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[Grandapan] Tech Professions

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Hello, everyone!


Recently started playing Dofus Touch on the Grandapan server and my first goal is maxing all professions! I just wanted to update my profession progress over the past two weeks and offer my services to the wonderful world of Touch!


Current professions:

100 Farmer

100 Baker

100 Alchemist

100 Lumberjack


Currenty leveling:



I will update this thread as I go and, as a friendly reminder, I'm offering crafting services free of charge! 


You can reach me in game @ Sylvan or Playful.




- Tech

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I've actually seen you! I too play dofus touch on grandpan just for professions! Stay away from the cereal bread market :P


You can actually make a lot of kamas by becoming a magus. Very few maguses are available on the server for any profession. It's even difficult to find a jewelmagus. I recommend going that route.

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Once upon a time I used to mage.


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Haha cereal breads are my source of income at the moment. I've noticed there's not much of a flex in the prices ( not sure if people just don't do it or what), but I normally put at least 1k in per day for the same price of what's already in there. Don't believe in undercutting when I know they'll sell regardless. And the maguses will come once I've gotten the crafting professions done. 

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Update:  Closing in on 70 Miner. This one is going significantly slower due to the amount of bots in the mines. I am free for crafts if anyone wants to assist with exp haha :)

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