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  1. 1. If Kralove wore pants would he wear them

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Enjoy your milk, Santa

...I'm trying my best  but cant put my pinenuts away for some reason. <3

Enjoy your milk santa.JPG

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I may be a shield, But I'm used like a sword !

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Last warning that to be eligible for event two, your posts must be made by 23:59 DST today. 


You have two chances to enter, you can submit an entry for competition one and also write a second post containing the word pinenuts. 


The two eligible posts with the highest number and lowest number of likes by Christmas Eve will win 5mk each.


Merry Kwismas



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    Kikn | Blank ⚪

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Enjoy your unicorn milk, Santa!




Disclaimer: no unicorns were harmed in the making of this pic (female unicorn was milked, no males were castrated - note the lack of pinenuts lying around)


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People know Christmas is nearer

Isn't it fun

Near the big tree

Enoy the holiday

Noël is coming

Up and down the street

These songs we know so well

Santa's getting near.


PS: I read the small print


PPS: I don't care if it's late, I just want to share this big poetry with you

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Fight first, ask questions later.

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The results are now in! Thank you all for participating and congratulations to the following:


First Prize: @KillerSpirituel 15mk, Atanip Hat + Cape

Second Prize: @Capslok 5mk, Geisha Set

Third Prize: @Barley Maid 3mk, Adora Set


Bonus Prize: @xjoost 2mk, Adora and Geisha sets


Highest number of likes: @bobeur & @Up Dharma Down (10 each)

Lowest number of likes: @Sommanker & @Tezar (1 each)

(you will each receive 2.5mk)


To ensure prizes are allocated to the correct characters, please PM me on Imps Village with both your IGN and the account nickname so I can verify it is you. 


I hope you all have a very merry Christmas or Festive Season! <3

I have included a video of the draw below. 



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    Kikn | Blank ⚪

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bob more liеk nob

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)








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