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Official Changelog.


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This is a community translated changelog from here, if you notice any mistakes, feel free to point them out.



The region of Sidimote is redone and enriched with new contents (monsters, panoplies, dungeons etc.).
Two new dungeons are available: the "Manor of the Katrepat" (level 200) in the area of the "Deacons" and the "Magik Riktus" (level 90) in the area of the "Route des Roulottes ".
New quests are available, they are distributed in different areas of the region, and are associated with new Successes.
The Amakna militia now offers 4 new Bounty Monsters.


Class spells that remove MP now have a maximum cumulative limit. It will therefore no longer be possible to exceed their limit per turn by having several same classes in the same fight. This change only affects fights that include multiple same classes on the same team.
of player characters now have a maximum of 15 seconds to complete their turns. We have reduced this duration to speed up the fighting when players control the summons themselves. We believe that controllable summons have a range of spells and possibilities that are sufficiently limited to be exploited during shorter turns of play.
The button to pass his turn is grayed out of his turn.
In battle preparation phase, the / players and / list commands to list combatants and /kick name to eject a character from the combat function correctly.
In combat against the Moon in creature mode, the Water Totem appears correctly in the form of an invocation.
The damage preview no longer displays critical hits for a weapon that can not cause it.
Damage preview works correctly on a target under the effect of the Elemental Shield spell of the Huppermage.
The damage preview works correctly when the spell causes a Telefrag.
Damage preview works correctly when damage reduction or resistance bonus reaches 100%.
The damage preview correctly takes into account the state of gravity when there is pushback damage.
The damage preview correctly takes into account the spell effects for which the target is pushing or attracting the caster.
Damage preview works correctly on the first turn of the Sacrificing Blood Punishment.
In the quest tracking interface, the option to display all of a quest's cue points works correctly


In some cases, players who used a port other than the default port might encounter difficulties connecting to the ISK servers; Now if the ISKcan not be connected to a specific port, the client will try to connect successively to the list of available ports.
The priorities used for Matchmaking are changed, the characters coming from the same server are now more likely to find themselves on the same team.
Incarnations are no longer usable in ISK. We were initially in favor of using them in ISK to diversify the fighting, but they are the source of too many problems currently (they are used to hide the class until the last moment, they cause abrupt changes in capacities Of a character whose rating no longer necessarily reflects the real effectiveness, etc.).


Tofu Spectral: The spell now has a number of throws per target set at 2 and a number of throws per turn set at 3.
Spectral Motivation: The AP cost of the spell is increased: 3, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2 -> 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3.
We have modified this Incarnation because it has the capacity to cause far-reaching damage without the need to endanger oneself.




The Sidekicks are now saved in the Rapid Equipment System.
The Sidekicks are now killed in battle if their owner dies in battle. We made this change because the Sidekicks are not supposed to win battles instead of their master, they are supposed to provide additional help as secondary characters but do not have to become main characters. Sidekicks do not require investment in equipment and automatically progress through their master's level. We consider that the class characters must remain the main characters and must invest in equipment to be viable in combat.
Conditions based on Achievement Points are correctly displayed on the signs of Sidekicks who use this type of condition to be equipped.
In the object cards, the ethereal signs of the companions correctly display their remaining number of uses.


We have applied several modifications to this class to improve its ability to keep opponents at a distance through push spells, but also by adding a new spell that applies Erosion.

AP cost changed: 4 => 3
Base damage reduced by about 10%
No longer causes damage to allies.

In order to unlock a new spell, we have merged Lashing Arrow and Poison Arrow: now they are one spell causing Neutral Damage over time and removing MP.

Lashing Arrow is renamed Poison Arrow:
        Max Global Ac
cumulation: 1
Damage is Neutral, applies at the start of the turn and lasts 2 turns.
        Steals 3 MP from the target.

The new spell (which is called the Stinging Arrow) offers two new possibilities for the Cra: from pushback to low AP cost, and Erosion.

Poison Arrow is renamed Stinging Arrow:
The function of the spell is changed.
Applies 10% Erosion for 2 turns and pushes the target 2 cells.
AP cost 2, Modifiable Range, 2 casts per target, 4 casts per turn.


Feline Spirit: Debuff applies correctly when the spell is recast.


Raillery: MP Reduction can no longer be unbewitched.


: Max Global Accumulation 1.
Shovel of Judgment: Max Global Accumulation 2.


Cut: Max Global Accumulation 2.



A modification on Elemental Drain was necessary: the spell combines very good damage with a drain characteristic for a negligible cost. We did not want to increase its cost in AP to retain this feature (the Huppermage already has many damage spells at 3 AP) and an increase in its stimulus interval would have penalized too much the mono-element Huppermages who would have been found with fairly little ability to damage on turn 1/2.
We have therefore opted for a reduction in damage caused by fate in order to maintain the flexibility of the spell, but by reducing its effectiveness.

Elemental Drain: Base damage reduced by about 30% on a normal hit and by about 35% on a CH.
Elemental Shield: Resistance bonus is not displayed as a bonus of PvP Resistances if applied by another character.


Cooldown changed: 1 => 2.
The Osamodas can already control all the summons that correspond to its fusion, we want to reduce its capacity to use this "wildcard" spell that allows too many roles to be cumulated at a time by taking control of several types of summons.

We have also reduced the mobility of Tofus as well as the scope of Transposition of Tofu to make it less easy to use the Tofu to save an ally, especially if the Osamodas is not already close (and therefore a little more vulnerable), or that it is not melt Tofu.

