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Heaven Knights is Recruiting anew!

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Hello, Echo! Heaven Knights has waited for the server merge to resume active recruitment! I am HK's leader and veteran guide, and I wish everyone the best in this momentous change!


HK was Rosal's oldest and longest active guild, and we have a history and reputation of helpful and friendly members. We are primarily English-speaking, but our members have always been from all over the globe. I'm happy to say we've always had a wide variety of both personalities and players, pvmers and pvpers, etc.
What I want with this server merge is for HK to continue to be a rock, for people to make long-term friends and connections, just as it's been for over a decade now, but even moreso with this upheaval in social infrastructure. :P

When I ask my members now and then what they think of the guild, something I invariably get (after they're done making stupid jokes) is that HK has been a home away from home or a family for them. Now is that cheesy? Just a bit, yes, but I'll also say that it's been the case for me ever since I joined many years ago.

But don't take my word for it! See what others have said about HK:


"Is this for that Doofus thing?" -Snark's mother

"They're probably not Nazis." -Wall Street Journal
"HK is Smashing." -Casino-Royal


So PM myself (Snark-Hunter), a Recruiting Officer or any member to ask questions or join! You can also visit us on our discord at: https://discord.gg/jR9Fsut


There isn't a hard level requirement, but I encourage people to be over level 100 when joining so that they can do more stuff with the mostly high level existing members.

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Art by Kaitah

Leader of Heaven Knights and Team Rocket

Dofus Guides and Videos: Tumblr - Youtube - Twitch



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Hello Echo, Masive here. I'm basically the big Recruiting Officer in charge of all the other Recruiting Officers. Actually, I'm the SiC, but Snark is mad at me usually ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Here is a list of our current Recruiting Officer. I will try to keep this list current:


You can also contact me (Masive/Flour/Eaz) or Snark-Hunter for an invite.


Additionally, if you have any interest in this guild at all or wish to contact any of our members, the guild discord is the fastest and easiest way to reach us. Personally, the only time I am not on there is when I'm asleep. Discord Mobile :+1:


The guild discord can be found at the following link:



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hiii join this guild!!!


Bug and I are the anti-bully police/cop men so if ur a bully then nvm..

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[06:59] (/p) Masive: Desire is a funny thing
[06:59] (/p) Masive: You'll want something, work for it
[06:59] (/p) Masive: But once you get it, you'll want more, or want something else
[06:59] (/p) Masive: You won't be satisfied


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  • Shuffles(198 Eca)
  • EssenceofSuperiority (200 Sram)
  • Kedhran- (200 Enu)
  • Diabolique (200 Eni)
  • Pandaflessas (199 Panda)
  • The-Rush (199 Cra)

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hi Snark :sac:



[15:21] Sugared: [15:20] Otto-Lpzig is watching the fight.[15:20] Today has failed the Focus challenge.

[15:21] Winner: .

[15:21] Sugared: otto walks in and the guys just can't keep their head together



thanks for the picture, Capngoat!

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