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so I downloaded dofus, and felt like I should play again...

however, I don't have as much time as I used to...

probly 1 hour max daily...

do you think it's worth to subs and play again?

like is it possible to drop mats for equips, make enough kamas for ogrines and subs this way, doing dung, etc?


coz last time I remember playing this game to get anywhere needs lots of dedication (4-8 hours daily) :(


please shed some light

thanks :)

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I remember your osa well (asuming you are that raembo). Such a good player 😊! I can't answer you as Im stuck at 1.29 server and know little about the latest updates. Cool to see you however!

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If you're lower level you can do a bit in an hour a day, but don't expect to make progress fast and it will be difficult for you to sub with ogrines I'd think. 

Although, of course, weekends are a blessing.

I'd say try it for a month and see if you're happy with it or not.

Edited by Sommanker

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That's about how much I spend on most weekenights then just play on the weekends it's easier to do monthly sub and do kolo for some money :D

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Welcome back! :)

There are many ways to do kamas for sure - even in one hour per day.


Here you go with examples:

Professions - magging gear for people or doing it with your and selling it for better price, harvesting and many other things. 

Kolossium - you can do like 1-2 kolossium fights per day in this hour and it will give u for sure enough kamas for P2P, but if only you win.

Dopples - it takes around 20 minutes, but I'm not sure at all. Just sell small scrolls (before that you should check what kind of scrolls are the most expensive). You gonna have some free time for other things.

Dungeons - ankama made dungeons easier and you can get your equip really fast and easy. You don't even need good items to deal with most of them, just alts or couple of friends.

Normal quests - there are many of them where you get nice reward like egg, resources or kamas.

Daily quests - for example sufokia one, it takes like 20-30 minutes to drop things and you are able to make around 150-200kk ea day per character.

Drops - with team you can find something that is worth doing and selling resources from. It takes only few minutes to kill monsters nowadays.


Probably you will find more ideas to make kamas, there are only examples.



Edited by Machiavelli

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eww why would you come back?

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I haven't played PC Dofus in a few years, lots has changed. I played Dofus Touch for a while when it first came out and really enjoyed it. The game will seem a lot more familiar to you, as there has been many many changes over the years. Its worth a try, and with only 1 hour of play a day and as a solo player you might enjoy Touch more.


Of course thats if you don't mind playing on phone/tablet, and you can play it via a computer with an emulator.

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