Podgy Tofu:
MP changed at levels 1 to 6: 4, 4, 4, 5, 5, 6 => 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5
Black Tofu:
MP changed at levels 1 to 6: 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 12 => 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 10
Transposition of Tofu:
Range changed: 5 => 4

The Osamodas, whether in Dragon or Tofu form, is supposed to be a pretty vulnerable class in melee. The care effects of the Wyrmlings around their target allowed the Osamodas to be more resistant if he ever approached his opponents. The following changes are therefore applied:

        Red Wyrmling's (via Dragon's Breath) and Black Wyrmling's Heals
no longer affect the caster.



If the spell kills its targets, the Rage increases correctly.

Damage bonus changed at levels 5 and 6: 4, 5 => 3, 4
Effects are correctly applied if the target is killed.

    Marrow Bone:
        Damage bonus changed at level 6: 8 => 7
Effects are correctly applied if the target is killed.

    Protective Pelt:
AP cost changed: 2 => 3

We have applied two modifications to the bestial form in order to make it less advantageous. We wish this form to be truly double-edged and that it could penalize the Ouginak if it ever changes when it is not the right time.

In Bestial form, the Ouginak can no longer lock enemies.
In Bestial form, the damage bonus is removed.


Cooldown changed: 3 => 2.
This modification allows the Rogue to better protect his bombs, while making less penalizing the use of Remission for its pushing effect.


        Cooldown changed at levels 1 to 6
: 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 => 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2
There was an inconsistency in the levels of the Punishments, having a stimulus was not relevant.



The changes made to the Masqueraiders are mainly improvements on the flexibility of his Coward Mask mode. The goal of these changes is not to do a balancing, but to make it a little more practical to use certain spells.
We would like to make more significant changes to this class during the year in order to make the Coward Mask and Classic Mask modes more viable.

Max Global Accumulation: 2
Max Global Accumulation: 2

        Minimum Range changed: 5 => 2
Minimum Range changed: 3 => 2
Minimum Range changed: 4 => 2
AP cost changed: 4 => 3
Base damage reduced by about 15%
ushback Distance changed at levels 1 to 6: 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2 => 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 3


Glouragan: Damage caused by the Glouragan when it attacks its allies are reduced and are no longer increased by Idols increasing damage. The Gloursonde spell now increases the MPs of the allies and no longer their critical blows.
Cycloporth: the monster no longer be worn.
The level, characteristics, spells and spoils of the following monsters are modified and new monsters are added: Animalades, Forest animals, Gobballs, Dragodindes, Kwaks, Sewer monsters, Field plants, Tofus, Vermines fields.
The bestiary of the following subfields is modified: Cradle, Astrub Fields, Ingusse Fields, Tofus Corner, Astrub Outline, Bonta Sewers, Brkmar Sewers, Astrub Forest, Swamp, Swampy Swamps, Wetlands without Background, Crackers Mountain, Astrub Grounds, Astrub Underground, Amakna Castle Underground, Wild Dragodinde Territory.
The composition of the monsters' groups is modified in the following dungeons: Dungeon of the Gobballs, Dungeon of the Fields, Dungeon of the Tofu.

Simple Dungeons




Black glyphs are removed
        Area of Effect
damage and healing are removed
Starting from turn 2, at the beginning of each monster's turn, characters on the same number suffer damage (this replaces the previous 2 deletions of mechanics)
Stuffing and Catch in exchange for forced position, causes Earth damage but no longer removes AP
Ecaflip toilet: Causes Water Damage
MP changed: 6 => 4
Soldier of Fortune:
Full heart: Cooldown changed: 0 => 2, Maximum Range changed: 8 => 6
Spike Jet: Maximum Range changed: 12 => 8
Lucky Cavalier:
MP changed: 6 => 5
Tiling: Cooldown changed: 0 => 2, Maximum Range changed: 10 => 6, Non-Modifiable Range
Valet Veinard:
MP changed: 5 => 4
Piquepocket: Cooldown changed: 1 => 2
Dame of Hasard:
Gripper: Maximum Range changed: 8 => 5
Player King:
Brutal Adoubability: Is now Linear
        Royal Blast: Damage is reduced by about 30%


The percentage of life of the resurrected monsters changed: 50% => 20%
Resurrected monsters now have 1 MP less
The number of turns between 2 waves of monsters changed: 5 turns => 6 turns
MP changed: 6 => 5
Land Myth: Range changed: 3 => 1
Damage reduced by about 30%
Damage reduced by about 30%
Damage reduced by about 20%
Shield Absorbing: Effect duration changed: 2 => 1
Hoxor: Is now Linear
MP changed: 6 => 5

Dark Court

Queen of Thieves:
The number of turns before a bomb explodes is fixed at 1 turn during the entire fight
The next bomb is now indicated at the beginning of the character's turn before it in the "Timeline"
Death in reprieve: Range changed: 7 => 5
Haze: Area of Effect changed: circle of 4 cells => circle of 3 cells
Trap to The Bear: The trap now causes instantaneous damage rather than poison
Without Wet: Is now Linear
Strapgege: Removed
        Illegal Bomb:
Cooldown changed: 2 => 3, Cooldown is shared among all Terristocrats
Smoke: Cooldown changed: 1 => 2
MP changed: 5 => 3
Doubling: Is cast at the start of the fight
Circular Cut: Damage reduced by about 20%, AP Reduction changed: 4 => 3
Subtlety: Damage reduced by about 20%
Towards the Light: Does no Damage
Crests: Range changed: 10 => 8.


