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Recruiting for Post Merger Echo Group!


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So I have characters on Aermyne, Rosal, and Rushu which are all 3 on the list of servers that will be getting merged into one on Echo.

My roommate and I are wanting to come back to playing since there will supposedly actually be a population playing.

We want to focus on questing and doing the content of the game, not power leveling. We want to try to do quests to get Dofus, etc.

We are currently playing a bit on Rosal before the merger if anyone wants to play on Rosal with us before the merger.

My Discord: https://discord.gg/waZ38HT

My chars: (All on 1 account) Marcille (Rosal) [lvl 185 Osa] Ellerie (Rosal) [lvl 172 Eni] Liquiy (Aermyne) [lvl 135 Sac]

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