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Suggestion on team for Catseye fight

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Hi! I was told to come here from a friend  but I have no idea how Cateyes done and I am learning little by little on how to do this dungeon. 

The team I have is:


1. Sadida 200 Str/int/cha 

2. Panda 200 str/int/cha

3. Feca 200 int/cha/agi

4. Cra 200 Omni 

5. Ecaflip 199 int/cha/agi (formerly eni

6. Osa 200 Int/agi 

7. Ouginak 187 Wis/cha/agi (Currently just a leech atm.) 


I seen this done mostly in trios like with enu/iop/eni/cra/elio/rogue and I know a few people who play these classes, but I want to try with my team with 4 or 5 loot. Is it even possible to get through this with a team of 4 of my chars or am I needing to change my whole strategy around? 

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I've done the fight a couple of ways.


First: enu with 190ish mp red + cra can basically carry the fight (enu keeps catseye at 0mp in the far right side on the 6 die two from the corner)


Second: fight with 2 cras and 1 sacrier (cras atone and sacrier keeps catseye locked in corner using punishment for gravity states (along with cras))


My recommendation: Based on your setup, feca and cra would be a must. I'm not sure with gravity glyphs cooldown is, but if it is 3 and lasts for 2 turns, you can keep catseye in corner for those two turns, then atone on the turn glyph is not activated, making it so he will not be able to swap your allies or other monsters, so he'll just stay in the corner hitting feca (which will stay healed due to glyphs).


If gravity glyph is a 4 turn cd, you may need to summon gobbals (when mobs are close to catseye and he will swap) to run up and gravity catseye if you do not have atone or gravity glyph on your turn. It would be best to invuln your gobbal too (you won't need it before the gobbal cd expires anyway). Let me know if you need some more info! I think cra, feca, osa, + 1 to 2 more might be a solid team!



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so would mp raping sadida and cra with feca, osa and panda work well? the gobballs help alot in it XD

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