King Nidas:
Revision of map placements: Characters are now in the center of the map while monsters can be placed on both edges
is now summoned on a fixed location in the first round of combat
King Nidas is no longer rooted in the first round of play
MP changed: 6 => 5
Purse now gives 500 points of shield to the allies at the beginning of the turn as long as it is in the side of the players
has no effect if it is in the monster side
no longer applies the invulnerable state or erosion to King Nidas when it dies
Purse now gives 400% Power for 1 turn to King Nidas when it dies (instead of 100% Power for infinite turns)
My Precious: Range changed: infinite => 5
Stripping: Range changed: 3 => 1
Catch-Mutin: Range changed: 7 => 6
Blinking: Maximum Range changed: 5 => 3
Little Big Bang: Removed.
Trick Starder: Base Damage changed: 10 => 15
The Vent Tripotant: Removed
Kama Haméa: Damage increased by about 20%
MP changed: 5 => 4
MP changed: 6 => 5



Larva of Koutoulou:
The Nightmare Larva as well as the associated effects are removed.
If a character completes his turn in Line of Sight with Koutoulou's Larva, his level of madness increases correctly.
Fetish Tentacles: Removed.
MP changed: 5 => 4
Chaotic Sensation: Removed.
Triangle Deming: Cooldown changed: 2 => 3
Unspeakable Cree: Removed.
Grotesque Duplication: Cooldown changed: 1 => 3


If a Meno enemy is on a glyph at the start of Meno's turn, he gains 1000 Shield Points but causes Damage to his nearby allies
Meno's glyphs no longer show crystals
The glyphs remain henceforth throughout the duration of the combat
The mutation system is revised and now depends on the monsters' HP percentage at the start of their turn:
More than 75% of their HP: no change
Between 50% and 75% of their HP: mutation 1
Between 25% and 50% of their HP: mutation 2
Less than 25% of their HP: mutation 3
In the boss's room, monsters lose 25% of their HP each turn
Mol Usk:
MP changed: 5 => 4
Sticky drag: Cooldown changed: 1 => 2
Crab Yolonist:
Ridiculous gesticulation: Cooldown changed: 1 => 2
MP changed: 5 => 4
Parasitic Trap: Range changed: 8 => 6


Shells have 1000 HP
Damage caused by characters who always have a bound shell are divided by 2
Monsters no longer enter the invulnerable state between each character turn
Tourtorgnole: Range changed: 2 => 1
MP changed: 6 => 5
Swirling: Is now Linear, Range changed: 12 => 10
        MP changed
: 4 => 3
Lightning Harpoon: Range changed: 3 => 2


Lay a glyph-aura light at the end of the turn
The enemies in the glyph do 20% more Damage
If Silhouette is in the glyph and Shadow is outside, Shadow is no longer invulnerable.



The invulnerable state is removed
Damage is reduced by 50% against Merkator
Whenever Merkator suffers Ranged Damage, it gains 2% more Damage

Tal Kasha

Tal Kasha:
Monsters in the last dungeon room no longer have bonus HP and Damage
When they are resurrected, they now have 50% of their HP and 1 MP less
Monsters of the Cursed Pyramid: Ranged Invulnerability is replaced by a 50% reduction to Ranged Damage


Cohobation: No longer applies Invulnerable State on Nileza
Chitric Alchid: No longer triggers, characters no longer kill their allies at the end of the turn if they are too far away
Chifouchimie: Area of Effect changed: cross of 2 cells => cross of 1 cell, characters kill their allies at the end of turn only if they are in Melee Range
Alchymne to Joy, Gromation, Carba Gnion and Cabalcaloid: No longer kill characters but now apply the Pacifist state for 2 turns
Molété sansplochable: Area of Effect changed: circle of 3 cells => circle of 2 cells
Loch: Resistance penalty replaced by a multiplier of damage suffered whose value changed: 50% => 40%
Brim: Range changed: 12 => 8
Silk Bite: Damage changed: 30% => 20%
Skill: Cooldown changed: 1 => 2
Dért Téran: Shield Point bonus given to Dodox and its allies changed: 2000 => 500
Glusure: Now Linear
Dart: Trigger can now be unlocked
Dart: AP Reduction changed: 2 => 3, Max Accumulation: 1
Caduk: Now Linear
Stigmatraque: Area of Effect changed: cross of 6 cells => cross of 4 cells
Bracterie: MP Bonus removed
Sporange: Pushback Distance changed: 3 => 2
MP changed: 6 => 4

Missiz Frizz

Missiz Frizz:
Conger spell: No longer increases monster damage when they receive damage
Ice spell: No longer steals MP from enemies and no longer applies Gravity State on enemies when Missiz Frizz receives damage
MP changed: 6 => 4
Bidyllic: No longer triggered by Melee Damage, only Ranged Damage triggers it
        Bidyllic: No longer applies MP and Lock bonus to allies
Bidiotism: No longer applies Heavy State on itself, but gives itself 2 MP.
Tearbreaker: Fire Damage doubled, Water Damage according to Percent HP missing removed
        Strik: No longer triggered by Melee Damage, only Ranged Damage triggers it
Karkanciel: Neutral Damage according to Percent HP missing removed
        Voice: No longer triggered by Melee Damage, only Ranged Damage triggers it
        Voice Cord: No longer applies Heavy State on enemies
        MP changed
: 5 => 4
Braquage: Now triggered on turn 1 to 2 (instead of turn 2 to 3), MP bonus for allies duration changed: 2 => 1
MP changed: 6 => 5



