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EN Community, Fraktal vs Ilya

On which mono-server are you playing?  

10 members have voted

  1. 1. On which mono-server are you playing?

    • Fraktal
    • Ilyazaelle
    • Other

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Quick question, does anyone have a rough idea of how active the English speaking community is in the Fraktal and/or Ilya servers? Back after a break, not currently seeing any EN players on Fraktal. Might restart on Ilya if everybody's started on there (as we were going to here on IV originally)



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I play on Dramak, and the english community isn't bad, I would recommend it. However, I have no idea how big the EN community is on the other mono servers.

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There are a few big EN guilds in ilyzaelle :) 

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Correct me if I am wrong but to my knowledge there are 4 English guilds active on Ilyzaelle ( or at least worth a mention). 


Proxima Centauri Lead by Knottz. they aren't a bunch of 20-50s as indicated by the screen but a more dynamic collection of 100-150. Knottz has been in Both Moon-Brigade and Seven before making his own guild. 



Silk Road is the most numerous guild on server ( but how active they are I don't know) with 167 pushing the limit for how many they can have in it. Truthfully I do not know much about them and my only interaction with them have been my quick glances over English community chat. 



Seven from the guild by same name and logo from Echo. Lead by Juse (Formerly known as Insect) Rank 1 Ouginak in all aspects on server. A smaller but highly active guild with Much stronger members than the previous 2 and currently in one of the 2 competing alliances on the server. Active in Koths, pvp and pvm. 



Moon Brigade is one of the most active English guilds out there on mono servers. Strong and notable members such as Gravestorm, Havoc (cuck leader),  Borek, Xdoras ( don't go near this person), Justice (tight cunt) and many more. Overall Strong guild and in the same alliance as Seven. Which give members the advantage of relatively safe percs. 



Ending note: fuck Pereb and his 10k achieves. 


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ilyazaelle will always have the most active EN community purely because it was the first mono server.

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Thanks for the replies, everybody! Guess I made a good decision after all to hop to Ilyazelle.

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