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Looking for guild

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Hey all,


So after having played Dofus again for a bit, I have decided I would like to look for, and join a guild. I am looking for the following in a guild:


1) Mature, active and helpful guildmates

2) English Speaking


What I can provide:


1) Long time old school player (2007-2011/2012)

2) Main + 3 Subs (Eca, Sadida, Eni and Enu)

3) Mature & Helpful


It has been awhile since I last played actively (2011/2012). A lot of the game has changed from what I remember, but I have been getting used to the game again the past few weeks. Currently my characters are only level 64-67. I am only looking to add my main (unless the guild has room and does not mind the subs joining as well). I am active the majority of the week in the evenings (EST Time Zone). I am not in the business of leeches or constantly begging for help from everybody all the time. Just looking for a mature active guild for some chats and bouncing ideas off for sets and customization. I also look forward to helping guild mates in whatever they need (when I get to proper level).


If you are interested in me, shoot me a message privately in game (Shishkabaab), send me a private message here on IV, or respond in this topic. Thanks!




[Edit] Had to edit cause of formatting issue.

Edited by Shishkabaab

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17 minutes ago, Shishkabaab said:


You won't find any of that on echo, sorry

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45 minutes ago, ReaperSurm said:

You won't find any of that on echo, sorry


Sounds good. I'll keep that in mind.


However, please stay on topic, or don't post. Thanks.





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