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Recruitment is open


Hi everyone, just me back with another recruitment post! Please regard rest of post on info why! Thanks !




Why am I opening my guild to Recruitment?


Hi everyone, as some or most of you may know I am one of the more so 'elite' players of this server for the English community.

Some of the reasons why I've opened my guild up follows;


  • There are no more leader-like figures for the English community, the people that do play have no one to follow and learn from.
  • My guild and I would like to expand and potentially make another English alliance as previously succeeded in the past.
  • The English player amount is declining a lot, it is very rare to find an English player that is an actual English player, majority of the 'English' players I find now are French players and etc just trying to be sly and get into the guild for many different reasons.
  • I am due to come back to this server after a break and have reminisced on all of the fun times I've had on this server, and those times being with a lot of many different English players that give you a bit of a kick every now and then while you're playing.
  • I want to bring more culture into the English community.


What do I ask of you while being in my Guild?


There are a few things I really hope to see in a person, these things are;


  • Hands go both ways, if someone is in my guild I don't like them to be asking for stuff all the time, give a little get a little, doesn't matter what you have, if you are able to make it easier for someone by sacrificing your last bit of a resource, do it, because most times people giving you resources are in the same boat.
  • The generic ones, trust and honesty - don't need to break these down.
  • You make an attempt to get comms - we've a Discord newly made and are populating it - you don't have to have a microphone and talk to us, if you could just listen to us while we're doing an activity it would make it alot easier for us to organize and do things together as a guild.


What are the benefits of being in my guild?


This is the topic that catches most peoples eyes. :P


  • We have an array of HIGHLY useful paddocks and houses to help you get places a lot faster, and a lot more hidden, these tools can help you stay alive believe it or not!
  • We have players with years of experience of playing the server that are more than willing to pass on some knowledge about the server.
  • We have people experienced in PvP, making it a lot easier to kill people without having to suicide attempt it!
  • We are very generous when it comes to resources and helping craft things, as it can be a struggle for some.
  • One thing people can never do is mage gear safely, I have the ability to mage gear 100% safe, as long as you supply the runes and the house potion, I can mage for you.


What are some goals I have for my guild?


Some of the goals I have are:


  • An active member base of 10+ a day, this may not be a big thing but it matters more than you think!
  • A guild with members that sustain themselves well (ability to level up, craft gear) without having to ask for too much too often
  • A member base that often PvPs, you do lose characters in the process but it is definitely worth the fun and chance at getting some good loot, the more members you have, the easier it is!
  • Members that I can have 'on-call' for PvP, or to recover items if someone dies in PvM.


The Comms we use


The communication tools we use are Teamspeak 3 and Discord (  https://discord.gg/h9PzxQR  )

We do currently have a Discord server(currently populating) and we are deciding whether or not to rent a TeamSpeak server.


Eye Candy


I know everyone likes a bit of eye candy :D


Fights where I win some goodies:










And of course, when I lose some stuff :








This concludes the post :)


Therefore, if you would like to have a dive into the Heroic world, my guild and I can help you.

Find me in-game on Crunchiie or Crunchie-Profession

Or on Discord, https://discord.gg/h9PzxQR


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Cool guild nice people. 10/10 recommend if you're english speaking and  wan't a place to call home on the scariest of the servers!. 

That Xelor Doe.

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Bumpity! Need more peeps 


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Bump! Highly reccommend trying out the heroic server, it's a whole different experience than the regular servers! I myself find it entertaining due to the risk. If you do decide to play with us, I can guarantee you you'll have a good time =D

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