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Leeching almost any lvl 200 Duos, Trios and more (Update)

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Hey, I know that I already had a thread earlier, but since a lot has changed, I prefer to open a new topic. Note: For anything except Protoz'orror your knowledge, class or even set do not matter.


In game: Volcasaurus


Merkator Duo 2m


all Frigost 3 dungeons (Klime, Sylargh, Nileza, Missiz) Duo 3m or 4m with score 300 included

Count Harebourg Duo 5m or 6m with score 300 incl


Dantinea Duo+Last 3m or 4m with score 300 incl

Meno Duo+Limpwrist 5m or 6m with score 300 incl

Koutoulou Duo+Limpwrist 5m


Protoz'orror Duo 5m (NOTE: only leeching boss room for this one)


Tal Kasha Duo 5m


Ilyzaelle Freedom+Focus+Score 300 8m (no longer leeching Duo)


King Nidas Trio+First 3m

Queen of Thieves Trio 4m or Trio+Tight 5m

Vortex Trio+Impertinence 9m

Catseye Trio 5m or Trio+Limpwrist 6m

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