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summoner suggestion

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so i'm going to be returning to dofus after a very long time and wanted to play a summoning class so my choice is between osamodas,foggernaut,sadida and i suppose eliotrope?since i have no clue wich one of these classes is currently strong/weak or OP(and heading for a nerf in the near future) i was hoping someone could suggest me a class 


what i'm looking for is a class that can solo if needed but also that is wanted in a team

also could u suggest what build to use on that character?

thanks in advance hope u have a great day

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Osa. Ever since the rework let you control summons, the class has been pretty broken overpowered.

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What she meant is that osa is finally playable,useful and fun to use. We are no longer buff bots and we can play as we should, with our summons.


That said, if you like summons you should go for Osas 100%.


I hope you have fun,cya.

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Osas have been op for about 8 months now. So either ankama dont care about the state of osa, or they are trying to come up with a fair "nerf". Im not too worried about being nerfed into the ground anytime soon.


If you want a spam summons character choose osa or sadi. Both are super good to have in pvp and pvm. If you want a more offensive summoner, then foggernaut is your guy.


Elios aren't really a summoner class. They "summon" portals which are basically increased range and damage onto your spells. I dont really find elios good in pvp, cause enemy players can abuse a bad elios portals really easier. However elios in pvm are insane because AI doesn't know how to abuse portals (other than just walk through them, but that can be worked around)

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thanks for the info bee honestly i cant decide between osa or fogger i do like going on to the offense as such fogger would probaly fit more however i also osa's ability to adapt to alot of sitiuations with the ability to absorb one of its summons for certain benefits 


i'm planning on joining a solo acounter guild as such i'm either going to be solo or with a group of random classes as such would u suggest fogger or osa more?

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Although I've never played a fogger myself, I'm pretty sure it's not that great in PvM as a solo class. Osa would be much more viable here. For PvP they both work perfectly fine.

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Yes Osa Are The Way To Go. Its Been My First Class And Im An Alatholic. i have allot of classes and Osa rain my fav class. i just return after a 5yr break and find Osa still to be the most fun. Im also Liking the Rogue now but you asked for summoner Class. so...yeah...Osa!! :D 

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