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Dofus 2.40 Changelog

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The Ouginak Class


  • A new class is available in the game (no restrictions). The Ouginak Class is particularly effective at inflicting substantial damage in close range combat and has the ability to transform in combat to increase the effectiveness of certain abilities.
  • The Ouginak Class temple is located on Ohwymi island. A boat takes you there quickly from the continent of Amakna.
  • A devblog article presenting this class is available at the following address: http://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/devblog/tickets/631762-ouginaks-101



The Revaluation of Dofus

    Click here.

Dynamic Positions During the Preparation Phase of a Fight


  • The positioning of allies and enemies in combat outside dungeons are now refreshed between each successful fight on a map.
  • The new system still offers 12 positions per team and randomly generates positions at short, medium and long distance to serve a wide range of tactical approaches.
  • We have changed this system to provide more variety in fights outside dungeons and to limit the use of certain techniques that we considered too efficient (e.g. optimized for certain class, idol and map combinations only).
  • Our objective is to encourage players to seek the optimal combinations of monster groups and combat positions, but in a way that requires you to explore the zone and adapt to the context of the map to maximize wins.
  • The positioning can now be viewed out of the fight by using the new button for this purpose (reached via a shortcut).




  • The gauge showing time elapsed in a fight has been improved: in the update it is more fluid and the gauge empties gradually in accordance with the time remaining.
  • A new option allows you to completely deactivate the display of fatal blows in combat.
  • The character class has been added to the tooltips and the information sheet when hovering over a character. This can be hidden by changing the fight options.
  • In spectator mode, the interface buttons are now displayed above information for a hovered-over entity. This avoids conflicts with the function to automatically display information about the entity who’s turn it is.
  • When a summoner kills their summons while it has effects applied to a target, the duration is correctly updated at the start of the next character’s turn.
  • The preview for Blood Bath spell healing now works correctly.
  • In the fight log, spell effects than can hit several targets are now calculated correctly.
  • In the fight log, Lazybeam spell damage for the Spectral Scout incarnation is now calculated correctly.
  • Damage bonuses with an activation delay (e.g. Cyclic Power dimensional modifier) are correctly calculated in the damage preview.
  • Invisible entities are now correctly treated as obstacles in the potential movements preview for allies.
  • In spectator mode, the appearance of transformed characters is correctly refreshed in the interface showing information for a moused-over target.
  • Spells that modify their own recast interval cannot be recast in certain cases before their recast interval has expired.
  • When a character returns to a fight, the counter for the number of fights fought now increases as it should, regardless of the method used to join the fight again. This fix avoids situations in which some non-subscribed accounts managed to have an unusually high number of fights.
  • When creature mode is activated, Sram’s Double now has the correct summoning appearance as soon as he is summoned.
  • Closing the end-of-fight interface now correctly deactivates the display of tooltips for mouse-over items.
  • The Challenges interface is no longer interactive, arrows indicating important elements (monster, character or square) now function when mousing over a Challenge.
  • The Timeline folds and unfolds correctly when using a shortcut to display or hide all the interfaces on the edge of the screen.
  • Casting the same spell several times very quickly while targeting an icon on the Timeline no longer causes you to disconnect.
  • The end-of-fight interface is displayed correctly when there are more than 16 fighters.
  • In the end-of-fight interface, items won that are not directly visible are correctly displayed using the “+” button mouseover and a sword is displayed next to the name of the character who started the fight.
  • When casting a spell results in the casting of a second spell, the animations for both spell are now played in chronological order.


  • Interface management for spectators has been improved. This interface should now open more quickly and without causing long lags in maps containing a very large number of fights (e.g. in the Kolossium building).
  • Tooltips in the Kolossium interface are hidden correctly when the interface is closed via a shortcut.




