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Is my Vulbis Drop rate bugged?

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What's the drop rate for the Vulbis Dofus when using Idols?
0.001% Base
0.002% with my prospecting

0.379% with 508 Idols

If I use the equation from the dofus wiki

Pt = 1-((1-(PP1*D))*(1-(PP2*D))...*(1-(PPG*D)))

And plug in my numbers for my group of 4 players

Pt = 1-((1-(1.5*.379))^4) = ~0.965%
(average of 150 pp)

Is that right? Without challenges we'd drop one about every 100 fights, with them I'd say one every 75, or maybe even 50 depending on the challenges. Are the Dofus drop rates wack or is this accurate? Even without a group, a rate of 0.379% is still pretty damn good(1/300 fights, or something like that)..is dofus giving me inaccurate rates or are these real?

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Multiply acquisition without idols with idol loot bonus (around 420%)

Base with 508 and no PP becomes ~0.004%

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Yes, it's a bug that came in 2.42 or 2.41: when you equip idols the droprates displayed in bestiary are extremely higher than the real ones.

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