the favourite of Varvara because of their resemblance.
But so beautiful and sweet had she been one day, nothing could prevent Ecaflip from succumbing to other charms, so that Varvara, exasperated by her husband's infidelities, gradually transformed her tender character into a demon of jealousy, and disfigured by rancor, eventually losing the favours of his beloved. One day, she challenged Ecaflip to the dice in the ultimate hope of winning her unwavering loyalty, but despite the favourable prediction of the cards, she was confronted with defeat and banned from Ecaflipus forever.

Deceived, rejected and left to her despicable fate, Varvara never ceased to harbour a hatred for her former love. More malicious than ever, she now lives only for one purpose: to reduce it to nothing and become Goddess Ecaflip instead of Ecaflip...


Atmosphere and decorations

The mini-world is composed of 6 main maps leading to Varvara, and each of them gives access to one or more intermediate dungeons. Upon your arrival on the first map of the Bow Meow mini-world, you will discover a relatively vegetal decoration, it is for us to represent the natural environment of the local fauna and its hunting area. At first, we focused on researching the level design of dungeon maps, so we still can not show you WIPs in the area. But you can at least visualize the concept thanks to the Poolay board:



Dungeons and bestiary

The first map unveils the first 2 dungeons: "The Basin" and "The Hut".


The Abyssinian Basin

The first dungeon offers a dark atmosphere, almost gloomy, and a bestiary just as uncomfortable. If you thought that Bow Meow Mini-World would rhyme with green and warm decorations, you are far from the truth. The Basin is an underground fishing area where the Abyssinian Bow Meows live, young kittens rejected by Varvara. It must be said that after his exile, Varvara has developed a clear aversion to males, including her own cubs, who now only serve to fish and hunt to feed the daughters of the family.

Behind their appearance of frail kittens hides a strong aggressiveness: hungry they are, they are ready to bite the first comer, especially if it is a chubby Iop or Eniripsa with juicy wings. Here you are warned:



Character design of the bestiary imagined by Guillaume, aka Saindoo:



The family consists of 4 monsters:

Chabyssin: Rejected, aggressive and aggressive kitten, he is lively and has a lot of MP but is running out of steam quickly.



Foreman Acute: Judging by his appearance, this old cat did not have an easy life and he made those who are weaker than him pay.



Cruel Overseer: Larger and stronger than Chabyssin, he motivates the troops with big lashes, his weapon of predilection.



Brutal Guard: Ready to do anything to return to the good graces of his mother, he watches over grain and defends his pelvis at any price.



All animated by Laurent (aka Lolzewolf), Julien (Deeamo), Victorino (Viti) & Constantin (Kossantin).

And a little preview of the combat map made by Milou:



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Post from Dofus Dungeons blog from April 19th, 2018.





Character Classes

Last month, we asked you to choose the 4 classes that will complete the preselection of classes for the release of Dofus Dungeons. It is now time to look at the results and see the 8 classes that will be available in game!


The 8 Classes of Dofus Dungeons

We have categorized the different classes according to 3 fundamental types of roles in the game: Damage Dealer, Tank and Support, each of them having several possible choices. The ultimate goal being to propose 4 classes focused on damage, 2 classes focused on protection and 2 classes focused on support.


The results have moved a lot on the support class side, and although the numbers are still tight, you have decided and we have our winners:

Damage Dealer:
    Ecaflip: 50,10%

    Sram: 47,43%
    Rogue: 30,17%

    Osamodas: 26,35%

    Huppermage: 25,46%

    Ouginak: 20,48%

    Feca: 44,35%
    Pandawa: 36,39%

    Masqueraider: 19,26%

    Enutrof: 36,61%
    Xelor: 32,15%

    Sadida: 31,24%

So the 8 classes that will appear in Dofus Dungeons will be: Iop, Cra, Ecaflip, Sram, Sacrier, Feca, Eniripsa and Enutrof:



For the disappointed, do not be too much: we must make choices to meet the deadlines of production and output, but if the game is received well, other classes can be implemented later.



