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Cygni is Recruiting Guilds


To the Current and Exciting [Cygni Alliance]!

Is your Guild looking for a social and exciting alliance to join? Consider joining Cygni.


The Cygni alliance has a strong emphasis on making others feel most welcome and giving players a choice to pvp freely and feel happy.


About Cygni An Introduction


The Alliance Cygni.


The alliance was started on the server - Shika. On the 25th of June, 2013.


As a strong alliance, Cygni has seen the length of the Shika server since the launch of AvA. Continuing the Cygni alliance, on the newly merged Echo server; towards a future.


As an alliance and team, it is our intention to encourage a fun and a respectful gaming environment that everyone can enjoy. Whether you enjoy PvP wholly or prefer a focus to PvM.

To date, Cygni has 1431 members.


Moral Rules

The alliance will not tolerate anyone to be discourteous  to others inside the alliance. This can include forms of cyberbullying, direct insults to a individual and intended scamming. Including; being discourteous and provoking a response.

As a player, you may post game items you are selling and recruit for player vs environment tasks. Although we ask in return - Not to request trades and xp-groups too consistently within a short period.


Being Part of the Cygni Alliance Includes

- A uncomplicated and connected community.

- A fun environment, to take part and explore Player vs Player and to play and compete; when you feel most ready.


Our Existing Guilds

Our current guilds include low and high level guilds with a variation of members and long-standing high level guilds.


[How to join with your guild]

We are recruiting Guilds immediately! and welcome all guilds and are inclusive of all languages.

Contact the current alliance manager which is myself.

My in-game character name is: Zargabanth, your guild leader is most welcome to contact me at any given time. When I am online or on the Imps Village Forum.

Please be patient with me, if I am not on-line at the time you want your guild to join. Add my Xelor and contact me as soon as I am on.

If any individual members would like to join, please contact one of Cygni's guild leaders to see if they are actively recruiting.


Our future plans for the Cygni alliance

-  Aim to hold events, such as lotteries and dress up competitions with a particular theme in mind in Dofus.

- We hope to hold PvP tournaments for players with rewards from game item donations; forming a prize pot.

- Adding to this list as new request ideas emerge.


I shall add a list of all Cygni guilds tomorrow after the maintenance. Including available guilds to contact, for any questions. For now I have only posted the most relevant information.


Edited by Zargabanth
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Good luck!

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