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Returning player looking for advice!

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Hey, I plan on returning to dofus after being on and off for 10 years or so. 
I've got a conflict of interest in either playing on the Echo server or one of the new mono servers.

I've put so much time into characters from multiple accounts and have items that are unavailable now on the Echo server and it would be a shame to let it go to waste but I also love the look of playing on one of the new mono servers where I can finally really play the game as its meant to be, with others and I like the idea of having a fresh start. 


What mono servers have the largest player base and the largest english speaking community?

also, what are the reasons you have chosen to play on the server of your choice to maybe help me make a choice.



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I have a lot more friends that play Echo rather than the mono server, I played mono-server but quit earlier on because of how bullshit the recipes were for lower level items (lvl 30 item requiring a 170 mat to craft? wtf) but by the time they edited the recipes I was already done trying to grind it out.

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If your really unable to find good people to fight stuff with on Echo, then sure give a mono account server a try. I havent tried one yet, I had restarted on Rushu a few years ago for fun, leaving my 200s on Rosal and that was a horrid experience because of all the crazy recipes. I can't see a single account server actually being much better than Echo. Sometimes having a friend that runs 2-6 accounts is a good thing. As compared to 3-7 individual people that are running a dungeon with you. the way I see it, it increases the chances that one of them are going to be going AFK randomly, be lagging, are not know whats going on or just be plain ignorant about the mechanics of the dungeon/mob itself.


I run a team of 6 and quite often I drop 1-5 of my characters to make room for guildies and friends that need to farm something and want some help or just someone to fight stuff with. 

Starting out on a single account sounds like you'll be spending more time looking for people to run a dungeon since you need to find several individual people as opposed to finding one or two that just happen to have an alt each.

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