For the sake of ease of understanding of the gameplay and readability of the fights, we have removed or limited certain characteristics.

We have 7 main characteristics for a character, naturally increasing with its level: Vitality, Water, Air, Fire, Earth, AP and MP.

Depending on the equipment chosen, it will be possible to orientate or optimize a character in 11 secondary characteristics: Lock, Dodge, %Resistances, Final Damage Resistance, Critical Resistance, Pushback Resistance, %Damage, Critical Damage, Pushback Damage, %Final Damage and %Critical Hits.

Wisdom and Prospecting are removed. Initiative is limited, we assume that the leader of a group will determine the order of combat, the Initiative system will therefore be applied only to enemies.
For all other characteristics, we are considering the possibility of offering Spell effects or bonuses/penalties from allies/enemies, but not to make them too accessible. This will be the case especially for Range, Heals, AP/MP Reduction, etc.

In addition, each character will have 3 elementary paths, so as to offer single-element, bi-element or tri-element play modes.


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Post from Dofus Dungeons blog from April 23rd, 2018.





Focus on the Bow Meow Mini-World - Part 2

Last week we introduced you to one end of the Bow Meow Mini-World, its first dungeon and family of monsters "The Abyssinian Basin". Today we move to the second dungeon of the area and its charming hosts: the Bengal brothers!


The Bengal Brothers' Hut

Change of scenery, but the place is hardly more welcoming: plucked Gwo Tofu, fresh carcasses, cut ham, blood pools... The Bengal Brothers are ruthless hunters and their benchmark is neither more nor less than a slaughterhouse and a game depot. Macabre? A little…


Character design imagined by Emilien:



The family consists of 4 monsters:

Bengal Brother 1: Small but strong, he has nothing to envy his two brothers for, except perhaps their athletic build... Slightly slow and limited in his movements, he prefers to encourage the movement of his brothers to take advantage of the situation.



Bengal Brother 2: Second of the siblings, he is as skilled as he is thoughtful and none of his shots are randomly carried. Staying in range is not really a good idea.



Bengal Brother 3: The eldest of this family of triplets and certainly the most rabid, his fury is sometimes so intense that it has repercussions on his two brothers and makes them all the more dangerous opponents.



Bengal "3 in 1": The union is strength and the brothers have understood it well, when they are one, they are as formidable as they are ferocious.



Finally, a small WIP of the combat map, made by Snowy:



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The Dofus Dungeons Team

Two weeks without news, without notes, without information...
Two weeks of lack, torment, helplessness...
Two weeks of obsession and anguish...

Ok, maybe not until then but do not be shy and admit it: we missed you!
To compensate and resume our good habits, we will propose two articles this week: first this one, which makes the light on the team of Dofus Dungeons and then, a first class focus. Let's go!


The Creation Team

The Creation Team consists of four major families of artists: level designers, graphic designers, character designers and animators.


Level Design

Level designers are in charge of designing game maps, they define the format, the peculiarities, the obstacles and other elements of the game. After that, the level builders intervene to give life to the maps by giving them decorations, an atmosphere and graphic elements in agreement with the imagined level design. At home, there is no real distinction between level designers and level builders, our artists are able to achieve as much as one.

In the team, we find:

Graphic designer, illustrator, author of comics and level designer, Mary has been working at Ankama for more than 7 years, mainly on Dofus MMO but also on the Dino Party and Monster Slaughter board games, or the Les Dessous de Dofus comic.
» Find him on his blog: Mary Pumpkins

After a level design course in a different video game studio, Abjugardiel arrived 3 years ago to work on Dofus MMO.


Graphic Design

Graphic designers have different fields of action, from concept art to the creation of graphic elements, they imagine, research and develop atmospheres, sets and very specific items, ranging from the Astrub Grass Blade to the Count Harebourg Set, through the pictograms that make up the game's interfaces.