HP of the resurrected allies changed: 20% => 10%
Zombidul: No longer kills enemies but applies the Pacifist state for 1 turn
Punch: Air Steal doubled, Fire Damage according to Percent HP missing removed
        Mortar: Duration changed: 3 => 1
Machine Ception: Now Linear, requires Line of Sight
Puppetry: Damage according to Percent HP missing removed
        Puppetry: Duration changed: 2 => 1
The historical return spell now causes a return to the previous position (instead of a return to the start position of the turn).
        Key: N
ow triggered only on turn 1 to 2 (instead of turn 2 to 3 previously)
Legion: Undeletable State and Lock Bonus duration changed: 2 => 1
Rotativernal: No longer triggered by Melee Damage, only Ranged Damage triggers it
MP changed: 6 => 5
Pétarade: Damage according to Percent HP missing changed to regular Damage
Pétarade: MP Reduction removed
Guardian Empty: MP bonus on Damage caused removed


Carcassetagne: No longer kills enemies but now applies the Pacifist state for 1 turn
Glyph Peach Skin: Damage bonus to allies duration changed: 3 => 2
Transit: Now triggered only on turn 1 to 2 (instead of turn 2 to 3 previously)
Digite: Unbreakable state duration changed: 2 => 1
Transit: Lock bonus removed
Taxidermy: Range changed: 8 => 6
Mulching: Erosion penalty duration changed: 2 => 1

Count Harebourg

    Count Harebourg:
        MP changed
: 7 => 5
Jaquemart: No longer applies the Gravity State to the enemies but instead causes AP Reduction
Hibugia: No longer applies Erosion
Cyclochette: No longer applies Dodge penalty
MP changed: 6 => 5
        MP changed
: 8 => 6


New quests are available in Brakmar and in the different regions of the Sidimote moors. Depending on the difficulty of the areas concerned, they may address adventurers from Level 50 to 200.
The Brotherhood of the Forgotten is talking about it again... Adventurers who have completed the quest To the rescue of the magypus can continue their investigation by speaking to Jalcas, the master of the Ouginak temple.
In the quest tracking interface, the previously selected or deselected landmarks are restored for subsequent connections.
The cue points of a quest that has just been reset are displayed correctly.




The following monster achievements are changed: Animalades, Forest animals, Arakne, Gobballs, Bwaks, Champis, Dragodindes, Gadouilleux, They were so cute, Kwaks, Kwakeres, Larvae, Field Plants, Rats, Tofus, Vermines des champs.
The following dungeon achievements are modified: One step ahead of another, Tactical charging, The paths of glory.


A new emote is available on Nimaltopia. The means of obtaining it remains to be discovered.


Emerald Dofus: At the end of the turn, it now adds 4% of the HP to shield points for each enemy on contact. Summons are no longer counted.
Ochre Dofus: This item is now linked to the account 4 months after obtaining, like the other Primordial Dofus (this modification is not retroactive, it applies only to the new Dofus obtained).
Koutoulou Bow: AP cost changed: 4 => 5
Korriander Aze:
Critical Hit rate changed: 15% => 5%
Critical Hit bonus changed: 6 => 4
Recipes using Fungus resources are modified.


The recipes of many dungeon keys are modified to be standardized: Clef des Champs, Key of the Dungeon Ensablé, Key of the Gobball Dungeon, Key of the Kankreblath Cache, Key of the Keep of the Skeletons, Key of the Phantom House, Key of the Donjon Scarafeuilles, Key of the Keep of the Tofus, Key of the Cave of the Bulbs, Key of the Grotto Hesque, Key of the Donjon of the Bworks, Key of the Dungeon of the Blacksmiths, Key of the Nest of Kwakwa, Key of Castle of Wa Wabbit, Key of Clos The Key of the Village of Kanniboul, the Key of the Rocky Pitons of the Crackers, Key of the Laboratory of Brumen Tinctorias, Key of the Cemetery of the Mastodons, Key of the Lair of Daïgoro, Key of the Cave of Queen Nyée, Key of the Boat of the Chouque, Key of the Ancestral Domain, Key of the Theater of Dramak, Key of the Donjon of the Canidés, Key of the Library of the Master Corbac, Key of the Labyrinth of the Minotoror, Key of the Aviary of the High Truche, Key of the Cave of El Piko, Key Of the Dungeon of Firefoux, Key of the Kanigroula Cave, Key of the Father's Hole, Key of the Dungeon Fungus, Key of the Dungeon of the Bworker, Key of the Pyramid of Shadow, Key of the Camp of Count Razof, Key of the mine of Sakai.
Perceptor posing and teleportation are possible in the fifth room of Count Razof's Camp.




All shields now have a weight of 10 pods.



Characters are no longer disconnected when they are excluded or leave a guild.
It is now possible to modify the rights to share houses with a guild from anywhere even if the character does not have a guild or belongs to the same guild as the character who activated the sharing.


When a breeding object is present at the same position in multiple instances of the same enclosure, animation of one of the objects no longer triggers the animations of the other objects (although they have not been activated) .
When a wild mount is transferred to the stable, which it puts down and runs away, it no longer appears abnormally in the list of mountings of the stable.
When a wild mount calms down, then flees, informative messages are displayed in the correct order in the chat interface.
Abandoned enclosure instances that are to be released are properly deleted if there is already at least one instance.
All cells in the enclosure on map 54177066 can now be used.
The naming rules for mounts are relaxed.
When flying over enclosure doors, the names of guilds with instances are displayed in alphabetical order. Also, if one of the instances belongs to the character's guild, the tooltip first displays the name of that guild.
In the enclosure door pop-up menu, when multiple instances of the enclosure are on sale, the owner guilds are displayed in the menu to select the instance to be purchased.
When purchasing pens, in the confirmation interface, the price is displayed correctly.


In some cases, resources may not be properly added to the action queue, this problem is corrected.


In the Rune Generation interface's focus list, Resistance and Elemental Damage bonuses have been renamed to better distinguish them.


The Almanax bonus of June 21 is replaced by a new bonus.




