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Huppermage variant spells

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Here are my notes on the Huppermage spell variants so far:


Direct Damage Spells

Huppermage originally had 3 spells in each element:

  1.  single target 3AP
  2.  single target 4AP with additional effect
  3.  AOE 3AP with HP steal, 1 use every other turn

Their variants follow a similar system:

  1. single target 5AP, higher damage
  2. single target 4AP with additional effect
  3. single target 2AP with HP steal, 1 use per turn

These spells still apply states, generate runes, and trigger elemental combo effects like the originals.

The new additional effects on the category 2 variants are earth: -critical (+critical on ally), air: retreat, water: advance, fire: swap position.

Air, earth, and fire builds have more long range options than before, although many of them are linear only. Water builds still have only short range spells.

Air spells have earth variants and vice versa. Water spells have fire variants and vice versa. So you can now have up to 6 spells in one or two elements, at the cost of having fewer spells in other element(s).


State Based Spells

  • Courant Quadramental (Quadramental Current?): variant of Polarity. 2AP, 6 range, one use per turn. Similar element-dependent effect as Polarity, but the earth pushback effect is only 1 cell and on entities adjacent to the target instead of the target itself, water attraction effect is also only 1 cell on entities within 1 cell of the target instead of the the target itself, and air symmetrical teleportation is for entities within 2 cells of the target instead of the caster. A fire target swaps with its closest entity (similar to Koutoulou effect).
  • Morph: variant of Elemental Drain. 4AP, 4 range, 1 use per target. Deals about 40, 46 crit damage on target in the same element. This spell buffs itself depending on the element of the target: strength increases its use per target limit by one, air increases its range by 1, water lowers its AP cost by 1, and fire increases its base damage by 20. Each effects last two turns and can stack twice. Unlike Elemental Drain it doesn't consume the state or steal stats.
  • Cycle Élémentair (Elemental Cycle?): variant of Contribution. 1AP, 8 range, 2 uses per target. Changes elemental state of the target, earth -> water -> fire -> air -> earth.
  • Boucle Élémentair (Elemental Loop?): variant of Imprint. 2AP, 3 range, 2 uses per target. Deals low damage on the target based on elemental state, and then changes its state like Cycle Élémentair.


Rune Based Spells

  • Manifestation: variant of Runification. Triggers the targeted rune (like Runification but just for one rune) up to 5 range away. If the cell is empty, creates 3HP summon and at the same time applies the same effect as Courant Quadramental (Quadramental Current?). The summon dies at the start of next turn and applies elemental state to nearby enemies.
  • Piègé Élémentair (Elemental Trap?): variant of Propagation. 3AP, 6 range modifiable. Creates a trap on top of the target rune which when triggered, applies a single target version of Propagation's rune target effect (earth -1 ub, air unable to lock, water gravity, fire half received healing).
  • Surcharge Runique (Runic Surcharge?): variant of Runic Healing. 3AP, 5 range, 2 uses per turn. Consumes all your runes and deal their damage on the target.
  • Répulsion Runique (Runique Repulsion?): variant of Journey. 1AP, 2 uses per turn. Consumes all your runes. Targets next to you are pushed back 2 cells per rune consumed.


Other Spells

  • Gardien Élémentair (Elemental Guardian?): variant of Elemental Shield. Summon with 4MP and deals damage to a linear target, in the same element as the target's state, or neutral if it has none. The summon gains 250% power whenever the huppermage performs a unique elemental combination. This buff is infinite, so it can stack up to 1000% power.
Edited by Happida
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it seems to me that u missed out on three things:

Courant Quadramental doenst change ur position with a fire target. It changes the position of the fire target with the nearest other unit (similar to the mechanik in the last room of kuthulu)

morph doesnt just increase its range on use. That is for the air state. If the target is in the earth state u get to increase the number of uses per target per turn by 1, fire increases the base dmg by 20 and water reduces tha ap cost by 1

And the gardien elementair has 4 mp so him not moving is maybe a bug. His 250 power buff stacks up to six times and last forever (1stack for every unique elemental combo u create). Also if the target is in an elemental state the neutral damage will instead be damage of that element.

Edited by Grosser Bulubu
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Thanks! I remember fire Courant Quadramental working that way when I tested it, but maybe it was only Manifestation. The other two spells seem much more interesting with your information.

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Update to the Gardien Elementair: It now does move (it uses the mp it always had) but his attack spell has gone from "2 times per turn" to "2Times per turn but only 1 time per target"

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It's pretty outdated.

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