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*** 3 Character Team - help! ***

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Hi guys, 

I have slowly become more and more solo as alot of people have and I am just looking for a bit of advice regarding a good team, 

I currently have 3 accounts with various characters; 
1. 200 str iop (main) 
2. 190 int osa / 185 int eni / 185 cha enu / 184 str sadi 
3. 131 int/cha cra (in training) 

Im just looking for some advice as to which team i should run with and if i should have a different character in any of my accounts, 
basically I solo alot, i enjoy completing achievements and running dungeons but I also need to make some kamas to keep my team subbed, 
any advice is much appreciated, thanks in advance! 

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If you're a fan of dungeons, I'd run your Iop, Eni and then either an Elio/Panda/Enu (can put all 3 on your third account depending on what you need) Also your Osa will be great to have around for those pesky Clean Hands dungeon challenges.

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You might go for Osa/Cra/Enu/Iop or Sram. Frigost III is easy, dimension dungeons with Osa/Cra/Enu trio are doable and with Iop/Sram there is a chance to push enemies far away and deal a lot of damage. I think you can handle heals with Osa, but it would be best to have Eniripsa on the same account. Panda might be not a neccesery  when you have that many map manipulators. Just remember to learn tactic before you start the dungeon. They did nerfs, so everything seems easy to do when you get used to dungeon.

" Life is about makin' mistakes.
It's also about tryna be great."

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Make a Sadi and them go Sram/Sadi/Eni 

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cra/enu/anything is stable trio team



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