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Surprise! It's a wild Fosjam!


So, folks, you may have noticed that myself and Aza have been a lot less active across the last couple of years. Whilst things may have appeared this way due to real life commitments, we've still been active behind the scenes. Our team of mods have been sailing the good ship without needing our presence, which has allowed us to focus on helping those guys out when needed with admin powers and with fixing (and breaking!) settings in the background.


Unfortunately, we've realised that the one area where we haven't been able to work to our best has been sorting out your guys issues promptly. We haven't been able to guarantee a quick response to issues that require that little more than our mod team can play with.


So, to fix this, we're doing a couple of things.


The first thing is that we are CONGRATULATING OUR NEW ADMIN KYFFLES. HOORAY!!!


Now, it may take Kyffles a day or two to get her head around some of the admin tools, but she should be stepping up the fill the gap that we've left.


We aren't going anywhere though! Part 2 of the great plan is to do a little reshuffle and make a few people's roles a bit clearer. You should be able to see from this page here: http://impsvillage.com/forums/staff/ that myself and Aza are now Radmins. We're continuing to keep the place running behind the scenes, we're just admitting that we're not as visible!


We're also moving Rob into the Root Moderator role, which will again help with access to certain suites of tools that should help keep the place running smoothly.


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