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S> So many Items.

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Selling lots of items for a little cheaper than market. 

Most of them are Overmaged/Exoed Res%, Mp / AP Exos but some are also Non-Maged.

You can contact me in Dofus, my email: shobu77674@gmail.com or reply here if you are interested in anything.


IGN: Psi-Origin, Psi-Bolt, Psi-Wrath.




Bearbaric Band.png2mk


Catseye Bow.png6mk

Cute Koutoulou Pendant.png9mk

Cycloptic Helmet.png25mk

Hungry Pendant.png7.5mk

Inky Veil Summon.png25mk

Jammy Jack Glove AP.png25mk

Jammy Jack Glove.png25mk




Pawl Ouatnos' Amulet OM.png6.5mk

Pawl Ouatnos' Amulet.png5.5mk

Tal Kasha Sandals.png6.5mk

Cryochrone Ring.png2.5mk

Four-Leaf MP.png23mk

Queen of Fate Boots.png5.5mk

Soul-Blaze Sword.png14mk

Treadfast Belt.png8mk

Archon's Bow.png3.5mk

Anerice Mask.png

Cryochrone Helmet.png

Captain Amakna Shield.png


Inky Veil.png

Jammy Jack Glove MP.png

Koutoulou Mask.png

Malitiamen Hat.png



Mishmash Wand.png


Soul-Blaze Wedding Ring.png

Stalak Shield.png


Queen of Fate Cape 2.png

Queen of Fate Cape.png

Queen of Fate Necklace Exo.png

Queen of Fate Necklace.png

Shylock's Ring.png

Edited by Psi
Placed the prices.

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You must include rough prices for all items as per our marketplace guidelines. These are pinned at the top off all market sub forums. 



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