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Pl-Em/Em-Gol/Pl-Gol Seemyool comparrisons

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Honestly this doesn't deserve a full post but meh. A guildie was asking me which one is better, and what the difference is in the end, and honestly in the end they're almost the same. This is a spreadsheet showing really overall what it looks like, and it's a bit too much stuff, but I've never used excel or any spreadsheet thing so it was the best I could do 


I didn't factor in the % final damage bonus from Turq, but if I did,it pushes the plum-emerald just a tiny bit higher. Checked the stats of 3 (VERY generic) omni builds, and 3 mono builds (pure +dmg, ballanced +dmg/crit dmg, and higher focus on crit dmg than +dmg) as well as put a 15, 20, and 30 base dmg spell (with +5 on crit, but the results didn't change  significantly for +3 and +7)

It's worth noting that at no point did the gap between the 2 be large enough that i'd consider it significant. 30 base on builds with 0 crit dmg (very unrealistic for someone to be wearing either DT on that build...) had a nearly 10 gap on omni, but...that's a bit wild to even care about. 

Final result: Plum-Emerald is better than Emerald-Golden. but by a very small margin... The damage gap between the 2 is virtually nonexistent below 30 base, but the fact that plum boosts things that aren't damage spells adds to it, as well as turq's bonuses.


P.S. any idea how I could put this into a graph? 


Edit: Added plum-gold because it felt wrong excluding it. that one has much bigger gaps, and is better the lower your crits are, and the lower crit dmg bonus you have. 

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What about pure breeds?

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