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Trick or Treat! (Costume Contest & Scavenger Hunt)

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Bootiful's entry! 
[09:37] to Bootiful: caption?
[09:38] from Bootiful: Anal sex
[09:38] to Bootiful: lol no but rly
[09:38] to Bootiful: wait rly?
[09:38] from Bootiful: yes


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Ew's entry!
"Vote for me or i'll pan you like amber"


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Decided to go visit our home town (Tainela-Cradle) with my wife GobbetteGobbally_sp00ked (2).png


But then she got mad at me because she was hungry, and decided to ignore me in the tree T-TMad_At_Bae (2).png


Went to take a beauty nap in the shed, have to look good for the costume contest ;) Sleepy_time (2).png


But when i woke up, my wife ate the tofu on the crate. Can it get any spookier than this??

Tofu_Nooooo (2).png


It can.



Edited by Gobbally
i forgot a word, gobball brain
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Two hours left to get your entries in! We'll be starting the hunt around 21:00 Dofus time. Remember to wear your costumes and turn on /c for the clues (: Costumes do not have to be expensive! Message me if you can't afford one and I'll grab you something

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Morcha's entry!
"Welcome to the Fedora Family hangout!"


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Thank you so much for participating y'all! I enjoyed getting to meet a lot of you and getting to see so many returning faces (': Fun way to spent the pre-Halloween weekend. Thank you so much again to Rhakuna and Izmar for helping to put on this event, the imps mods and Nerodos for helping with promotion, and to our event donors for keeping the hunt going even longer! I am in the process of screenshotting winners and donations - this will be posted on the second post on page one soon.

Also;; If you tuned into the stream, you probably noticed people trading me a shitton of hats, capes, shields, and random resources for some reason????????? LOL I wish I could've thanked you all when it was happening but my chat was really busy! Thank you so much for the random gifts, I've thrown them all into my haven bag and will be giving them out during the next event! <3


Congratulations to the winners of the costume contest! Voted on by twitch viewers + mods
Fan Favorite - Donald-Trump (posted by phakboi)
Cutest - Send-Nudes (posted by Mapleminou)
Scariest - white cat 22
Funniest - Midnight-Madness
Most Unique - Bootiful (posted by Animuffin)

If you haven't claimed your 2mk prize already, please contact me in game!

Costume contest participants, please don't forget to participate in the Al Howin Costume Contest hosted by the mods here!
You can also participate in the Jackpot the Ripper scratchcard event here twice a day!
You can watch a rebroadcast of the event here!

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