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My Discord Bot

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So For those who don't know about discord (How don't you know about discord?...) It is a free Voice Chat program that is much better than Skype/Teamspeak*/Mumble*

*Much better is subjective, I certainly think it is better.


Anyhow, after Having used it for a while, there were some features I felt were missing, and using the discord API, and building off of existing open source work, I've gotten a bot running to implement the features I miss from other communication apps. (Notably, the ability to allow people to make temporary channels without also allowing them to make and control all the channels on the server)


If anyone wants to implement any of this for themselves, the code for the stable features I've written for it is available on github


If you don't care to implement it yourself, but still want these features on your discord server, you can invite my bot to your server with this link

The bot's prefix is "$" you can get an abridged version of the help file with "$gethelp", or get the full thing with "$help"


Edit: No longer public, implement it yourself if you want, the code is available above.


It does not need all of the permissions unless you want all of the features. The bot is compliant with the API, and also compliant with discord's permission system not allowing people to issue commands they would not be able to do manually themselves with two exceptions that require someone who can manage the server to specifically override.


Those exceptions:

To allow users to set their own color, the bot must be set to the top of the permissions heirarchy so that it can create zero permission roles immediately above the users current highest role with the color.


To opt into allowing temporary channel creation (bypassing the permission system) use the command "$tempchannelset toggleactive"

You can also allow users to own the channels they make until they are removed when empty with "$tempchannelset toggleowner"


Note to the mods on Imps:

If this belongs somewhere else, feel free to move it there, but I did not see anywhere else more fitting. - all good, Rob x

Edited by Madame Ching
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