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Fedaykin is recruiting

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Here’s the quick and dirty for those who know who we are and just want to join us.


Level 100 (We can refer you to Forward Unto Dawn if you do not meet this)


Willing to abide by a simple rule set (see below)

Who are we?

We’re a community of players that still holds on to the idea that games are for fun. If we aren’t enjoying it, why do it? We enjoy playing the game our way. Sometimes that is going into a dungeon with everyone wearing an incarnation. Sometimes that results in hilarious full party wipes. It happens. But as long as everyone is having fun, we’ll clear whatever we set our minds on.

How do we run things?

While officially speaking our (glorious) leader is Powdah, leadership decisions are made by a vote among all of those in leadership.


The official means of communication for our guild is Discord. Some of our guild runs are discord mandatory (If you aren’t comfortable talking in voice chat, you can join to just listen)

A lot of our announcements, event, event planning, and even polling of guild members regarding policy happen here exclusively. Discord provides better tools for this than anything in-game.

Our Rules:

Don’t be an asshole.

Don’t spam the chats.

Be considerate of others.

Respect alliance rules.


Options to join:

Contact one of us in-game.

Join our Discord server(and leave a message): https://discord.me/Fedaykin



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Good luck bro with Fedaykin. It should be fine since you are really good and helpfull person.


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oh! it's this guild that i'm in that i'm liking being a part of!

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Yitzme ftw. Them rules says a lot about who you are. Good luck (not that you need it).



Awesome people. 

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Bumptity Bump. We're still recruiting. If you are not on Rushu currently but would like to join after the server merge,  join our discord server ( https://Discord.me/Fedaykin ) and leave a message in the Authentication chat, and someone from our leadership will get around to getting an interview together.

Edited by Sinbad
Would help if I left an invite link to the discord server here.

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Now that the initial craziness (a lot of it at least) of the server merge is behind us, Fedaykin is ramping back up on the guild & alliance dungeon runs. If you still haven't found a home for your character on Echo, our doors are still open.

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