In the team, we find:

Arrived to work on Dofus MMO 12 years ago as a graphic designer and level designer, Lorko has been working as the artistic director and team manager for Dofus 2 since 2008 and Wakfu MMO since 2016.

Accomplished artist, Milou is as comfortable in graphics as in illustration. Ten years ago, she first contributed on the Island of Wakfu project before moving to work on Dofus MMO.
» Find her on her blog: Egg009

With more than 12 years at Ankama, BenPi is an old man who has contributed to many projects, including Dofus 1, Wakfu MMO, Goultard the Barbarian anime, Dofus 2 and Dofus Touch.
» Find him on his website: Benoît Laigle

Versatile artist, PunchCoco intervenes on both 2D and 3D. For almost 9 years, she has participated in Wakfu projects - Wakfu Les Gardiens, Gobbowl, Krosmaster Arena, Krosmaster the board game, the aborted prototype of Dofus 3D as well as Dofus MMO.
» Find her on Art Station: VeroniqueGuannel

Arrived in January 2017 as a level designer for Dofus MMO, Thomas is now working on concept art.
» Find him on Facebook: Thomas Pommery Artist


Character Design

Character designers imagine and realize all the characters that make up the game, be it Heroes, NPCs, Monsters or Sidekicks, Mounts or Pets.

In the team, we find:

Since his arrival in 2007, Rumo has been involved in many projects as an animator and character designer, including Wakfu MMO, Wakfu Les
Gardiens, Dofus Arena, Dofus MMO and more recently, Dofus Pets.
» Find him on Twitter: @rumolerouge
» Find him on his website: RumoLeRouge

Arrived 6 years ago, Emilien participated in the Wakfu Season 3 animated series and the Dofus Book I: Julith movie as a concept artist before joining the Wakfu MMO team 2 years ago.

Arrived 8 months ago, Jaguare19 is one of the last recruits on the Wakfu MMO team, on which he operated as an animator.
» Find him on Art Station: Jaguare19




Animators bring to life the characters created by the character designers, they conceive their movements, their breathing, their movements... In the most realistic way possible. They are also FX designers and offer specific combat, spell or movement effects.

In the team, we find:

Coming from the animated series, Lolzewolf is an animator at Ankama for 11 years, he has participated in the Wakfu Season 1, 2, 3 and special episodes, The Treasures of Kerubim animated series and the Dofus Book I: Julith movie. Since 2017, he is the lead animator for Dofus MMO.

Arrived 10 years ago, Viti first started on the Wakfu Season 1 animated series before switching to Dofus MMO. In the meantime, he has also participated in the Fly'N project.

For almost 4 years, Deeamo has been creating animations and FX for Dofus MMO.
» Find him on Instagram: Deeamo_FX
» Find him on his website: Deeamo

After a successful alternation of 10 months on Wakfu MMO, Constantin now operates as a full time animator.
» Find him on Tumblr: ConstantinTheEagle

Note: In order to correspond to the new artistic direction, the Creative Team is directed by two members of Dofus Cube: Arnaud, responsible for atmospheres & sets and Tiko, responsible for character designs and animations.


The Tech Team

The Tech Team brings together game designers, client developers and server developers.


Game Design

Game designers are in charge of designing the gameplay of the game, they define the rules, the mechanics, the conditions, the difficulties... As well as its handling.

In the team, we find:

After a brief stint on Wakfu MMO, Korri has been on Dofus MMO for 11 years.

Arrived just 1 year ago, Crocus operates on Dofus MMO.
» Find him on Tumblr: FranartCorp


Client Development

Client developers are responsible for the proper functioning of everything that is "visible" in the game, starting with the executable as well as the entire graphic part of the various mechanics, including the game interfaces.

In the team, we find:

Attached to Dofus MMO for more than 10 years, Sili intervened on Dofus 1 and Dofus 2.
» Find her on Twitter: @Sili_

Since his arrival 6 years ago, Toun has dedicated himself to DOFUS MMO.