  • The 2 billion kama limit for inventories (character inventory, bank, house chests, Haven Bag chest, etc.) has been increased to 1,000 billion kama.
  • In the chat interface, the text no longer scrolls automatically when text is selected and new messages are received.
  • Removing an item from an inventory while the inventory scroll bar is positioned at the bottom no longer moves the position of the scroll bar.
  • The item tooltips and chat interface messages are displayed correctly after the client cache has been emptied or the font size changed without restarting the DOFUS client.
  • The grid displayed on the mini map remains displayed correctly when the character enters a divine dimension or Incarnam.
  • The zoom level and world map position are now saved between sessions for each of the characters in an account.
  • The zone for resizing interfaces has been reduced to make it easier to use interface elements (these were sometimes hidden by the resizing zone).
  • In the Bestiary interface, monster health points over 5 figures long are no longer truncated and monster elemental resistance is now displayed correctly as a resistance percentage (and not a fixed resistance).
  • The tooltips displayed when hovering over characters no longer show unusually large empty spaces between the names of characters and guild and alliance emblems.
  • The NPC Hal Ions is correctly displayed in his exchange interface.
  • The world map tooltips are no longer incorrectly displayed after using a teleporting potion via a keyboard shortcut.
  • In the ornaments interface, ornaments are now correctly grayed out when the PvP alignment mode is activated.
  • In the spells interface, the contextual menu to change the spell level only displays the levels of spells that are available now.
  •  In the character selection interface, the character level selected is correctly displayed when the font size for small screens is activated.
  • In the Level Up interface, the character is correctly displayed when transformed by an Incarnation.
  • In the Bestiary interface, the monster presence zones are correctly displayed on the Labyrinth of the Minotoror and Dragon Pig maps.
  • In the identification interface, the Caps Lock activation tooltips are displayed correctly when the font size for small screens is activated.
  • In the main menu, the scroll-down list to change character is displayed correctly when the characters’ names contain a large number of characters.
  • In the chat interface, forbidden words followed by a punctuation mark are correctly censored.
  • In the chat interface after creating a screenshot, the tab containing the message to indicate that there is a new screenshot is now highlighted correctly.
  • The icons for restricted mode and non-subscriber mode are correctly displayed when they are both visible at the same time.
  • Resizing the chat interface should no longer reduce the size of the text entry field as it did in certain cases.
  • The performance of the chat interface has been improved.
  • In the Streaming version, the main menu buttons are correctly positioned.
  • It is now possible to unequip a costume from the shortcut bar.
  • Sending incorrectly formatted messages in the chat interface no longer causes a disconnection.
  • In the Zaaps interface, removing the favorite skill for a Zaap no longer removes this skill from all Zaaps.
  • In the Zaaps interface, adding or deleting a favorite skill for the current Zaap correctly changes the star displayed in the interface title.
  • In the Zaapis interface, adding or deleting a favorite skill for a Zaapi now works correctly when another identical Zaapi is used for several destinations (e.g. Library and Bonta Documents Marketplace).
  • The tooltips are no longer overlapping in the interface to track a KOTH in AvA mode.
  • In the interface to create a character, if no color has been modified by the player, the default colors are correctly applied after a change of sex or class.
  • In the options, deactivating the option to optimize text for small screens now works correctly.
  • In English, in the interface to create community challenges, the abbreviation for the word “day” is correctly translated.
  • When the chat interface has a customized size, pressing the button “+” increases it to the maximum size and pressing the button “-” reduces it to the minimum size.
  • In the shortcuts bar, it is now possible to equip and unequip a costume by double clicking on it.
  • In the inventory, the number of kamas owned is displayed correctly, even when there are more than a billion kamas and the font is optimized for small screens.
  • The color of gauges in interfaces has been changed to be consistent with the customized gauges displayed in the lower banner.
  • In the lower banner, the tooltips text shown when hovering over customized gauges has been improved.
  • Buttons displayed in confirmation windows with 3 buttons are correctly positioned.
  • The Idols, social, alignment, Kolossium, mount and spouse interfaces now have an icon displayed on the top left of their title bar.
  • In the chat interface, two new entries have been added to the menu to show the main shortcuts and usable commands.