In the object tooltip, the icon of the object is enlarged to improve its visibility.
In the Idols interface, the total score is calculated correctly regardless of the order of the Idols equipped.
In the Soul Market, search by name is no longer sensitive to accents.
The majority of the interfaces used before logging in to the game (creation and selection of characters) are improved (reduction of the number of steps, improved readability, etc.).
The information interface for Haven Bags now appears at level 50.
The list of actions available in the tooltips of the doors of houses is now correctly updated according to the character who consults it and the status of all instances present for the house consulted.
In the character selection interface, if the new character creation button is grayed out, it will refresh correctly when a character is deleted.
When a current character creation is abandoned before the character is created, the creative's state is retained and reloaded the next time the character creation interface is opened.
When opening the interfaces, the check boxes that are checked are displayed directly in the correct state without having to overflow them.
The interfaces now pass over the interface block containing the hit points when they are moved.
In the small menu at the top right, the subscription button appears only when the account is not subscribed.
Buttonless interfaces appear correctly (for example, when installing a new interface theme).
In the Community Challenges interface, tabs are expanded to no longer truncate texts.
In the interface of fast equipment, the equipment boxes are reordered more logically.
In the interface of fast equipment, it is now possible to save a costume.
In the interface of fast equipment, it is now possible to save a sidekick.
When a craft interface is opened, when the useful ingredient filter is activated, all the usable ingredients are correctly displayed.
In the chat interface, the button indicating that there are new unread messages now has a hand-held cursor over the fly.
In the group interface, if the group name fails due to an invalid name, an error message is displayed.
In the exchange interface, the kamas exchanged are correctly taken into account in the calculation of equity.
In the titles and ornaments interface, guild and alliance names and logos are hidden to make the character's tooltip more readable. The character is also better centered on its slab.
In the titles and ornaments interface, when the character has its alignment wings displayed, the tooltip is displayed at the correct size.
When there is no combat on the current map, the mouse cursor no longer indicates that it is possible to click on the button of the spectator interface.
A tooltip specifying the name of the interface is added to the flyout of the emoticons and emotes interface button.
The size of the player's status icon is reduced in the guild, friends, and chat interfaces.
The quest tracking interface opens correctly when the interface is placed close to the e-mail and options buttons.
In the alignment interface, the wings are displayed correctly for female Foggernaut class characters.
In the general options, the option to display the world map grid is updated correctly when the grid view is changed from the map interface.

Custom Themes

When the client uses a custom interface theme, a preventive message is added to the credential interface to prevent risks associated with using a custom theme that is not up to date.
When the interface theme is changed, the interface cache is properly emptied. This modification avoids the problems of "mixing" different interface themes.
Tactical mode colors can now be changed via the colors.xml file for custom interface themes.




In house list and managing sharing homes with a guild, the ability to share a house is properly grayed out when the house is already on sale.
The contextual menus and tooltips of the houses are improved: the selling price is now directly displayed.
In contextual menus and tooltips of houses, when a player has several instances of the same house, the original server of each is indicated and only the instances concerned by the action are displayed for each menu entry.
In the context menu of the doors of houses, the instances owned by the player and on sale are no longer listed in the instances to be purchased.
In the context menu of the house doors, the list of instances to be locked or unlocked is correct and updates correctly in real time.
On home doors, the original server is now displayed only for instances belonging to the same owner if it has more than one.
When a house is sold, when the default price is displayed in the text field, there is no more "K".

Community channel

The choice of the default community channel is reset and is now based on the community of the player's account (if this community is available among those active on the server otherwise it is the default community of the current server that is used).
In the chat interface, messages starting with /c are correctly sent on the community channel instead of the Kolossium channel, when the community channel is not active for the server.
In the chat interface, on the French servers, sending a message starting with /c correctly results in an error message indicating the unavailability of the community channel.

Maps and areas

All maps of the Sidimote are redone.
The topology of the Sidimote and its subareas is modified.
The "Road to Brakmar" is now part of Sidimote and is now called "Les Hauts des Hurlements".
The "Dark Road" is now called "The Trailer Road".
The "Cemetery of the Tortured" is now part of "Brakmar".
The "Fungus" zone now has two zones. The "Fungus Domain" and the "Cave of the Fungus", where the "Great Ougaa Temple" dungeon takes place.
An area south of the border of Brakmar is now destined for the enclosures, it bears the name of "Haras de Brakmar".
All interiors and dungeons are modified (except the "Bworker Dungeon")
The "Bworker Dungeon" is moved to the "Gisgoul" area and is now called the "Bworker's Cave".
The "Canid Keep" is now known as the "Moon Lair".
A new zaap is available in the area of "Deacons" in the "Village of Katrepat".
The diligence of the area of the former "Cemetery of the Tortured" is moved to the "Fungus Domain".
The resources present in the Sidimote region are relocated in equal quantities.
All enclosures in the Sidimote area are transferred (some have changed places but remained very close to their initial position).
Slight changes are made on the maps at the edges of the Sidimote zones to match the 16/9 display format.
The beach of Ohwymi is slightly modified in front of the Ouginak Temple, it henceforth hosts the standards of all the Ouginak tribes.
Characters disconnected from old unused Otomai maps will no longer be blocked when they reconnect.
A visual problem caused the character to pass before the Cra Statue in Astrub, this problem is corrected.




Walking and underwater racing activities are properly played in underwater areas.
The shield no longer disappears during the underwater walking profile.
The hair of the female Sadida characters is displayed correctly when the character is running.
The wings of Eniripsa characters are displayed correctly when they trigger fatal blows.
When a character changes direction and plays an animation, it is not played again in a loop.