Last recruit of the customer team, Geis has been working on DOFUS MMO for 10 months.


Server Development

Server developers are responsible for the smooth running of everything that is "invisible" in the game, starting with the engine as well as the application of all available features and management of online and multiplayer mode.

In the team, we find:

Arrived in late 2016, Stupfyy operates exclusively on Dofus MMO.
» Find her on Twitter: @ffb777

Arrived almost 2 years ago on Dofus MMO, Tacos briefly intervened as a client dev before operating as a server dev.

And to oversee all of these beautiful people as well as the project, the production deadlines, the distribution of the workforce, the priorities and all the paperwork, there is Jonquille, the producer:

For 4 years, Jonquille has contributed to several projects, after a stint on the test team, she took charge of Dofus Touch until she was released in 2016 and then worked on Wakfu MMO as a producer before operating on Dofus Dungeons.
» Find her on Twitter: @Jonquille_AKM

Finally to finish, well, there's me...

Arrived in early 2012 on Dofus MMO, I stayed until April 2017 after which I took care of Dofus Pets before bowing out in September 2017. But the absence was short-term and I'm back in front of you today!
» Find me on Twitter: @XyaLe_KBD


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Post from Dofus Dungeons blog from May 18th, 2018.





Class Focus: Cra

In the series of class focuses, we chose to start with Cra, simply because it is the character we have achieved the most with so far. But before going into the heart of the matter, let's take a quick look at the direction chosen for the Heroes in Dofus Dungeons.

As you already know, the artistic direction changes completely in Dofus Dungeons to get closer to that of Dofus Cube. However, we did not want to just take the existing characters and mix them with Cube sauce, on one hand, it would have limited the creativity of our artists and on the other hand, the result would have been in contradiction with our will to offer a second youth to the heroes of the game. Therefore, and since we are in the optics to try new things, we made the choice to completely re-design the character classes. Of course, a Cra remains a Cra and the same goes for all other classes, their specificities are inevitably translated and represented graphically, but with a stroke of expense and novelty. In addition, we have the ambition to offer a panel of different skins for the same character, whether through Shushu Items or the shop. So do not be surprised to (re) discover your heroes in a new light through Dofus Dungeons!

From a gameplay point of view, the key word was accessibility, our desire being to simplify the understanding of the game while making it more dynamic and faster. So we reduced the amount of spells of each hero to 11, while keeping the possibility of adding one or two additional spells depending on the equipment of the character. We also reduced the number of characteristics and adapted certain values (Range, Damage, AP cost, number of casts...) to better match the proposed combat format.

Crocus tells you a bit more about graphic design for character classes:

Globally, spells are simpler, since the majority of them have two effect lines. That said, we do not prohibit to apply 3 or even 4, but very punctually if it is justified and that the fate remains easy to grasp.
The weapon, usable once per turn with a free cost, has been taken into account in the design of the skill panel of each class: each has a type of weapon associated, the area of effect and the range are in line with its gameplay.
The 16 classes are already designed to have an overview from the start, especially if they were all to be implemented eventually. Of course, we will have to modify certain points according to our tests internally and your feedback, but thanks to the homogenization of the structuring of the classes, balancing should be simpler in the short term, as well as in the long term.

Now that you have a bit more detailed vision of the direction we have taken for Dofus Dungeons, it's time to get down to business and introduce the one you're all waiting for: the Cra:



The idea was to propose a vegetable type version of the character while maintaining its archer specificity, and it is Rumo who got down to the task:

For the Cra, it was necessary to keep the "elf of the forest" spirit - a little like the image of Legolas in Lord of the Rings, so it is from there that the first researches were done. I then worked on declensions in different themes that can be associated with the archer such as the vegan, the thief, the hunter... To bring a true identity to the character. This is the typical vegetal proposal that has been chosen and it is therefore the one that has been refined to stick into the game.
Finally, I worked a rather prominent head, so as to give it a small trick and cunning character, a little wild, just as a fox can be:



Preview of the sprite in action, made by Lolzewolf:


Cra obviously remains the long-range character of the game and its basic features are preserved, even reinforced.