Merchant modes

  • In shops belonging to characters, in merchant mode, it is now possible to go directly to the next shops or the previous shops on a map (using two new buttons added to the interface) without having to close the interface and click on another character in merchant mode.



Guilds and alliances

  • It is now possible to invite a guild to join an alliance that has just been created.
  • It is no longer possible to place Perceptor in the Kickroach's Lair zone.
  • The Huppermage and Ouginak class emblems are available in the list of guild emblem designs.
  • In the character sheet, clicking on an empty guild or alliance slot correctly opens the corresponding Fellow Pages even if another Fellow Pages is already open.


  • Moving the camera or zooming no longer interrupts the processing of the queue of actions when collecting resources.
  • In the professions interface, the referencing options are now displayed in a special tab.
  • In the book that lists crafters, the list refreshes correctly when there are no crafters registered for the selected profession.
  • In normal and co-op crafting, the close button on the central interface block has been removed.

Mounts and breeding

  • Seemyools that have reached the maximum number of matings are displayed correctly when the sterile mounts filter is activated.
  • The bulk transfer of mounts to the paddock has been optimized.
  • It is now possible to delete a mount certificate without having to close the interface for paddock management by using the “Release this mount” button.
  • In the breeding interface, if the mount selected is a certificate, the buttons in the information sheet to feed and castrate are deactivated.
  • In the entry field of the interface to feed mounts, pets and living items, you can no longer enter a quantity higher than the number of items owned.
  • The tooltips displayed in the paddock interface have been standardized.
  • The contextual menus used in the paddock interface have been standardized.
  • In the mount information for a mount in certificate form, the button to castrate is now unavailable as it should be.




  • The reselling price of the following items to NPCs has been reduced: Prespic Ring, Prespic Belt, Prespic Cloak, Prespwig, Gobball Belt, Mos Kitano, Boar Hooves, Moskito Amulet, Boar Ring, Turkohat, Small Moskito Schoolbag, Moskabuto.
  • Non-submersible cloaks and hats are no longer displayed when the character is under water; the default diving helmet is displayed correctly.


  • Sidekick health points are now indexed on the character’s health point percentage at the end of the positioning phase. We made this change so that the characters with a sidekick cannot start their fights without getting back a sufficient amount of health points first. 

Soul Stones

  • Soul stones full of monsters, archmonsters and dungeon guards can now be recycled and generate nuggets.
  • The “An Eternal Harvest” quest no longer gives soul stones, except for the one to capture the soul of Giant Kralove. We made this change because a substantial amount of the game’s soul stones came from this quest and we wanted to reset the value of soul stones made by players.
  • When a monster is no longer available in the game permanently, the soul stones containing it are deleted from the marketplaces and character inventories.




  • Journey: the loss of MP can no longer be un-bewitched and no longer applies to allies.


  • Fossil:
    • The Vitality bonus on allies has been replaced by a reduction bonus of 15% for damage suffered.
    • The duration of the effects on allies is now 2 turns.
  • Duster: the way this spell works has changed, it now causes Air damage that is increased for each Tofu present on the battlefield.
  • Black Tofu and Podgy Tofu: the recast interval for the Tofu Transposition spell is now shared between all the Tofus. The range is now 5.
  • Black Wyrmling and Red Wyrmling:
    • The recast interval for the Dragoheal spell is now shared between all the Wyrmlings. The healing value has increased.
    • Damage from the Black Dragofire and Red Dragofire spells has been reduced.
  • Black Gobball and Gobball:
    • The recast interval for the Gobball Attraction spell is now shared between all the Gobballs. The range is now 6. The attraction value is now 5 squares.
    • Damage from the Contusion and Gobball Bite spells has increased.
  • Crackler Punch: the range becomes 2, 2, 3, 3, 4 and 5 at levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the spell.
  • High-Energy Shot can no longer be cast during the first turn.





  • The Bullying spell can no longer be cast during the first turn.