Treasure hunts

New Statues, Statue of Huppermage, Statue, Iop Statue, Statue of Reaper, Statue of Ouginak, Statue of Ouga, Statue of Mushroom, Statue with Trident, Telescope, Amphora, Patchwork Bag, Sign, Steam Engine, Mushroom, Mushroom on Tree, Trunk, Buried Chest, Moss-Covered Chest, Pandawa Chest, Boiler, Bones, Humanoid Skeleton Laying, Humanoid Skeleton, Humanoid Skeleton, Humanoid Skeleton, Minor Skeleton, Dragon Skeleton, Bone Pyramid, Bone with Balls, Open Grave, Grave, Grave Ouginak, Stranded Boat, Drum, Destroyed Boat, Mailbox, Wood Mine Entrance, Wood Wheel, Fleece Flycatcher, Floor Lamp, Scarecrow, Arrow, Black Chacha Stun, Wooden Roll, Roll of Fabric, Fountain, Gypsy Cage, Lantern, Hanging Ball, Tent, Tent Destroyed, Barrel, Barrel Destroyed, Barrel Buried, Barrel destroy, Gypsy carcass, Buried burrow, Bollard, Buried burrow, Wind turbine, Feeder, Trough, Minor trolley, Impaled gouge, Hanging ghoul, Bloody fountain, Fish barrel, Likrone, Bone stopper, Pick, Shovel, Unicycle, Wooden Cannon, Toad Ball, Gobball, Ball Dragodinde, Jar, Giant Pump, Bicycle, Jaw Trap, Ecaflip Skin, Kanigrou Skin, Spear, Giant Pipe.
The number of treasure hunts a character can launch is now limited to 100 per day and per account (on the same server). This value could be changed soon.

Stability and performance

Changes are made to how the DOFUS client communicates with the game servers to minimize the risk of disconnection.


Event shields that can be obtained at "Dungeon Rusher" events are now obtained directly at the end of the fight against the relevant Boss during the event.
The availability of character names is properly updated when a character is created, renamed, or deleted.
Following the returns of some players, various spelling corrections were made in the texts of the game.
    The redirects used for the interactive URLs displayed in the chat interface work correctly when the URLs are incomplete.
The naming rules for character, guild, and alliance names are improved and relaxed.
The naming rules now apply to group names.
Characters attempting to teleport to a house where they are already in it no longer consumes the House Potion (or Guild House Potion) and receive a message that they are already at their destination.
The Ouginak Class Spell correctly displays the name of the spell that will be learned.
When a player disconnects another by simultaneously logging into the same account, a message warns the logged-in player as the disconnected player that they are likely to be the victim of an account theft and invites them to secure their account.
The creation of characters on a server is limited to accounts belonging to one of the communities supported by that server.
Animated pictograms for map change are displayed correctly when the option to display the animated scenery elements is disabled.

Beta Patches

    Marteau de Katrepat: AP cost changed: 4 => 5,Critical Hit chance changed: 4 => 8
    Strange Wand
: Uses per turn changed: 2 => 1, Minimum Range changed: 3 => 2
Anerice: She is now immune to Vertigo, Trap of Silence and Paralysing Poison spells, Cooperation: Anerice teleports near the nearest enemy ghoul instead of exchanging places with it.
Kérigoule: MP changed: 2 => 4, Area of Effect for the spell
Tranche changed: circle of 2 cells => circle of 3 cells.
Cra Dopple: Lashing Arrow is replaced by Punitive Arrow.
    Dantinea: The placement positions of the map are changed. The cells of appearance of Grokillages are modified.
Goulclier: The distance damage penalty is replaced by a melee resistance penalty.

    The number of quests requested to complete the "In Search of Fate" Achievement is reduced from 1500 to 1300. This new value takes into account quests that can not be validated due to a character level that is too high; It also helps to minimize the impact of the Almanax quests on achieving the Achievement. We do not wish to make the Achievement of all Almanax quests necessary to obtain certain Achievement because these quests indirectly involve connecting every day of the year and we do not want to impose such a rhythm of play .
A new Achievement is added: "In search of renown", for completing 1100 quests.

    Ouginak: Tibia correctly increases Rage at level 1. The bestial form now increases damage by 10%.
Cra Class Set: Removing the Line of Sight for Poison Arrow (former Lashing Arrow) is replaced by increasing the number of uses per target.

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Top Posters In This Topic

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I suspect that you're wrong in who are the "few". Sure, there's a video of an Iop wearing the latest exomaged set soloing an end-game dungeon. But there are many, many more people who tried and repeat

Communism strikes again

You realize that this isn't anything new, right? You've had people writing this since 2005. Introduction of Pandala: - "Omg, why do they make it so easy to level?" - All the higher level players.

Easier dungeons. Interesting.



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by easier dungeons they pretty much are saying they are making the mechanics more clearly to beat them nothing about nerfing bosses was brought up

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I'm all for ankama explaining spells and effects, but easier dungeons sounds like a shit plan to me. The whole idea of trying to make all content available to everyone is just terrible. There should be some dungeons that "noobs" can't beat, it's a part of the game you "train" for.

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"As for the game in general, all end-game dungeons have been revamped in order to be enjoyable for as many players as possible. But be careful now: we're not making Koutoulou into a harmless cute widdle thang, we're just making it easier on you to figure out how to beat him. Don't forget that you've come a long way to suffer, and we wouldn't want to take that away from you, now would we?"


I think they're making it pretty clear that they're not weakening any dungeons.

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Even if the general change is about making mechanics more clear, some dungeons need a change to make them more enjoyable/accesible. At least everyones in the fr forums agrees on vortex and catseye. I'm still hoping for some mechanic or monster nerfs.

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El-Cronologo 200 cha xelor
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For me its just the struggle of the brainfuck and preparation some bosses need.


