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Best Server

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Hey! Just wanted to know which server would be the best to start fresh. I have some characters on echo and something on Fraktal mono server too, but I want to just start anew (don't have too much time to play). What would be better for that then, Echo or mono and if mono than which server has the biggest English community with some active guild to play with. Don't want any biased answers just because you play on that server. 

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If you're looking to pace the lower levels then a mono server is probably the best place to do so. Illyzaelle is going to be the most populated in general and has a reasonably large EN community, it's worth noting you can make use of free server transfers between the mono servers. So if you do find out friends of yours are elsewhere you've nothing to lose. There is also the intention in the not so distant future to merge the existing mono servers together.

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If you’re looking for a fresh start, and don’t have too much time to play, have you considered DOFUS Touch? 


The game is 100% free to play, with the option to buy a ‘subscription pack’ which simply gives you an xp and drop multiplier to make things a bit easier/quicker.


You can play solo on a tablet or phone, or use an emulator to play on your PC with a team. The use of an emulator is against DOFUS rules and I don’t condone the use of an emulator, but it is an option many touch players use.


Its something you may want to consider.

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I'd probably just stick to normal Dofus because I tried Dofus Touch but didn't really feel it. 


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