  • Stimulating Word: the spell no longer increases the value of healing received.
  • Thunderous Word:
    • The range becomes 3, 3, 4, 4, 5 and 6 at levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the spell.
    • The spell now requires a line of sight.
  • Puzzling Word: the damage and healing values have been reduced.
  • Turbulent Word:
    • The spell no longer pushes away.
    • Damage has increased.
    • The damage is now a health steal.


  • Gravitational Glyph:
    • The recast interval becomes 7, 7, 7, 6, 6 and 5 at levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the spell.
    • Minimum range becomes 0 at all levels of the spell.
    • Maximum range becomes 0, 1, 2, 2 at levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the spell.


  • Natural Gift:
    • The recast interval becomes 3 at all levels of the spell.
    • The healing value increases at all levels of the spell.


  • The Pain Shared spell can no longer be cast during the first turn in the game.

Spell Animations

  • Spell animations and graphic effects for the Cra and Feca classes have been improved.




  • Tal Kasha:
    • The Rise and Shine, Contract Killer, Elitist and Unpredictable challenges no longer appear against Tal Kasha.
    • The Nahuatl Idol is now incompatible.
  • Wurmlord:
    • The Djim Idol is now incompatible (it makes combat impossible).
    • The Stapleworm of Gyroskopik spell no longer causes display problems in the remaining AP.
  •  The conditions required to open the Lair of the Giant Kralove no longer require characters of specific classes and genders (however you still need a team of 48 different characters).


  • Monsters using class spells now have specific spells (to reduce spillover effects when the class spells are changed).
  • The functioning of the Khepricorn monster has been improved and it now uses its spells in a more pertinent way.
  • The Beeteloot monster no longer recasts the Bulking Up spell at every turn.


  • Two new Achievements have been added to the Dopples category: Ouginak Dopple and Ouginak Challenge. The meta achievements, Take 'Em All and Happy People have also been updated with the addition of Ouginak Dopple.
  • Closing the Achievements interface after consulting an Achievement and then opening it again, no longer causes black stripes to appear in the interface.
  • The level required to complete the Cursed achievement, has been reduced from 200 to 190.
  • Achievements that require you to make Kwismas Gifts are correctly validated when several gifts are created simultaneously.
  • In the Achievements interface, when search results are displayed, it is now possible to show or hide the unlocked Achievements.


  • The Ouginak Dopple has been added to the list of Temple Dopples to fight on the An Excessive Baker's Dozen quest. A new Ouginak Dopple hunting quest has been added.
  • After visiting Astrub on the request of Adviser Arky, young Ouginaks can complete a new quest given by Sally Combhum.
  • Once the End of the Tunnel quest has been completed, adventurers with sufficient experience have the option to move between the area around the Ouginak Temple and the Gorge of Howling Winds.
  • Soft Water or Hard Water quest: this quest is now correctly validated when the character hands over the Strange Water Sample and turns down Carlen Rick’s offer. Characters that have completed the quest without receiving their reward can obtain the kamas and resources owed them by talking to the NPC Carlen Rick again.
  • A Draconian Remedy quest: it is no longer possible to obtain the Bworker Prismatic Token several times. Talking to the NPC Krowbe Jondon allows you to delete useless prismatic tokens at the end of the quest.
  • Devotion quests can no longer be started by non-subscribed characters.
  • In The Polly Reece Effect quest, the recipe for the Unspeakable Mixture changes from level 200 to level 1.
  • In The City of Trouts quest, obtaining Sandworm Entrails on Grade 5 monsters was not automatic: this problem has been corrected.
  • When you open a game in the quests interface for the first time, the objectives validation status is displayed correctly.
  • In the quests interface, the objectives for repeatable quests already completed at least once, are no longer shown as validated.
  • In the quests interface, unvalidated quest objectives are no longer shown as validated after the client cache is deleted.
  • In the quests interface, the "Search criteria" button now works correctly.
  • In the quests interface, the buttons to open NPC dialogs are no longer layered up in the interface’s scroll bar.
  • Repeatable quests are no longer displayed in duplicate in the quests log when they have been started again.



Treasure hunts

  • The direction arrows shown in the treasure hunt interface are now displayed more quickly after validating a marker or a stage.

