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hawantika (Invalid)


Heaven-Sent was scammed out of 12 years of items (1 bk worth, including 155 mk kamas) by hawantika (Invalid), who stripped her account after hacking her shield in order to use an IP address she did not authorize via her email.


After looking at the unauthorized IP that went through Heaven's shield, Ankama's response was: “your email must have been compromised” - saying that they aren't responsible if Invalid hacked her email.


Within a few hours, this was discovered on Invalid's char page (on left) – compare the stats to Heaven-Sent's items on the right. These are two of many, many screenshots – I personally received 46 full screenshots from Heaven-Sent detailing the items (and she has many more screenshots, including of IP's, etc., and other proof that can't be posted here).





heaven - comparing items1.png


heaven - comparing items2.png


After denying that he had any of her items (note that the belt has Heaven's signature on it), Heaven-Sent sent Invalid the above screenshots. As soon as Heaven-Sent sent him the proof, Invalid hid his char page on dofus.com, and blocked her on dofus and on Facebook.


Heaven-Sent is willing to have this post removed from the Scammers' Registry if it was all a “mistake” and Invalid returns her items and kamas to her.

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nice windows copy


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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)








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28 minutes ago, Rayish said:

Is it just me or you didn't explain really good how he scammed your friend. Tried reading it few times but it's a bit unclear. 

Textbook example of hacking someone's account.

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Given my personal experience and from actually being hacked from what I have seen support don't really care, I was hacked at the time of that intrusion and I was told b/c my items are now in the economy I can't have them back I think they gave me 1 week of p2p or 3 days or something but that was it. Ended up quitting at that point until I friend helped me regear provided everything I was asked to provide ID. screens from beta server with stats of all my stuff and no luck.


Then if it was account sharing related support will most likely check the logs and go from there but help would be unlikely given my previous statement.


I know some people have had luck getting things back but this is my personal experience (the top part) never given out details to my account since I figured if I had stuff taken due to account sharing I wouldn't get help I hope the problem gets resolved soon for yoursake.

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Hacked as of 06/09/2011 once again Ankama's security has failed again, Give me my items back you jerks...or market value for the stuff stolen since duplicating my items will "ruin" the Dofus Economy apparently...(If you can lock subscription items to an account you can do the same with my items...)

Regeared again Ankama's service to their customers is still shocking they will use every excuse in the book to not help a customer out - I will change this once Ankama actually do something positive to help me out rather then give me copy paste replies to my tickets and lame excuses to not assist me, until then this will remain, over a year and counting... go go shit service

[00:14] from Asutra : 45 minutes...45..fucking..minutes..to kill a 103, 86 and 84 >_> fuck teaming up with french people. fuck it, fuck it, fuck it

[00:17] to Asutra : LOLOLOLOL

[00:18] from Asutra : i fucking hate stupid people. Never again.

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I think Ankama is screwed up in more than one way.

I was told the person and his alts who hacked me was banned for life . I was told in writing and I was told on the phone. I guess it's time I take it further . I tried to give him a chance and Ankama is just incompetent . I would hope when a company says something it would have stuck by it. 

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