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Planning to join Eratz

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Hi. I used to play with other accounts in Rushu from 2006-2009. I came back in 2013 and have been playing 2.0 since then, but honestly it bores me, I miss the old Dofus.

My question is: is it viable to make a 6-man team in this server? Are things like alloys and planks selling well in the markets? Since there's no kama exchange in 1.29 I'm going to have to work for a while, but first I want to know if things are selling and if there is equipment/resources to buy.

Thank you!

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Hey welcome back ! So far I’ve been playing this server on and off for 2 years and the markets are really active a 6 man team would definitely benefit you selling souls is a good way to make kamas here 

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