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Frav's mount leveling service!

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As the title suggests I will be opening a fast DT, Seemyool and Rhineetle leveling service!


How it works

-You can reach me here or by pming me on my main Fravanlan in game.

-We will discuss how many mounts need to be leveled to what level, and when they need to be ready. 

-After we discussed the details you will hand over the mounts to me or my alt Pacpac (the account that will do the leveling).

-You can hand them over all at once or in chunks.

-I will make a screenshot of the trade screen and the mounts in my inventory to make sure no mounts get lost and that there is no debate about how many mounts were given to me.

-Please make sure the mounts are rideable (max maturity). It doesn't matter if they have any energy or not.

-You will pay once I give you the mounts back. 



-The amount of time it will take depends on how many mounts you've given to me. If I'm concentrating I can level about 1 mount every 30-45 seconds. Worst case scenario they will be done within a day.



-Leveling a mount to level 5: 30kk per mount 

-Leveling a mount to level 100: 500kk. Please note that this has become more tedious in recent updates so the waiting time for this service is longer (altough I can potentially level 4 mounts at the same time)


I know from experience that leveling mounts is the worst and most tedious part about breeding so I'm hoping I can make the lives of breeders a little easier with this service :).


Mounts leveled

to level 5: ~4100

to level 100: 55

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Hey, for whatever reason the destination unknown potion doesn't seem to be working in the current beta version of the game. This could either be a bug or a result of their changes to the professions. If it stays like that I'm afraid I will have to close the service because I won't have the time to process a huge amount of mounts like I can do now. 

I will still be leveling as many mounts as I can before the update, but I just thought I would give everyone a heads-up :)

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Update: the potion still works so the service continues! I will be closing the level 100 branch for now though after the recent idol changes.

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We listened to your complaints and after some hard work and groundbreaking innovations, I'm pleased to announce that the service is now 100% gluten-free! 


Can't eat bread? Use Frav's mount leveling service instead! 

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