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Help with PvE rogue

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Personally I prefer agi between those 2,. For most PvM fights I barely use bombs, because the fights end by T2 or T3 and it's not worth to charge them. Due to the range difference in agi/cha, agi is a much more viable build for my playstyle. Even in kolo most people will keep hiding in shitty corners and hit you from range, and stay as far away as possible.

It's nice to be able to just carbine back at them if there aren't any good moves to make with bombs. On the other hand, cha allows you to buff mp instead of ap to get you closer faster, but again it's a matter of preference/playstyle.


Also, the free dodge/lock is really nice.

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from what i've seen rogues can do good with many different builds, it's ok to be any mono build, it's ok to be any combination of duo element, each of those builds can perform very good, just in different ways (however not wise to be trielement cuz too low bomb dmg)


the trick is to utilise the +% combo dmg from bombs themselves


u can also be full vit for more vit on bombs depending on situation, or in pvm with other dmg dealers just be support and spam kaboom yolo buffs :^)

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