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Challenging in Haven Bags

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Add the ability to challenge others and fight in haven bags.

I think this would be cool because it could use the stuff you have placed in there as obstacles, so it would be like designing your own map for fighting :D

If you turn tactical mode off for a moment you could make it look really cool and thematic too, giving haven bags a kind of new purpose. 

You could choose your own starting placement positions too, possibly, and make preset positions to switch or rotate between automatically like what was just added in 2.40.


EDIT: You could also potentially spawn things like using crackelerocks (which spawns a crackrock and only normally works in those designated areas) in haven bags?

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Would be nice the same idea above + additional rooms in the haven bag adjoining to create on larger battle map (not sure of positioning since I am to cheap to get extra rooms) but it would be interesting.


Hacked as of 06/09/2011 once again Ankama's security has failed again, Give me my items back you jerks...or market value for the stuff stolen since duplicating my items will "ruin" the Dofus Economy apparently...(If you can lock subscription items to an account you can do the same with my items...)

Regeared again Ankama's service to their customers is still shocking they will use every excuse in the book to not help a customer out - I will change this once Ankama actually do something positive to help me out rather then give me copy paste replies to my tickets and lame excuses to not assist me, until then this will remain, over a year and counting... go go shit service

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[00:17] to Asutra : LOLOLOLOL

[00:18] from Asutra : i fucking hate stupid people. Never again.

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I would love that.

I'm in a dead-end relationship with the dead guild Rosalt.

Things I have left to kill for quests/achievements (25 quests left):

Solar | Bethel | 4 Bounties




Artwork by Pokii, Kaitah and Tawa


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I think they will add something with all the new tournaments, so you can train on your own map. I would like something like this in future.

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