Haven Bag

  • In Haven Bag customization, it is now possible to make a haven bag accessible to friends and/or guild members. In the list of guild members and friends, an icon is now added when the character has granted permission to access to their Haven Bag. Clicking on this icon allows them to open the player’s Haven Bag.

Renaming Characters

  • It is now possible to enter the same name as used previously when using a name change potion; a new name change potion is then added to the character’s inventory. Be careful though, the credited potion is linked to the account for 62 days. This change allows you to test the availability of a character name before changing it and cancel the renaming request. A name change ordered by a moderator is always strictly obligatory and does not give the right to a potion credit.
  • In the character creation interface, during a renaming, a button has been added to make it possible to reinitialize the text field and to display the initial name again.


  • Equipment obtained during the tutorial can be correctly equipped via the contextual menu.
  • In the tutorial, the arrow showing the Idol to be equipped is no longer displayed after the Idol has been equipped.
  • During the tutorial, an error message is no longer displayed if you are disconnected due to inactivity.
  • The arrows now point to the correct elements when the Level Up interface and Death of a Character interface are displayed.
  • The positioning marker glued to the Poutch is moved one square so that the character doesn’t get locked during the tutorial on combat movements.
  • In the tutorial phase explaining combat movements, the square just in front of the character is now indicated by an arrow.
  • In the tutorial phase explaining how to cast a spell, the arrow points correctly to the second spell in the shortcuts bar.
  • The Quest Log link in Master Attwerk’s dialogs, correctly makes an arrow appear indicating the icon to open the Quests Log.

Optimization and performance

  • The arrival and departure of characters or entities on a map has been optimized and no longer causes client lags.
  • To improve performance, animations associated with map exit markers are no longer played simultaneously.




  • A superior-grade Poutch Ingball monster has been added in the Amakna village Kanojedo. The respawn time for the Poutch monsters in the Amakna Kanojedo and the Vigilante Base is decreased.
  • An icon has been added to the world map to indicate the portal position that allows you to enter the tournament arena (en [-6, -12]).
  • The Goultarminator zone has been renamed: it is now called the Goultard Arenas.
  • The commandments of the Ouginak god and the Ouginak class book can be consulted in the Watchdog Coast Temple on Ohwymi Island.
  • Unsubscribed characters can no longer use the entrance located in the Amakna Castle Gobball Breeding Station sub-area. This avoids people getting trapped on arriving in the Amakna Castle Tunnels sub-zone.
  • It is no longer possible to throw kamas in the trash, even if it is dirty money.
  • Characters with a level below or equal to 5 can now talk on the general channel if they are on a prison map.
  • It is no longer possible to move when transformed in tombstone mode.
  • When the connection fails at the first port tested, the attempt to enter the next port will lead to direct entry into the game without having to choose a character again.
  • Limitations are added to the number of messages one can send within 24 hours. These limitations are different for subscribed and unsubscribed accounts. They are not applied to the Guild, Alliance, Group, and Team chats. These limitations are there in order to control the impact of the massive “flood” generated by some accounts (whether they are subscribed or not). The maximum values that we have set up could be adjusted in the future depending on community feedback. We intend to make these limitations inconsequential to “normal” players.
Edited by Gravestorm
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11 minutes ago, Gravestorm said:

 The placement positions of allies and enemies in fights outside the dungeons are now renewed between each successful combat on a map.


12 minutes ago, Gravestorm said:

  The health points of the companions are now indexed to the character's hit percentage at the end of the placement phase. We make this change so that characters with a companion can not start their battles without regaining a sufficient amount of life beforehand.


Yes, because making casual PvM more annoying is just what the game needs.


I would have also liked a reason for the random sadida nerf. I'm guessing feca's nerf is because of the new emerald dofus, and because tackling is annoying in general.

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So no change to eni's Puzzling Word? 

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It was nerfed, the trasnslation is automatic so it didn't pick the correct name.

27 minutes ago, Gravestorm said:

    Disreputable word: the values of damage and care are reduced.


