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A forced break I guess.

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My computer is doing some weird things, so I've been forced to log in by having an e-mail sent to me each time and copy/pasting the security code they send me. Need to feed my pets after all. And yesterday the game said the restricted mode would be lifted after I restart the game. Guess what - it also asked for another security code. Fine, got that one sent and copied and pasted. AND it told me to relog again. And asked me for another code. The shield is not working properly.

Fuck this.


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It sounds as if you've set the shield to the highest level of security. Try going to the Dofus site and accessing your account management in the top right. Here you can delete your computer from the Ankama Shield 'trusted list'. (Do not deactivate the shield entirely, just remove computers from the whitelist).  


After doing this, restart Dofus and login again. You should be promoted to add your computer. When doing this select medium security and enter the code sent to you. 


If you continue to have issues having done this I'd recommend you contact Ankama support. 

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That sucks, i hope it works out for you. I've never used the shield and have only ever been hacked once and that was before the shield even existed. I refuse to use it after seeing everyone else have problems with it. It's not like Ankama present enough problems with this addicting game as it is.

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I had the same problem as OP removed but the fix suggested does work.


Just curious however what exactly is the difference between the 3 secuirty types exactly?

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It's based on the degree to which your computer has to match the original certificate that was created when it was added. Low security simply creates a certificate and theoretically a would-be hacker could copy this to their own machine and log your account. Medium security means the hardware configuration of the computer has to match the certificate but allows any network configuration. High security requires everything to match including network settings.


I don't think they've actually discussed specifically what is logged and checked to help prevent circumvention but I'm sure someone more tech savvy could figure this out.

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