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Quest Help: Food, Folks and Fungus

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I'm trying to track down people that are doing the quest Food, Folks and Fungus. The quest fight against the Rickmortar Mushroom Avatar is a pain in the ass, and the more people that have the Firey Tongue Sword acquired during the quest, the easier the fight gets.


I've found two other people trying to complete the quest, if a few more feel like helping out that would be wonderful. I don't know if you keep the sword after the quest, but if people that have already done the quest and can still help, that would also be great. PM me in-game (Jesternaut) or the two other people I've found that are also trying to finish the quest (Anjulica and --Vu--), or just leave a message here if you'd like to help.

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Talk about fortune, I've just googled up the quest name to see if there's an English variant of the fight explained, and guess whose topic popped up? =)

I'm momentarily at the fight part itself, and boy isn't it dreadful?

Anyways, asked a friend who did that questline already, and unfortunately, when you complete the fight - you lose the sword, which is a shame really. Would love to mimi that one.


PM me in-game (Lucyanna) for the fourth member of the team =)

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Oh hey! It turns out I beat the quest a few days ago and forgot to update this thread.


As it turns out, you only really need two people at most with the sword, and just fill the rest of the group up to 8. As long as the other characters can manipulate someone with the sword next to Rickmortar each turn, it's pretty easy to kill it. If you'd like help killing it just hit me up in-game.

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That's a bit odd.

You posted the thread one hour before I replied to you.


Thanks, nonetheless, I'll find my own group.

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