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Is there a spell breakdown for Ouginaks anywhere?  Can't really sign on atm

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"Crossing: MP loss can no longer be disengaged and no longer applies to allies." 


Does this mean mp drain is undodgeable?

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1 minute ago, thesenuts said:

Does this mean mp drain is undodgeable?

It means the mp loss from that spell can't be unbewitched.


Jeuxonline has all the ouginaks spells at level 6.

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 In the customization of the Haven Bag, it is now possible to make it accessible to friends and / or members of the guild. In the lists of guild members and friends, an icon is added when the character allows access to his knapsack. Click on this icon to enter the Player's Haven Bag.


This is pretty cool, no more manual inviting every single individual i want to invite XD

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Waw the nerf on duster is pretty severe. Didn't have the 100% best set to test it out but on 5 tofus the damage is about half of what I used to get, and on 12 tofus its still he same as what I used to get on 4 tofus.

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Damn no more autowin endgame dungeons with agi osas :(  oh the horror 




jk they'll probably still be able to solo just take a bit longer Cx

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2 hours ago, Fravanlan said:

Waw the nerf on duster is pretty severe. Didn't have the 100% best set to test it out but on 5 tofus the damage is about half of what I used to get, and on 12 tofus its still he same as what I used to get on 4 tofus.

umm, pretty sure duster was always capped at 5 tofus in term of power/dmg. but yeah they virtually removed the advantage of fixed high air damage on multiple hits.

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I can finally carry my 1000bill on one char thanks ankama :^)

Edited by Uthman
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1 hour ago, Super-Beast said:

umm, pretty sure duster was always capped at 5 tofus in term of power/dmg. but yeah they virtually removed the advantage of fixed high air damage on multiple hits.

yea but it isn't anymore in the beta

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On 01/02/2017 at 3:45 PM, Gravestorm said:

  In the chat interface, the text no longer scrolls automatically when text is selected and new messages are received.



Now I won't have to disable all chat channels except the one I want to copy + paste from every time :D

Edited by Sommanker

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 The new system still offers 12 placement positions per team and randomly generates short, medium and long distance positions to satisfy a wide range of different tactical approaches.



Rip 508 enus/xel teams? Why didnt they invented in before cra nerf ayy

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On 2/1/2017 at 11:45 PM, Gravestorm said:

Spell Animations

The animations of spells and graphic effects of the Cra and Feca classes are improved.


 Holy shiet 

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New cra animations are cool af :))

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awmg someone please show/post them xD

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The enclosures
Last week was relatively chaotic, whether it was for you and your gaming experience if you needed your mounts, only for us, by dint of tripping over mishaps and failing in our correction attempts. I hope that you will still be able to enjoy a minimum of XP double day. I have raised a few questions and concerns, and offer some answers below, but I agree that I may have omitted some of them, so I invite you to share them in this thread if you wish. I want to advise in advance that I will not necessarily respond afterwards, but I will take note of your feedback.

To explain the series of events:
- On Tuesday, there was the bug escaping the wild mounts as they passed in stable, as well as the number of birth capped to a newborn, we blocked the pens to avoid you losing your mounts. (Fixed from Wednesday)
- Friday, detection of a bug in the management interface of the frames, which involved the duplication of a certificate in a rare case and edge effects, which a few players abused, we blocked the enclosures to avoid That this is taking a possible large scale, although unlikely.
- Yesterday we decided to postpone the transfer of the characters, due to concerns raised by some players, about recovering their frames in time, since the blockage was effective until the extinction of the servers this morning. Initially, we anticipated this migration the next day, but the delay is too short to allow all players waiting to interact with their enclosures. It's all or nothing policy, of course we had some messages to ask us to pass them during today's maintenance, but what if another person also wished it did not have The opportunity to touch our words or that she felt our final decision, one part would complain (not without reason, I agree) not to be migrated while another would be. Even worse if we had arbitrarily transferred everyone, without taking into account this request. We listen to you, but alas all do not speak, then for those who remain in silence, it is so for this time, but I hope and remains convinced that you will find how to fill this week!

