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Character Transfers.

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I have read the faq's about transferring a character from one server to another and that there is then a month cooldown on it before you can transfer another.

But does this cooldown count for same server transfers? When moving on the same server there's no delay, it's immediate unlike moving to a different server where it only happens on Tuesdays. I'm consolidating accounts so that various complimenting professions are on the same account rather than spread across 4 or 5.

I moved one from one account but it won't let me move the second character to a different account now, will I now have to wait a month to move it to my main account? It doesn't mention it on the website.





Transfer a character to another account

How do character transfers work ?

With character transfers, players can move one character from one account to another.

This service is available in the Shop and costs 15,000 Ogrines. 

The transfer character service is instantaneous.

What will be transferred ?

When transferring a character from one account to another, you will keep:

  • All items in your inventory (including your merchant mode), items linked to the character and account, and equipped items
  • Your achievements
  • Your kamas
  • All your mounts
  • Your guild and alliance

The following will remain on the original account:

  • Your home
  • Your Haven Bag
  • Your marketplace items

What are the conditions and restrictions?

Several conditions and restrictions apply to transfers. Please see below for more information.

  • If transferring to an existing account: the 2 accounts will each have to be more than 4 months old and have the same family name
  • Only characters who are level 20 or higher - or level 20 or higher in a profession - can be transferred.
  • A player can only transfer a character to a server within their own community.
  • You must be able to authenticate yourself on the two accounts (with the Authenticator or the Shield if they are active)


How can I cancel a transfer ?

The transfer service is instantaneous and cannot be canceled after purchase.


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Are you trying to move the second character to a new account or an existing account? 

    Kikn | Blank ⚪

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Existing account that's over 10 years old.


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