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Returning Player/New to DOFUS Touch

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Hello everyone!


First off, I'd like to point out the incredible rush of nostalgia that I'm feeling coming back to the game and browsing through these forums again.


I was browsing through the App Store today when I came across DOFUS Touch! My current employment has hours and hours of downtime each day so I've decided to give it a download!


Having done a very minuscule amount of research, it seems that most play this version of the game as a "solo-accounter", provided they're only using one device and not using an emulator. I was curious, with the current status of the mobile version, what class/build do you all think would be fun to play through the game with? I've only had extensive playtime as an Iop so, without counting them out, I'm slightly leaning towards a new class. I'm really only interested in PvM content until I get much closer to end game, at which point I'll participate in Alliance/Guild PvP, etc...


I'm leaning towards Chance Enu (utmost respect for people that play these through end game), but I'm curious to hear what you all have to say!


These forums have provided me with endless help in my years of coming up through the ranks on the PC version so I thought I'd reach out again before I start my mobile journey!


Lastly, if anyone else is on the mobile version of the game and wants to group for some dungeons or what have you then let me know. I'd be thrilled to find an English speaking guild as well!


It goes without being said, but thank you all in advance for your responses and I can't wait to join you all on DOFUS Touch!


- Tech

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Edit: I ended up going with an Iop as I'm comfortable starting from scratch with that class.


I've joined the Grandapan server and my in-game name is "Intel". 


Feel free to drop me a PM or post your in-game names here! I'll be on very frequently. Cheers!


- Tech

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