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Huppermage mono-account server, goals, gear? Mhm?

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Hey there!


Recently made a full agi Huppermage in one of the mono-account servers and having a blast!

I'm about to ding level 100 and am wondering where my goals should be with this class.


The dofusplanner given below is of the gear I currently own / wear. Keep in mind everything is overmaged so the vitality the planner says I have is incorrect. I almost got ( 1700 HP )



Now, what should I go for next gear-wise? 

What are my goals in group play, PvP wise and PvM wise?


All I atm do is trying to do as much damage as possible and I end up taking 'alot' of HP. 


Would love some advice / insight / suggestions!


Thanks in advance!






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