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Wisdom Sets for noobs

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Hi there,


Just curious at what level intervals I should look to update the wis gear (and which items I should use)  my noob characters are using rn in prespic with a few wis fillers fully scrolled with cawwot dofus.





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Keep that til 200, it doesn't matter. Invest in 508/517/521 idols instead of wasting kamas on worthless pets & gear. You'll gain 260k more experience from a 15m base fight at best being geared out.

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Agreed, Wisdom's not the end-all of EXP gain these days as it appears as though Ankama have done some tweaking to the EXP formula to average things out to prevent leeching via full Wisd sets.


When both my Iop & Cra were 199, despite the Iop having 800+ Wisdom, the Cra gained marginally more EXP with only 400'ish Wisdom. I can only attribute this to the Cra being slightly more ahead in terms of % to 200 (Or Ankama's hard-on for Cra's resulting in them having given the class a stealth-buff to their EXP gain).

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