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Forward Unto Dawn [INT MENTOR GUILD] Recruiting

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Forward Unto Dawn is the official initiate guild for the alliance, Integrity (INT) and have launched our Mentorship Program. Some mentors from the main INT Guilds have already been appointed and we are looking for new recruits!

  • All levels welcome with a fair level of activity and a good attitude. NO LEECHERS PLEASE.
  • Lower to mid levels and casual players are welcome to join our mentorship program.
  • Those who wish to join as mentors must have significant experience in certain aspects of the game and a fair activity level and a bonus is if you have a character already in an INT Guild.
  • You need to make yourself aware of and adhere to the INT Alliance's rules especially with regards to /a.


We hope to gather together a community of people who simply like playing together, chatting and having a great time and learning the ropes old school. There will be a process for initiation and graduation in place.


We do not want to spend our Dofus lives leeching our members to end-game, but instead wish to help everyone enjoy the content that Ankama has developed so that all players become self-sufficient and learn to play their chosen classes effectively and fight as part of a team. We are looking for players who want to grow Forward Unto Dawn and the other guilds affiliated to INT, those who do not hinge the entirety of their gaming experience on passing their turn in a Buck Soul.

We promote the age-old Dofus culture of team-ups and community involvement in a more laid back environment run by mature, experienced players who want to have fun and provide ample opportunity for members to grow with the Guild and progress in rank to management level.

We are able to offer Guild members a members-only Forum that will be populated with helpful information, guides and to coordinate our events, as well as a Discord Channel to coordinate our mentorship program, arrange hunts, koths and for random chats.

Our mentorship program is particularly special as it is catered for Dofus novices, those players returning after a break and those players who are new to the game. In partnership with the alliance “Integrity” (INT), we have developed a programme whereby players who wish to join guilds within the alliance, but have not yet reached the level or expertise to join those guild, may join Forward Unto Dawn so our experienced Mentors can help you prepare! Upon reaching a certain level or skill, players may make the choice to stay on board to pass the torch and assist further with the program, or graduate to move over to other guilds within the alliance.

If any of the above sounds like something that interests you, please feel free to pm Mickyds, Tahe, or Swizz in-game, reply to this thread or send us a message using the forum or our website www.forwarduntodawn-guild.com





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Edited with new info! Our ranks are growing with eager initiates and experienced mentors!

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