That has nothing to do with "beeing skilled" or whatever... i want to cool down from the workday while playing this,without ending up soaked :D ...or maybe its just me getting old ;)


Again, i want to compare with Blizzard and their MMO. They had the same loss of playerbase right after burning crusade with their dungeon(-key) requirements. Please learn from them already!

Its just a few pople running (and succeeding) highend dungeons, selling stuff to other people that basically pay their sub that way. Most of them are active HERE #shitstorm


Thats just not satisfying. Thats how we got where we are. Server merge isn't because Dofus got reborn, server merge is because we're just a few left playing this :(


i'm long enough around to estimate this...



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Eniripsa Winged-one Pandawa Hubabuba Enutrof  Uncommon Rogue Cra Maiklnait
~*All professions 200*~


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7 hours ago, masik233 said:

Catseye needs a complete revamp and Koutoulou a nerf. For Vortex (and some others maybe), a more precise display of the different states is very welcome, but a nerf unneeded. Same for the rest. That's just my opinion.

But they can't even display invulnerable state properly right now. All forms of info visualization are bugged: active states, damage preview and position preview show wrong info in some (very common) cases.

El-Matematico 200 agi osa

El-Psicologo 200 str/cha zobal

El-Cronologo 200 cha xelor
El-Geologo 200 int sadi
- Rubilax -
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This game has far too many instant death triggers that simply leaves players banging their head against the wall for too long now


If you look at the mechanics of a dungeon like, Nizela


  • If an ally ends their turn linear and within 2 cells of an ally (summons do not count), that ally dies.
  • If an ally ends their turn further than 9 cells away from another ally, that ally dies
  • On turn 3 and every other turn thereafter(turn 3,5,7 etc) until Nileza dies, if an ally is more than 9 cells away from Nileza at the start of his turn, that person dies
  • On turn 9, the distance from Nileza and allies reduces to 5 squares
  • To make Nileza vulnerable, merely push him into something (or something into him)


Or Queen of Theives 


  • At the beginning of each round each character summons a Bomb (red) exactly 2 squares from the character with priority over the top and then turning on the right box (as Sylargh but with priority at the top instead of the right). If all of the cells within the 2 range AoE are occupied, the bomb will be 3 squares away (in the same direction as before).
  • This bomb is invulnerable to conventional heavy damage and effects. It can be pushed or pulled, but not picked up. The bombs also cannot traverse eliotrope portals.
  • The time between the placement of the bomb and its explosion depends on what point of the fight you are in:
    • The first 3 rounds: the bomb detonates one turn after summoned. Characters that do not play have a maximum of 1 bomb each and one that is playing has a maximum of two.
    • Rounds 4-7: the bomb explodes 2 turns after being summoned. So the characters who do not play have a maximum of 2 bombs each and one that is playing has a maximum of 3.
    • From round 8 until the end of the fight the bomb explodes 3 turns after being summoned. So the characters who do not play have a maximum of 3 bombs each, and one that is playing has a maximum of 4.
  • Exploding bombs (red) kill all character/summons within 10 squares (linear) and deals exactly 1000 fire damage to monsters in the same AoE. The Queen herself does not take any damage from bombs.
  • When a bomb explodes, it changes the state of Bombs located DIAGONALLY to it: the bomb "defused" (blue) will explode in the same way with the same AoE as the others but will (completely!) heal all characters instead of instakilling them.
  • The Order of effects for each detonated bomb is: Defuse diagonal bombs, cause damage/KO/heal (based on state and whether mob or player is in the AoE), then detonation of bombs in the AoE. If multiple bombs are triggered in this way, the first bomb to be triggered will defuse diagonal bombs before the next bomb detonates (and so on)
  • As mentioned above, the explosion of a bomb (blue) is the only way to dispel the Impending Death effect given by the Queen.
  • Killing the Queen as fast as possible (usually no later than turn 4) is highly recommended for regular teams. However, keeping the Queen for last is also beneficial if you can neutralize her enough with placement and MP rape. She only hits linearly on medium range, after all.
  • The Bombs (no matter if defused or not) have an effect on the Queen: the damage she receives is multiplied with 90%. This is stackable an infinite amount of times and should be kept in mind when trying to kill the Queen. Damaging her while having a ton of bombs on the map is very inefficient!
  • Once the Queen dies, she casts a debuff on all characters which lasts for the rest of the fight: damage taken is multiplied by 150%!

Trying to figure that out is completely stupid, if mechanics like that are made clear and obvious so you can worry about the actual fight instead of dying 40 times because of figuring out unexplained mechanics and random deaths. End game progression would be much more fun. 


It isn't about nerfing the bosses, or making it easier, although I am sure they will do some of that across the board. Its about not dying to sylargh because you had 90% hp or more the first time you tried it and killed a zombie mob. Its about knowing that any pushback damage in bearbarian will kill you isntantly. Stuff like that needs to go

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14 hours ago, Mooney said:

..Stuff like that needs to go


No, these are the things that make this game interesting. I understand as an oldie you just want to smash everything like we used to in 1.29, but the game has changed too much to do that. Without instakill effects most dungeons would be boring as hell, and way too easy.

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3 minutes ago, bobeur said:


No, these are the things that make this game interesting. I understand as an oldie you just want to smash everything like we used to in 1.29, but the game has changed too much to do that. Without instakill effects most dungeons would be boring as hell, and way too easy.


I don't like the thing that everyone make Iop/Panda/Eni/Elio and Enu in every single team. Isn't it boring? They should give us chance to do dungeons with other compositions. There are few dungeons that you might have hard time to do with this kind of team most of them are dimension, but still possible. 