Where everything starts:
I imagine you are aware that we are preparing for the merger of servers for the month of April. The tragic series of events follows the redesign of the system of enclosures relating to the multiple instantiation, but also to the system of data processing relating to frames, as well as the sending of transfer messages and errors, That you have noticed / notice during your interactions in pens. There have been enormous changes that should have remained invisible, but which have been tackled in the face with all these problems. Hoping we can not get back to it!

News of the day:

- The maintenance is finally taking place today and not tomorrow, since no problem has been noted since the proposed fix for the bugs of the enclosures. Enclosures should be unblocked this morning.
- You have until March 7 to access again your enclosures, in order to make disappear the status "Abandoned, soon put back on sale".
- Players who have lost wild horses (in the stable) are kindly requested to contact the Support, no mass treatment is provided on this subject. If you are undertaking the procedure, please specify (where possible) the location of the affected pens, and for each type of mount and quantity. We will check to see if you have accessed your enclosure in the presence of this leakage bug (14/02 only) and if you have lost wildlife.

For your information, here is what I shared in the last few days (twitter).

Sunday Info:

- Fixed the internally finalized bug bug. Testers to switch on now!

Monday Info:

- The miscarriage period of your frames will be extended by 7 days, in order to compensate for the losses caused by blocking the pens! (Validity until maintenance next week.)
- We hope to be able to return your certificates expired during this period of blocking enclosures from next week! (Mass treatment requires more time than yesterday.)
- The origin of the ghost frames has been found, enjoy their company as long as there is still time! (Fix this visual bug during maintenance next week.)
- Character migration is shifted to next week, so players can retrieve their mounts beforehand.

Edited by Extreal
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Here are the modifications brought by the 02/21/2017 maintenance:



  • The healing potential of the Puzzling Word, Selective Word, and Alternative Word spells is increased.
  • The minimal range for the Turbulent Word spell is now 1.



  • Lenald Legend quest: fixed an issue that used to trigger the premature validation of the quest after defeating the Evil Dopple (only for Ouginak characters).



  • Paddocks can be accessed again.
  • The delay before mount births expire is increased by 7 more days.
  • Mount certificates are no longer abnormally suppressed or duplicated when the character uses a paddock while being overloaded.
  • In the mount information sheets, only the equipped mount can be neutered.



  • During Treasure Hunts, putting down a mark in a subterranean paddock or a house is now forbidden (because it is useless), and should now longer trigger errors.
  • The doors of houses that have several doors work correctly (they no longer systematically teleport the character on the same map).
  • The in-game Shop is available again.


Character transfers to other servers originally scheduled to take place this week are exceptionally rescheduled to Tuesday, February 28th.
Mount certificates that have expired between Friday 02/18 and Tuesday 02/21 will exceptionally be made valid again in a little over a week. This operation will require complex data injections and we will need several days to perform it.

Edited by Gravestorm
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Game servers have been updated on 02/28/2017. Here is a list of the modifications:


  • Shared Guild Houses are correctly accessible to Guild members.
  • The interface that allows one to enter the entry code for a house is correctly displayed.



  • It is no longer possible to change the starting positions on a map by fighting a Breadnought.


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Game servers have been updated on 07/03/2017. Here is a list of the modifications:


     Heals of Puzzling Word are correctly divided by 2 during a Critical Hit at level 6 when the Decisive Word effects are active.


     Carrion correctly applies erosion before damage on a Critical Hit.
     The bestial form is displayed correctly in the underwater zone.


     Chazino re-emergence system changes, it should reappear more often.
     The attack animations of Gargoyl and Chafer Archer are displayed correctly.
     The guild name change works correctly (the new name is correctly visible to members in the Guild, Perceptors, Paddocks and Houses Interfaces).

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On 3/6/2017 at 1:28 PM, Gravestorm said:

   Chazino re-emergence system changes, it should reappear more often.

Any news on this one? What's the new spawn?

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