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Returning player - need help!

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Hi all - after being absent for almost a year, so much has changed!


I'm trying to get my team back up and running, but with the new content, updates (and odd way the spells seem to work now) I'm at a loss of what to do or how to form - really hoping peeps can help here :>


I'm only willing to sub 2, maybe 3 accounts each month so need to choose what to take forwards out of;


200 Cra

200 Panda

200 Eni

200 Xelor

199 Hupper



Also, what equips, whats stats! At the moment Ive got a full Int, Cha and Agi set with some oddball items dotting around (another reason for only 2 maybe 3 accounts to sub) - what classes/builds are relevant now for PvP and/or higher end dungs? Or is everything now omni with the spell changes?



Sorry for the vague questions and shamless cry for help -- wanna get back into this but not a clue where to start!


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Cra Air/Feu + Panda Pure Chance


Next Eni...next..cra ^^

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