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" Life is about makin' mistakes.
It's also about tryna be great."

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3 hours ago, bobeur said:


No, these are the things that make this game interesting. I understand as an oldie you just want to smash everything like we used to in 1.29, but the game has changed too much to do that. Without instakill effects most dungeons would be boring as hell, and way too easy.


Those effects are the reason many people like myself quit playing the newer version of dofus. I quit during frigost 2 as that trend showed no sign of slowing down. For myself and many players these new bosses that were invulnerable and instant dead were less than creative.


Since you mention 1.29 I'll compare what made that fun. In 1.29 we were able to use our classes to invent ways to defeat bosses. As there wasn't some silly method to make the boss vulnerable to damage. Or things that would just leave you scratching your head as to how people in your team died. We just took the classes we had and used the maps to our advantage and beat the bosses. It was fun and the game was wildly successful.


The game went another direction and players like myself quit after several years of playing. I'm unsure if that keeps the game interesting. After several years of declining population they merged the servers to show you other people were still playing the game. Things like this chased people away from the game.

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Once upon a time I used to mage.


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To me all the higher dungeons are just to stressful and long to even bother spending my weekends on maybe it would be good for some change :D

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I wish class change wasn't necessary for achievements. I understand achievements should be difficult, but there is no way I can possibly spend that amount of kamas on it. First, for the class change, and then second for the specific gear and items that you need for that particular dungeon. But oh wait, you'll need an entirely different setup for the next dungeon. I wish the end game achievements could still be difficult, but open up more possibilities for other classes. 




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On top of that if you choose to play solo and pick a class that nobody wants to leech through dungeons you are pretty much screwed when it comes to end-game content. 

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On 5/27/2017 at 10:51 AM, winged-one said:

For me its just the struggle of the brainfuck and preparation some bosses need.


That has nothing to do with "beeing skilled" or whatever... i want to cool down from the workday while playing this,without ending up soaked :D ...or maybe its just me getting old ;)


Again, i want to compare with Blizzard and their MMO. They had the same loss of playerbase right after burning crusade with their dungeon(-key) requirements. Please learn from them already!

Its just a few pople running (and succeeding) highend dungeons, selling stuff to other people that basically pay their sub that way. Most of them are active HERE #shitstorm


Thats just not satisfying. Thats how we got where we are. Server merge isn't because Dofus got reborn, server merge is because we're just a few left playing this :(


i'm long enough around to estimate this...





I work 60-75hours/week and you summed it up. I get that those who sit at home all day or have this amazing job they can just play dofus at, or play it at their schools have the time to keep on redoing dungeons etc. 


But it's a game. you should be able to do some relaxing stuff that cools your head at lvl 200 and is fun/rewarding to do. 


This is what anyone who actually works enough to earn enough to be able to spend on games needs. 

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Any composition is capable to do endgame dungeons, at least if the different roles are a minimum present. With the latest sets and optimization a damage dealer can literally get rid of endgame mobs like flies, in 2-3 turns or even one turn with weakness or buffs etc. On the other side, the poor mobs do not have more than 3 spells (which you know the exact range of ideally) and a poor AI. Their damage is pathetic or average at best usually (in perspective with current sets, and notably the shields + dofus). Take as an example how easy it is with a well-geared team to pass rooms of an endgame dungeon.


The fact that it's always the same compositions chosen does not mean that the respective compositions are the only ones possible. Panda = easiest placing char, Eni = easiest healer, Iop = easiest damager, Enu = easiest defensive char, etc. Obviously any other classes can satisfy these roles. It's just for example that other damagers typically exchange damage for more defense which is viable as well but more defense = longer fights = harder. Some classes or combos must and will always be superior (actually you should rather say easier, because the capacity comes often down to the same ...), otherwise all classes would be the same.


Even though I've been playing for no longer than 3 years, I don't see much interest in defeating oversized gobbals, because removing the mechanics and thus the uniqueness of a dungeon is essentially that. You can still find various strategies to make it and notably use things to your advantage. Invulnerability is mostly not a big deal since it's not complicated to use some AP for a certain action. Otherwise it's essentially leading the fight in a certain direction to begin with, the way it should be done. Are we ok that bosses should at least have the right to live longer than 2 turns? Koutoulou has no inherent invulnerability, result: he's killed turn 2 by standard, trivialising the whole mechanic. Still I'm not gonna lie that the dungeon is too ridiculous at the moment, but it's an example. I guess that especially social networks / Youtube changed a lot as now many players use copying, which is not wrong but reinforces a lot the (false) notion of must-have compositions and the reluctance to try by oneself.


Basically, you would reduce PvM to farming which makes the game a lot poorer. Still though farming is a large part of the game and exists just as it did in 1.29. Also the dungeons still exist. The only problem is the huge unbalance of idols, making Enu/Cra the ultimate farm classes over anything else nowadays.


@Xia This is clear, but it's not like these endgame dungeons make the game. Dofus is extremely rich in activities of which like 90% are still casual. There is no obligation to do them, and literally everything from past Dofus still exists.


I've never completely understood why the shift to 2.0 would be such a downfall. It seems like for some reason, the atmosphere has largely changed.

Edited by masik233
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I think these discussions focus too much on content being "possible" instead of it being "fun". I know a lot of people get off the satisfaction of beating hard content after many tries, but at some point it just becomes frustrating to others. So even if it's possible if you just keep trying or getting slightly better gear, you give up. Even worse, in the case that you succeed it's a one time gratification. You beat the dungeon thinking that you'll never come back now that it's over.

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El-Psicologo 200 str/cha zobal

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@Gravestorm thanks for sharing the pics, sidimote looks really nice, and new ornament especially looks sweet af

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