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Dofus 2.44 Changelog

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Single Account Server

The beta server is available in single account mode. You can find more information about this game mode here.


F2P Accounts

F2P accounts now have a guaranteed number of slots in game servers.
    F2P accounts now have a separate queue when the number of reserved slots is reached.


    The progress of the sidekick characteristics is modified. Sidekicks are now less powerful at low level and a little more powerful at very high level. We have made these changes because sidekicks tend to be more powerful than classic low and medium level characters and many players totally abandon their main character in battle to concentrate solely on their sidekick whose power evolves without requiring any investment. The sidekicks are supposed to be less powerful than the classic characters, they are supposed to provide additional help but do not have to become the main characters of the fight.



    In the server list interface, the question mark to read the rules for each type of server is repositioned.
When creating characters, the list of server types is expanded.
In the characteristic interface, a new button is added to allow quick access to the characteristic reset.
In the server selection interface, the server type rows are enhanced.



    The systems for storing and saving mount certificates are optimized, in particular to improve the speed of backups.



    In some cases, characters could be teleported in front of a house that was not theirs when they logged in (after disconnecting in their own house). This problem is corrected.
Deleting a guild with a Paddock no longer generates an additional instance of the Paddock.
The names of the characters transformed into monsters are correctly displayed in the spectators interface.
The guild banner attitude is correctly disabled for characters who leave their guild during a King of the Hill (KOTH) phase.
The management of the "spam" of emoticons is modified, the game no longer displays a message when too many emoticons are launched. It is no longer possible to display a new emoticon as long as the previous one is still displayed.
It is no longer possible to place an Alliance Prism on a map that includes a Paddock.
for sale belonging to guilds that are deleted are correctly removed from the real estate agency interface.
The preview of the Lock attempts appears correctly against the Ilyzaelle monster in the "Defending of Kings" state.

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