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Leeching almost any lvl 200 Duos, Trios and more (Update)

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Hey, I know that I already had a thread earlier, but since a lot has changed, I prefer to open a new topic. Note: For anything except Protoz'orror your knowledge, class or even set do not matter.


In game: Volcasaurus


Merkator Duo+Last+Mystic 3m

Anerice Duo+Limpwrist+200 3m


all Frigost 3 dungeons (Klime, Sylargh, Nileza, Missiz) Duo + Score 200 3m

Count Harebourg Duo 3m + Score 200 4m


Dantinea Duo+Last+200 3m

Meno Duo+Limpwrist+200 4m

Koutoulou Duo+Limpwrist 3m


Protoz'orror Duo 4m (NOTE: only leeching boss room for this one)


Tal Kasha Duo+200 4m


King Nidas Trio+First 3m

Queen of Thieves Trio+Tight 4m 

Vortex Trio+Impertinence 6m

Catseye Trio 3m or +Limp 4m

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This guy leeched me 3-4 times yesterday (can't even remember the exact number lol) through "Koutoulou Duo+Limpwrist 5m" , had to pay p2p in 2 accs (third one a friend did it for me <3) in total paying around 5.7 each run and getting 30 wings, which are worth at least 6mk atm (I earlier bought all in market and priced went from 1.8 to 2.8).


The guy completely soloed the whole dung from room #1 to final boss w/o a single help (chars had 0 equip) and didn't die not even 1 time. I repute him a bit of a jerk but still completely OP.


Thanks m8.

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Amazing service. Carried my uncoordinated ass through Meno/Kout duo with ease. PM'd him today & got the run in today as well.


10/10 would recommend/leech again :)

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