Some explanations of its gameplay by Crocus:

Cra is the main Damage Dealer at a distance in Dofus Dungeons. Its secondary role is placement.
Its Earth build is based on burst and long-range pushback, while its Fire build uses AoE damage. Finally, the Air build offers heavy damage and Pushback with casting conditions that force the character to expose itself more.
Utility spells provide damage bonuses and most importantly, moving allies or enemies to effectively exploit their damage spells:



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I'm personally very excited about this project, maybe a bit more than Waven.

Sadly, I joined the Dofus train a bit late; I couldn't get over the "outdated" feeling it had...from the static screen transitions to the wonky animations and particle effects, the UI etc...

All of that made the transition to Wakfu way easier, which is where I finally settled and played on and off for a long time.


This project seems like a good in-between for fans of the tactics RPGs in general and Wakfu/Dofus regular players; A bit less inviting for those who are familiar with Ankama's marketing policies (welp...until we get more information on how that f2p model works).


[I'll explain why, later in this post]


I can understand people are complaining how Ankama is working once again on something with the same gameplay their other main IPs have, instead of focusing on new IPs or new games...but personally, as someone who's been a fan of Wakfu and seeing all its potential royally wasted, I want a "definitive" edition where the focus is overcoming difficult fights/dungeons, together with your friends, and not where you're paying to play alone.



Why is it good for players from Dofus/Wakfu? The unification of artstyle they're doing, favors a re-usability of the same assets on different games, which could automatically lead to the implementation of said new things (a dungeon/fight with a particular theme) on the other games, maybe after quite some time for said implementation (altough I won't bet on it), but even just the thought of experiencing new cool features/mechanics in fights on multiple games is pretty cool (and maybe a bit naive).

Even if there won't be any ports, for the players who highly enjoyed the cooperative aspect and the challenge of dungeons/UBs in Wakfu or Dofus, they'll have a dedicated platform to play on and enjoy the game with fresh new content, without having to bother with forced progressions/ALS, stat pages that you can only reset if you pay or grind a whole 2 weeks, etc; Accessibility is key.


Why is it good for people who enjoyed other tactics RPGs? It's not flash news that the MMORPG market is in a really stale state, having only 2 big titles under the spotlight for multiple years, without much competition. It goes without saying that some (maybe a bit more) of people who are currently playing those titles greatly enjoyed the genre of combat in games like Fire emblem, Disgaea, FF Tactics...but the market never had anything cool or worthwile that scratched that itch (in an online setting atleast).

The only option was Dofus/Wakfu (for those who weren't put off by the outdated graphics, UI, artstyle etc.), but then people had to deal with Ankama's policies and their way of handling things, both from a marketing and a developing standpoint;

A lot of annoying systems, implemented only for the sake of milking more money and alienating their own playerbase (hello heroes system).

I don't fully blame the developers though...it's probably really really annoying having to work on a prehistoric client all the time, without being able to really change/modify/add stuff without destroying everything, because it's THAT messed up...and that's why I'm curious about this new project.


While it's true that the engine will be "the same", the fact that the content in it doesn't have any tie-ins with a huge world, PvP, etc should make the development of new stuff way easier, and maybe this way they'd be able to be quicker on big changes for the game.

What I'm mostly looking forward is a "renewed" look at Dofus...maybe with their new animation technology (seems like the same they're using on Waven), while possibly keeping the difficult aspects of the hardest dungeons/fights in Wakfu...something that, sadly, Waven doesn't seem like it'll be...(looks gorgeous, but the simplified combat system is a huge no-no, atleast for me).



As everything made by Ankama...we can only wait, and hope it's good. I'd love a really good tactics MMORPG to play with my friends, darn it =.=

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