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[Nevark] Core a veterans guild on Nevark new players also welcome!

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Hi my name is Leer guild leader of Core on Nevark.

I'm a veteran Dofus player my career spans over 10 years and I have many other veteran players with me in Core to. We have played over many servers mostly Shika, Solar and Zato with over 100 years of Dofus experience between us. If you are a veteran players and remember names like Time-Ruler/Tiime/Timey, Deadly-Thorn/Deadly-Ice/Deadleh/Dead-Core, Szi, Tagor/Princessa or Dharzi/Lerajie then come and catch up with us again! Or if you are just an English speaking player looking for a guild on Nevark please feel free to message one of us in game [Leeria/Szi/Mike/Tagor/Lerajie].

Thank you for taking the time to read my post smile

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