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If you need a supply of any of the following gatherable resources, their crafts (HP/Energy Items (Potions/Breads/Fishes), Alloys, Planks, etc.) or want a profession leveling service with them, all of that and more for a very cheap price, feel free to contact me and we'll make it work.


Prices listed inside the parentheses are rough estimates that mostly depend on the market/average price rounded down to the nearest 0 (except when it's below 10), there's always the possibility of lowering them more if you ask.

Profession leveling service is around 2-4mk per profession, given that you don't want to keep the crafts.

If anyone wants to sell any of these cheap resources in the markets for their normal price, feel free to contact me as well. (The main reason I've made this post is because I'm too lazy to list stuff in the markets, if you're not then it can be an easy profit)


Message me on Impsvillage (Gravestorm), Discord (Gravestorm#3334), Ankabox (-Gravestorm-), or in-game /w Gravestorm if interested.



  • 36642.w40h40.png Nettles (10K)
  • 36643.w40h40.png Sage (30K)
  • 36067.w40h40.png Five-Leaf Clover (10K)
  • 36052.w40h40.png Wild Mint (20K)
  • 35192.w40h40.png Freyesque Orchid (20K)
  • 35191.w40h40.png Edelweiss (20K)
  • 58067.w40h40.png Pandkin Seed (20K)
  • 36644.w40h40.png Ginseng (180K)
  • 35638.w40h40.png Belladona (180K)
  • 36645.w40h40.png Mandrake (350K)
  • 35635.w40h40.png Snowdrop (1500K)



  • 34009.w40h40.png Wheat (5K)
  • 34082.w40h40.png Barley (5K)
  • 34154.w40h40.png Oats (5K)
  • 34080.w40h40.png Hop (10K)
  • 34122.w40h40.png Flax (10K)
  • 34010.w40h40.png Rice (70K)
  • 34082.w40h40.png Rye (70K)
  • 34083.w40h40.png Malt (40K)
  • 34121.w40h40.png Hemp (70K)
  • 34554.w40h40.png Corn (60K)
  • 34555.w40h40.png Millet (130K)
  • 34552.w40h40.png Frosteez (300K)



  • 41294.w40h40.png Gudgeon (10K)
  • 41292.w40h40.png Grawn (20K)
  • 41394.w40h40.png Trout (20K)
  • 41273.w40h40.png Crab Surimi (20K)
  • 41277.w40h40.png Kittenfish (20K)
  • 41269.w40h40.png Breaded Fish (20K)
  • 41305.w40h40.png Ediem Carp (20K)
  • 41317.w40h40.png Shiny Sardine (30K)
  • 41400.w40h40.png Pike (30K)
  • 41309.w40h40.png Kralove (30K)
  • 41407.w40h40.png Eel (40K)
  • 41409.w40h40.png Grey Sea Bream (40K)
  • 41313.w40h40.png Perch (40K)
  • 41296.w40h40.png Blue Ray (30K)
  • 41411.w40h40.png Monkfish (120K)
  • 41322.w40h40.png Sickle-Hammerhead Shark (120K)
  • 41290.w40h40.png Lard Bass (30K)
  • 41413.w40h40.png Cod (200K)
  • 41415.w40h40.png Tench (300K)
  • 41417.w40h40.png Swordfish (300K)
  • 41403.w40h40.png Icefish (150K)



  • 38017.w40h40.png Ash Wood (10K)
  • 38086.w40h40.png Chestnut Wood (10K)
  • 38095.w40h40.png Walnut Wood (30K)
  • 38092.w40h40.png Oak Wood (30K)
  • 38482.w40h40.png Bombu Wood (60K)
  • 38153.w40h40.png Maple Wood (40K)
  • 38481.w40h40.png Oliviolet Wood (40K)
  • 38094.w40h40.png Yew Wood (30K)
  • 38673.w40h40.png Bamboo Wood (40K)
  • 38139.w40h40.png Cherry Wood (60K)
  • 38143.w40h40.png Hazel Wood (30K)
  • 38073.w40h40.png Ebony Wood (40K)
  • 38001.w40h40.png Kaliptus Wood (40K)
  • 38138.w40h40.png Hornbeam Wood (150K)
  • 38672.w40h40.png Dark Bamboo Wood (10K)
  • 38140.w40h40.png Elm Wood (1000k)
  • 38671.w40h40.png Holy Bamboo Wood (100k)
  • 38677.w40h40.png Aspen Wood (300K)



  • 39024.w40h40.png Iron (10K)
  • 39108.w40h40.png Copper (10K)
  • 39109.w40h40.png Bronze (10K)
  • 39077.w40h40.png Cobalt (40K)
  • 39397.w40h40.png Manganese (50K)
  • 39111.w40h40.png Silicate (120K)
  • 39078.w40h40.png Tin (500K)
  • 39028.w40h40.png Silver (400K)
  • 39076.w40h40.png Bauxite (40K)
  • 39022.w40h40.png Gold (160K)
  • 39110.w40h40.png Dolomite (K)
  • 39112.w40h40.png Obsidian (1000K)




  1. Leveled 2 Alchemists, 2 Farmers, 2 Lumberjacks and 1 Miner to 200.
  2. Leveled 5 Farmers to 200.
  3. Gathered 200,000 Millets.
  4. Leveled a Fisherman from 145 to 200 and a Lumberjack from 172 to 200.
  5. Leveled a Farmer to 200.
  6. This could be your order.



Message me on Impsvillage (Gravestorm), Discord (Gravestorm#3334), Ankabox (-Gravestorm-), or in-game /w Gravestorm if interested.

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my quick mafs sense tells me that CENSORED THINGS ARE UPON US. ;) ;) ;)

Graveboi is friends with that guy from sesame street now i guess.




this is a temporary unfinished meme to remind me of posting a proper one once i get home and can use stuff like paint.


Booyah, Yama

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