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Count Razof's Camp Guide

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Hello everyone, before I wanted to try Count Razof's Camp I looked around the internet, wikipedia, youtube for a guide for this dungeon but they were either very shallow or in French, so after beating the dungeon I wanted to write a quick and useful guide for this dungeon.




  • Buckshot: Summons a puppy which will apply -100 mp if it reaches you, the puppy has around 1k health so it is best to kill the Buckshot without killing the puppy.
  • Crambo: Two notable things about this monster; it summons a lantern with 2.4k which buffs 200% power and 4 range to allies around it, and has a spell called First Blood which hits really hard (1k twice) but I think it only does that if Crambo has the highest initiative in the team and starts first, if there is another Crambo it doesn't cast that... only the first one. (not sure).
  • Draftwit: Has a really long range spell which deals 300-400, removes 2-3 ap and summons a 1200 hp bottle on cast. When killed (or 1 turn later) the bottle explodes and deals 300-400 more dmg. I seriously hate this monster, kill this one first.
  • Hunderp: (only in dungeon) Very melee monster, if far away will try to attract you 2 cells and pass. If close will deal 200-400 dmg in aoe.
  • Nemroz: I suppose it puts traps, also creates a green glyph around you. I have no idea what the glyph really does, it didn't cause me a huge problem. (not really a priority)



Lots of people say bring an osa or you will leave the match after 35 turns... but its really doable (I didn't use any summoning classes).


  • You have a pink pet summoned to you in the beginning of the fight, if the boss reaches melee range, it will hunt it down and it will give you bad penalties like -2 ap, -20% res. I just pushed the boss away every single turn, not a very bid deal (also useful if you want the Freedom achievement).
  • Boss has around 120-140% res for each element, and an element is reduced by 10% if boss kills a summon (I thought the boss had a special spell for "eating" the summons but its just any form of killing really, so avoid using tanky pets like Pandawasta, or lower its health yourself). The element which will be reduced, is the element the boss is last got hit with (IMPORTANT: most probably the last hitter will be one of your summons, that also changes the element. A chafer will hit str for example)
  • The res reduction stays for 5 turns, so I swarmed the boss with chafers/arachnees etc. for 2-3 turns in a row, and got it's str res to 20%. While my strength characters were damaging the boss, others kept on summoning stuff so that as the reduced resistances fade, new ones are applied.
  • Could be useful to lock the boss with an agi char, easier to gather the summons around and also keep your pink summon safe.
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Or use vertigo/silence trap to rekt boss and not care about the tryhard summon mechanism ^__^

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51 minutes ago, bobeur said:

Or use vertigo/silence trap to rekt boss and not care about the tryhard summon mechanism ^__^

How does that work? When he has over 100% resistance how can you damage him?

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Vertigo and Silence Trap don't take resistance into account and hit a fixed amount of damage per AP/MP based on your stats right through the resistances.

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